YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam visited gun range before attack, was ‘upset’ with company’s policies: Police

first_imgABC News(SAN BRUNO, Calif.) — The woman suspected of opening fire at YouTube headquarters in Northern California Tuesday appears to have carried out the shooting because she was “upset” with the company’s “policies and practices,” authorities said today. Police also revealed that Nasim Aghdam, 39, of San Diego, went to a local gun range hours before she stormed the San Bruno YouTube campus with a legally owned handgun around lunchtime.It appears Aghdam parked her car behind a neighboring business and accessed the YouTube campus from a parking garage, San Bruno police said today.Four people were hurt in the bloodshed: three with gunshot wounds and one with an ankle injury from running from the scene, police said. Aghdam died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said.A handgun was found at scene and police said Aghdam legally possessed and owned the weapon. It was unclear where it was purchased.The motive was initially unclear — there was no evidence linking the shooter to anyone at the scene — but police honed in on her discontent with YouTube. Aghdam was a prolific YouTube user who had recently made a series of vegan videos for her channel, her father said, according to police. “I’m being discriminated and filtered on YouTube,” she said in one.But when the company changed its filters and she began to lose viewers, her feelings changed — Aghdam claimed YouTube was censoring her content and not paying her for her videos.Aghdam’s brother told ABC affiliate KGTV in San Diego that his sister “had a problem with YouTube.”When he learned his sister was in Northern California near YouTube headquarters, he grew concerned and told police that “she went all the way from San Diego so she might do something.”“I didn’t know she has a gun,” he said. “I thought that maybe she was going to start a fight or something.”  But police in nearby Mountain View, where she was found asleep in her car the morning of the shooting, say the family did not give them a warning.Aghdam was reported missing in San Diego on Saturday, and on Tuesday around 1:40 a.m., she was found by officers asleep in her car in a lot in Mountain View, about 30 miles away from San Bruno where YouTube is located, Mountain View police said.Aghdam told the officers she left her family’s home a few days earlier “due to family issues” and was now living in her car and looking for a job, the Mountain View police said in a statement today. Police said that over the “roughly 20 minute interaction,” Aghdam was “calm and cooperative.”Aghdam was asked questions including “if she was a danger to herself or others. At no point… did she mention anything about YouTube, if she was upset with them, or that she had planned to harm herself or others,” police said. “She in no way met any reason for us to speak with her further or possibly detain her.”When police called Aghdam’s family to tell them she was found, her father “did not act in any way concerned about why his daughter had left,” police said. “At no point during that conversation did either Aghdam’s father or brother make any statements regarding the woman’s potential threat to, or a possible attack on, the YouTube campus. Also, there was no indication from either Aghdam or her family that she may have been in possession of any weapons.”About an hour later, police say Aghdam’s father calmly called the authorities back and said his daughter had “made a series of vegan videos for her channel on YouTube and that the company had recently done something to her videos that had caused her to become upset.”“Aghdam’s father stated that she may have been in the area because of this. He did not seemed concerned that she was in the area, and wanted to simply let us know that may have been a reason for her move up here,” Mountain View police said. “At no point did her father or brother mention anything about potential acts of violence or a possibility of Aghdam lashing out as a result of her issues with her videos.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Finchale wants coaches

first_img[46]Durham-based charity Finchale is offering incentives for coach drivers to stop at its café/restaurant, The Kitchen.Coach drivers bringing groups get a free meal and drink (pre-booking required). Incentives for group organisers are also available. Coach parking is free. Call 0191 386 2634 or email [email protected]last_img

