Three Selected to 2017 Gold Medal Hall of Fame

first_imgArts & Culture | Juneau | Southeast | SportsThree Selected to 2017 Gold Medal Hall of FameMarch 26, 2017 by Klas Stolpe Share:Klukwan’s Stuart Dewitt, Washington referee Joe Thompson, and Kake’s Nick Davis were selected into the Hall of Fame at the Juneau Lions Club 71st Annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament at Juneau-Douglas High School on Friday. (Photo courtesy Klas Stolpe)It is only fitting that Stuart DeWitt and Nick Davis were inducted into the Gold Medal Hall of Fame on Friday, even more fitting is that referee Joe Thompson was also given the honor… someone has to keep a close officiating tab on DeWitt and Davis on the floor, after all the duo are two of the most competitive players in Gold Medal history.Dewitt has been on six Gold Medal championship teams and has been selected for 11 All Tournament teams. The Gold Medal Tournament is more than competition for him.“Mostly just getting to spend the week with some of your closest friends,” DeWitt said. “There is nothing else to worry about. You just kind of relax and hang out, sit on the couch and watch t.v., and play. And now I have kids and they are able to come watch me play. Seeing them start to get excited about basketball that is the best part.”Davis has won 10 championships, made five all-tourney teams, and garnished a Sportsmanship award. Davis compared basketball to life.“I have always loved the game,” Nick Davis said. “You can get down and out but there is always hope to come back. My highlight in this tournament has been interacting with all the players, having fun and laughing. You know, at some point, sometimes, you see guys getting mad and stuff but it is part of the game… but to be able to be out there and to laugh with them when you are in an intense moment is just real fun.”2017 will be referee Joe Thompson’s last of 20 Gold Medal Tournament officiating experiences. His career began in 1972 and he became an active member of the Pacific Northwest Basketball Officials Association for Washington in 1982. He has officiated NCAA tournaments, multiple high school state tournaments, has been a Washington State Rules Clinician for multiple years, a camp clinician, and mentor to hundreds of aspiring officials up and down the west coast.“I have been blessed to be part of this legacy,” Thompson said of Gold Medal. “My greatest memories, what I will take away from the many years of coming to this tournament, was learning to respect the culture of the different teams and the villages that they come from. And something else that I have really recognized since I have been coming here, that I don’t see in the lower 48, is the way they treat their elders. There is a great deal of respect for their elders. And their passion for supporting their teams, whether it is the mens or women’s, you don’t find that anywhere else. It is really unique.”Share this story:last_img read more

Petersburg resident receives medal from King of Norway

first_imgCommunity | Nation & World | SoutheastPetersburg resident receives medal from King of NorwayOctober 10, 2017 by Angela Denning, KFSK-Petersburg Share:A Petersburg resident has been recognized by the King of Norway for her dedication to promoting relations between Norway and the U.S.The Norway Ambassador to the U.S. was in Petersburg last week to hand out the Medal of St. Olav.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.A handful of Petersburg residents are gathered at Glo Wollen’s beach front home to have a cookout.Wollen is the current president of the local Sons of Norway lodge and she’s also the town’s Harbor Master.At this point, she had no idea she’s getting an award.As far as Wollen’s concerned, she’s just hosting important visitors. The last time the Norwegian Ambassador visited Petersburg for the Little Norway Festival in 2016 Wollen also hosted a BBQ at her place.“We’re hosting the Ambassador of Norway to the United States of America here and his assistant and our Norwegian consul that is located up in Anchorage,” Wollen said. “We’re having a little Alaskan party. And we also have the lieutenant governor of Alaska as well.”Southeast Alaska’s Sen. Bert Stedman also was there.People were socializing in the back yard while local black cod, salmon and shrimp are grilled over a fire.Soon, people are called around the deck because Ambassador Kåre Aas wants to publicly thank Wollen for the hospitality. He also is here for another reason.“His majesty King Harald V has told me to come here,” Aas said. “When his majesty wants to honor a person or persons he gives them the Medal of St. Olav.”Ambassador of Norway to the United States, Kare Aas, and Glo Wollen pose for a photo Sept. 28, 2017, after she was award the Medal of St. Olav. (Photo by Angela Denning/KFSK)The medal is round and silver and hangs from a red, blue and white ribbon. Wollen also receives a diploma.Aas said the medal is given to Norwegians or foreigners who have been working hard to strengthen the relationship between Norway and another country — in this case, the U.S. He said he nominated Wollen for the medal.Petersburg resident, Glo Wollen, received this Medal of St. Olav for her work to strengthen the relationship between Norway and the U.S. (Photo by Angela Denning/KFSK)“Since you were born–your mother is here–you grew up in a fishing family, and your father he told you a lot about values, Norwegian’s values,” Aas said. “Your mother, she told you about how to interact with other persons, how to sew and how to cook.”After the award is given, Wollen received hugs from friends and poses for photos.Aas said the king’s medals are seldom given out, maybe one a year to Americans.“It’s really a recognition of what Glo has been doing in working and promoting and maintaining Norwegian values in Alaska,” Aas said. “But also really emphasizing what many Norwegian Americans think about their relationship to Norway historically, politically but also culturally. And his majesty, he really honors those who are really advocating (for) our two countries.”Aas said that based on this recognition he believes that when Wollen visits Norway – which she hopes to do – she will be able to meet the King of Norway himself.Wollen herself didn’t give any speech after receiving the award but besides wearing a new medal on her chest, she also had a beaming smile on her face.Share this story:last_img read more

The Bachelor Recap: The Season 15 Finale

first_imgUncategorizedThe Bachelor Recap: The Season 15 FinaleBy Shayna Rose Arnold – March 15, 2011350ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddItIt’s finally here! The Night of Two Limos has arrived, and Brad opens the episode that will complete his transformation from “that guy dating 30 women at once” to “that guy who knew she was the one from the minute he saw her and 29 other women” with big, big words: “I am so ready to move forward. So happy that I am in Cape Town.” (Don’t question it. Like people, some thoughts just belong together.) OK, here we go!So we know that Brad’s in Cape Town, and lo and behold his family pops up one by one from the brush below as Brad looks over the balcony. It’s enough to make him sob. He welcomes them in then walks away to look over the balcony and sob some more. Someone should hand Brad a Kleenex, or ask in a low, concerned voice if he’s been abused during his interment, but instead they congratulate him on being “a completely different guy” than he was the last time they flew half way around the world to meet his Final Two.Once Brad returns to