Two times I nearly died

first_imgEditor’s note: The following article was written by Team Penske driver Brad Keselowski.Follow him: Facebook | Instagram | TwitterSometimes, you just have a great story to tell.This is one of those times. So sit back, relax and enjoy.For some reason, after every racing season, I always get sick. It happens every year. Like right when things wrap up, I’m sick for a week. Even when I won the championship in 2012, I was sick at the banquet for like three days. It was terrible. It’s like my whole body just lets itself go and says, “The season’s done, and I’m done, too.”In the winter of 2007, I had just moved to North Carolina, and been there three or four months, tops. I was 23. Not that I wasn’t old enough to be out on my own, but it was the first time my mom and dad were thousands of miles away.And sure enough, I got sick right after the racing season. Only I didn’t just get a little sick. I got near-death sick. Two days went by where I was almost literally dead to the world, just laid up in my townhouse.It got to the point where I needed someone to take me to the hospital.This is the moment when, under normal circumstances, you’d call home and let your folks help you out. But I couldn’t do that — or didn’t feel that I could — because I thought I might give my mom a heart attack for the second time in a few months.Here’s why.PHOTOS: Keselowski through the yearsFOUR WHEELS TOO MANYA few months earlier, not long after I had started driving part-time for Dale Earnhardt Jr., I was at a road course, Virginia International Raceway. I was tooling around on a four-wheel ATV in the infield while I watched another driver, Andy Pilgrim, test a car.Andy was a professional road-course racer. (Side note: Andy was Dale Jr. and Dale Sr.’s teammate in the ALMS series in 2001. Running Andy in Dale Jr.’s Nationwide car for the 2007 road course events was a tribute to their enduring friendship.) So I was riding the ATV to the corners of the infield to study Andy’s techniques, and then just screwing around.The thing was, I’d never ridden a four-wheeler before, and I’d gotten braver as the day went on—until I got too brave. I was probably going 50 or 60 miles per hour with no helmet, wearing sunglasses, when I lost control of the ATV and ran smack into a chain link fence.Believe me when I tell you: I have no idea how I lived through that one. That crash should have killed me.First off, I bet I flew 40 or 50 feet through the air. I literally knocked down 30 feet of chain link fence with my body. When I was finally able to get up — and I’m not really sure how long that took — there was a decent amount of damage.Recovered from his injuries, Keselowski nabbed his first two NASCAR Xfinity Series wins in 2008. Grant Halverson | Getty ImagesI had this huge hematoma on my leg, a massive pocket of blood where my leg probably should have broken, but didn’t. My whole face was bleeding. The only thing that kept me from losing an eyeball were my sunglasses, but when my face hit the fence, the sunglasses pressed into my head so hard they broke my left eye socket. And to add injury to injury, I was wearing braces at the time, so my mouth was full of blood where I’d cut my gums on my braces.I was a mess. So I started stumbling toward the nearest building to get help. And when I got there, guess what that building turned out to be?A summer camp for kids.I limped into the doorway, blood pouring out of my face, dragging my leg like a zombie, and a roomful of 5-year-olds looked up at me. Then the kids screamed like they’d just seen Jason or someone else out of a horror movie. An adult yelled, ‘Oh my God!’A few minutes later, an ambulance came to pick me up. As they started to load me in, I spotted what was left of the four-wheeler. It was totaled. Half the suspension was 30 feet from the rest of the suspension.Also, the ATV belonged to Dale Jr., and was worth about $10,000 or $15,000.I began to freak out. I think I said to a paramedic, “Oh my God. I’m going to get fired!” I remember starting to walk back to the ATV like I was going to put it back together, and the ambulance guys saying, “No, man! We need to take care of you!”PAST BLOG: Memories of races pastFinally, the ambulance did carry me off and drive me back to pit road, which took a while. Virginia International Raceway is a pretty big road course, and where I’d wrecked the four-wheeler was a good mile away from where pit road was.Imagine what it must have been like for Andy and the rest of the team when I reached them. They had been practicing and testing all day. It’s 5 o’clock. An ambulance shows up and says, “We’ve got your driver.” And they’re like, “What are you talking about? The test is done. The car’s loaded up and there isn’t scratch on it.”Then the paramedic says, “No, your other driver.”They put the four-wheeler on a flatbed and drove it back to North Carolina, but it was basically destroyed. The whole ride home, I was spinning. I couldn’t afford to fix the ATV, and on top of it, I tore down 30 feet of fence, which I’d also have to pay for. And worse yet, I had to explain all of this to Dale Jr. because he wasn’t there.At that point in my life, this was a top contender for the worst day ever.T.J. Majors, a friend of Dale’s — and eventual friend of mine — talked me off the ledge.“All right — it’s the NASCAR off-week,” he said, which it was. “Dale Jr. is on vacation. Here’s what you need to do. Wait till about nine o’clock at night, and then call him. You’ve got to tell him what happened, and you’ve got to tell him tonight before somebody else does. But wait till tonight. He’s having people over — because it’s the off-week — and he and the boys will start partying around eight or nine o’clock. And when you tell him, he’s going to be cool about it. As long as you tell him. He can’t hear it from someone else.”Brad Keselowski got a great tip on how to tell Dale Earnhardt Jr. that his ATV was wrecked. Rusty Jarrett | Getty ImagesSo that’s what I did. At nine o’clock that night, I called Dale Jr. He answered. I told him what happened, and like T.J. had said, he was in a great mood.“Oh s—, man,” Dale Jr. said, “Don’t worry about it. Stuff like that happens all the time. That’s just part of it.”It was the biggest sense of relief ever, almost like your dad saying, “Don’t worry about it. When I was a kid, I wrecked stuff, too.” I never heard another word about it. He never made me pay for the four-wheeler, and he didn’t fire me.PAST BLOG: Honoring BruceSometimes, I think about what would have happened if I would have called him the next day, or didn’t call him, and he heard it from somebody else. (Dale Jr., thank you for not firing me.)The thing was, I didn’t tell my mom about the whole episode. She got so nervous about me when I raced. I’m her youngest son, her baby. The four-wheeler crash would definitely cause her to lose it.But of course, not long after, she wound up coming to a race. And when my mom saw the cuts and bruises on my face, she just about had a stroke.GETTING WELLSo fast forward back to me in the house, death-bed sick. I didn’t want to call Mom, and I needed someone to get me to a doctor.So I called Dale Jr., and his stepfather, Willie Jackson, answered. He came by and took me to Urgent Care, and when I got there, I started going into convulsions.Then I passed out. I was really, really sick.When I woke up, it took me a minute to get my bearings. I was in the house of Dale Jr.’s mom, Brenda Jackson. Turned out I’d had a horrible case of the flu, and if Willie hadn’t shown up when he did, there was a good chance I might have died in my townhome.The hospital was too nervous to send me home alone, so Brenda and Willie took care of me at their home for four or five days, until I was finally strong enough to recover on my own. To this day, I’m incredibly grateful to both of them for doing that.Brenda kept checking on me for the next few weeks, but once I was home, I made sure to do one thing I should have done back in the beginning.I called my mom.last_img read more

My Morning Jacket To Stream 2012 Forecastle Festival Performance For Archive Webcast Series [Watch]

first_imgMy Morning Jacket will broadcast their July 14th, 2012 performance at Forecastle Festival in their hometown of Louisville for this month’s edition of the rock band’s ongoing archive concert video series. Previous webcasts have highlighted MMJ’s 2016 performances at the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga, TN, and the Shaky Knees Festival, along with their 2019 show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO.The free webcast will take place on Friday, August 7th, beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET on the band’s Facebook and YouTube pages. While the Friday night webcast will air on the band’s social pages for free, fans are encouraged to donate what they can to The Forecastle Foundation, which protects and connects the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on Earth.Related: Jim James Talks ‘The Waterfall II’, Touring After COVID-19, More In ‘Rolling Stone’ InterviewAdditionally, the band has announced the addition of three new shows to their account for fans to download which include their performances in London (2006), Columbus, OH (2012), and Hulaween (2016).Watch the band’s entire webcast via the video below.My Morning Jacket – Forecastle Festival – 7/14/12[Video: My Morning Jacket]My Morning Jacket returned to the headlines last month with the nearly-surprise release of their latest studio album, The Waterfall II, a follow-up to 2015’s The Waterfall. Ironically, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for the long-awaited release of the songs heard on The Waterfall II, as singer/guitarist Jim James rediscovered one of the songs, “Spinning My Wheels”, while on a walk early on during lockdown. According to a statement shared with the album’s announcement last month, James was struck by the lyric, “Hypnotized from doing the same old thing,” and felt compelled to finally release the music to the public.last_img read more

Canadian Official Investigate Woman’s Death and Delayed Response

first_imgTORONTO (CBC News) – An 87-year-old Toronto woman died in December after waiting three hours with abdominal pain for an ambulance that was delayed “due to limited resources,” a CBC investigation reveals. An internal Toronto Emergency Medical Services ambulance dispatch record also shows seven ambulances were dispatched to her location but then diverted to other calls.last_img

Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreFacebook’s privacy settings are extremely detailed, giving you the ability to fine-tune the privacy aspects of almost every little part of your Facebook account. Unfortunately, for most users, this level of micromanagement makes Facebook’s privacy settings a convoluted mess.Here are 10 essential settings you should know about…(READ the article at Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

He’s Got Game: Fan Rushes Public Enemy to the Show When Taxi Leaves Band Stranded

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreA fan came to the rescue when Public Enemy most needed a friend—and a quick ride to their gig.Kevin Wells had stopped by a Broomhill, UK record store Saturday, where members of the iconic hip-hop group were signing autographs to get his picture with Chuck D and Flavor Flav before heading to work.The band was still signing autographs when their taxi took off — leaving them stranded miles from the arena where they were to perform in just a few minutes.BE UPLIFTED EACH DAY: GET OUR NEW GOOD NEWS APP—>  Download FREE for Android and iOSThe band took Wells up on an offer to drive them, the five piled into his compact car, and they set out on backstreets following every shortcut Wells could remember.“Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen, came on the radio,” Wells told the Sheffield Star. “Everyone was singing the words and rocking out in the back of my car. I was looking in the rear view mirror thinking, ‘is this actually happening?’” Security at the arena was skeptical that the band of millionaire musicians was arriving for the show in a Ford Focus, until Chuck D rolled down the window and flashed a security pass.Wells got the band to the arena just 15 minutes before Public Enemy was to take the stage.CHECK OUT:  Rapper Snoop Dogg Delights Town, Gives Out 1500 Turkeys And HugsWells missed the show because he still had to get to work —photographing other concerts around Sheffield that night.(Photo: Kevin Wells, Facebook)Yo! Bum Rush This Story To Your Crew…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Don’t Forget the Vegans! At Your Next BBQ, Here’s How You Can Easily Shine As a Host

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreSummer is the time to chow down at a good old-fashioned barbecue, especially for the Fourth of July in the United States– but what about the vegans?A new survey examined how the traditional concept of barbecue can accommodate those with meat-free and alternative-diets, and explored the lengths hosts go to in order to cater to guests with dietary restrictions.The survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Sabra examined the summer hosting habits and behaviors of 2,000 Americans and discovered that two in five expect to host a guest with dietary restriction this summer. CHECK OUT: How a New Member of Congress Used Toffee to Thaw Frozen Relations Between Democrats and RepublicansFor starters, if you get anxious over hosting vegan guests, then you’re not the only one; the survey results say that 47% of hosts are likely to panic or get nervous during their event planning. Furthermore, men are far more likely than women to stress about pleasing their guests with dietary restrictions (52% versus 40%).While 58% of Americans have a family member who is vegan, vegetarian or both, 71% hope these guests will be fine with a veggie platter and “get by” with what is already offered at a barbecue.Four out of five Americans believe they are accommodating towards those who eat vegan—and the top five go-to dishes that hosts put out to please everyone are salad, grilled vegetables, fruit, corn, and refrigerated or fresh dips like hummus.TOP 10 GO-TO SAFE FOODS FOR DIETARY RESTRICTIONS? SURVEY SAYS…1. Salad 72%2. Grilled vegetables 67%3. Fruit 65%4. Corn 50%5. Refrigerated/fresh dips 46%6. Meatless hamburgers 46%7. Hummus 46%8. Crudite (raw vegetables) 45%9. Crackers 44%10. Meatless hot dogs 38%That being said, these snacks are apparently not enough to please. Over half (52%) of Americans with dietary restrictions admit to bringing their own food to barbecues to make certain that their stomach growls on low volume.LOOK: Supportive Friends Come Together With Wine and Wedding Dresses For ‘Divorce Party’Those over the age of 55 were the least likely to become annoyed at hosting a vegan. Not only that, they largely disagreed with their younger counterparts by reporting that it’s not at all rude to “BYOF (bring your own food).”Of those surveyed with a dietary restriction, half reported feeling judged by their host during a barbecue—and they rated the most common annoying questions that have been posed to them by party-goers who can eat everything.MOST ANNOYING QUESTIONS TO ASK SOMEONE WITH A DIETARY RESTRICTION? SURVEY SAYS…1. Do you get enough protein? – 43%2. Aren’t you hungry all the time? – 43%3. Do you miss foods you can’t eat? – 34%4. Why do you choose to eat this way? – 27%5. Are you trying to lose weight? – 21%The top challenge hosts will face this barbecue season is making sure the food offered is tasty (48%).Next in line for the biggest challenges facing barbecue hosts this year is a tie between providing a variety of options (47%) and making sure guests with restrictive diets have enough food (47%).TOP 9 CHALLENGES FACED BY HOSTS? SURVEY SAYS…1. Making sure the food offered is tasty – 48%2. Providing a variety of options for everyone – 47%3. Making sure guests have enough food to eat – 47%4. Knowing what a guest with a dietary restriction can or can’t have – 45%5. Making sure vegan options can be enjoyed by all – 42%6. Knowing how to cook food items that they aren’t used to cooking – 38%7. Making sure cross-contamination doesn’t occur – 31%8. Buying more than initially expected – 29%9. Confusing the vegan hamburgers with the real ones – 22%That being said, both hosts and those with dietary restrictions are happy to see hummus on the menu at a barbecue. More than 70% of barbecue hosts and guests with restrictive diets say they would be happy to see hummus on the menu – and more than 46% say that they already put it out on the picnic table.MORE: What You Never Learned About Fiber and Why It May Be Exactly What You Need for Stubborn AilmentsSabra, a manufacturer of hummus, is kicking off the busy summer barbecue season by coming to the rescue of panicked barbecue hosts nationwide. They can call 1-866-Code-Vegan or visit for recipes, inspiration and, while supplies last, free Vegan Rescue Kits featuring vegan recipes for barbecue flatbread, product coupons, and quirky laptop stickers all designed to remind vegans and meat-lovers alike that the answer to your menu challenges is likely already in your fridge.Be Sure And Share The Helpful Hints With Your Fellow Party Hosts On Social Media…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Darn Tough Vermont first quarter revenue up 28 percent

first_imgDarn Tough Vermont,Vermont Business Magazine Darn Tough Vermont(link is external), the fastest growing American manufacturer of premium performance outdoor and lifestyle socks, announced today that its multi-quarter growth run continues with first quarter revenue up 28 percent year-over-year. Company performance increased across all categories, the company said in a press release, indicating that the brand’s unconditional lifetime guarantee and Vermont, USA-based manufacturing continues to resonate with consumers demanding quality socks.“From day one we refused to cut corners, building socks in Northfield, Vermont with a maniacal focus on uncompromised comfort, durability and fit. 13 years ago, people told us that the world didn’t need another premium sock brand but Darn Tough’s continued double-digit, year-over-year growth speaks for itself. And that’s because our socks speak for themselves. Every one of our socks is created with the specific needs of the end consumer in mind and with each design we continue to evolve, building on the same focus that launched the Darn Tough brand,” said Ric Cabot, Darn Tough Vermont and Cabot Hosiery Mills president and CEO.Darn Tough’s famous factory store sock sale in November. VBM photoCategory GrowthDarn Tough Vermont’s outstanding growth reflects the brand’s dedication to crafting end-use specific socks that not only exceed consumer expectations, but also redefine what socks can and should offer. The brand’s Hike collection – up 47% – has long been recognized for its ability to effortlessly take on any adventure, from the grit of a 2,200 mile thru-hike to the everyday grind. Equally at home on the trail or in town, Darn Tough’s legendary performance makes any Hike style an incredibly worthy and comfortable go-to sock.This methodic approach to end-use specific design is also brought to life in the company’s Vertical Ski/Ride category – up 21%. With an emphasis on unrivaled fit and season-after-season durability, Darn Tough Vermont’s Ski/Ride socks have been met with equal excitement from retailers and consumers who are tired of their socks failing after one winter.The Lifestyle category – driven by the men’s collection, up 21% – leads with fresh colorways and patterns that continue to outperform and outlast the competition. Coupled with the Juniors offering – up 89% – Darn Tough’s Hike and Lifestyle collection offer socks for every activity and every family member. Personnel and Infrastructure GrowthDarn Tough Vermont welcomed Lance Pitcher as the new Marketing Campaign Manager. As the former point person for content at Burton, Pitcher brings 20 years of agency, editorial and brand experience developing compelling content for, and driving engagement around, in-store, social media and e-commerce platforms for outdoor, lifestyle brands. “Coming out of a wildly successful year, we’re excited to have Lance with us to lead campaign development and activations across all dealer and consumer touchpoints. His talent will continue to help us raise awareness around Darn Tough’s one-of-a-kind story while driving sell-through,” Brian Brand, marketing director at Darn Tough Vermont.In addition, the Vermont-based sock company continues ramping up infrastructure and operational improvements in manufacturing and logistics as well as improved customer service and supply chain leadership. This growth is driving faster DC turnaround, ensuring that Darn Tough is leading in retail delivery and turn times in order to be the strongest possible partner for retailers, distributors and consumers. About Darn Tough Vermont:Darn Tough Vermont is an American manufacturer of premium, all-weather outdoor and lifestyle socks for every activity and every day. The company offers both Specialty and Tactical product lines. Darn Tough Vermont’s Specialty line offers footwear in several activewear categories including Lifestyle, Hike, Run, Endurance, Vertical Ski/Ride, Bike, Hunt, Work and Kid’s styles – all of which carry the industry’s only unconditional lifetime guarantee.Darn Tough’s product is distinguished from industry competitors by 100 percent USA manufacturing; exceptional comfort, durability and fit; True-Seamless™ technology; and an exclusive blend of either ultra-fine, premium Merino wool or Coolmax®/Thermolite®.  Founded by Ric Cabot in 2004, a third-generation sock maker, Darn Tough Vermont operates out of Cabot Hosiery Mills. For more information about Darn Tough Vermont socks, please visit: is external). Source: Northfield, VT. (April 20, 2017) – Darn Tough Vermont(link is external)last_img read more

SVHC honors employees with 2017 Putnam Awards

first_imgVermont Business Magazine Southwestern Vermont Health Care (SVHC) leaders and staff gathered Wednesday, October 18 at the Mount Anthony Country Club to honor employees for their service to the organization’s mission. One award every year is presented for each of the organization’s five core values: quality, empathy, safety, teamwork, and stewardship. The employees who received the awards are noted standard bearers and role models within the organization.“We achieve remarkable success through the hard work and dedication of employees who come to work each day with our mission in mind,” said Thomas A. Dee, FACHE, SVHC’s president and CEO. “Our Putnam Awards honorees live our mission of exceptional care and comfort and help set SVHC apart as one of the best health systems in New England.”The 2017 Putnam Award Honorees are: (Click the linked name for a high-resolution image.)Quality: Bentley Munsell(link is external), ED technician, Emergency DepartmentEmpathy: Virginia Ritchie(link is external), administrative assistant, Medical Staff OfficeDr. Richard Guerrero Patient Safety Award: Elizabeth Bessette, RN(link is external), Medical SurgicalTeamwork: Christopher Callanan(link is external), Café cook, Nutrition and Dining ServicesStewardship: Ron Keefer(link is external), buyer, Materials ManagementThe evening also honored those celebrating employment anniversaries. Many were honored for 10, 20, and 30 years of employment with SVHC. Fourteen employees were noted for 40 or more years of service, and Christine Bacon, who works in the lab, was honored for 52 years of service. Altogether, the group represented more than 1,400 years with the organization.About:Southwestern Vermont Health Care (SVHC) is a comprehensive, preeminent health care system providing exceptional, convenient, and affordable care to the communities of Bennington and Windham Counties of Vermont, eastern Rensselaer and Washington Counties of New York, and northern Berkshire County in Massachusetts. SVHC’s providers are members of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Putnam Physicians, a multispecialty medical group operated in partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock. SVHC includes the Centers for Living and Rehabilitation, a 150-bed long- and short-term care skilled nursing facility; the SVHC Foundation; and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC), which includes 19 primary and specialty care practices. Primary care offices are located in Bennington, Manchester, Pownal, and Wilmington. To learn more, visit is external). Source: BENNINGTON, VT—Southwestern Vermont Health Care 12.20.2017last_img read more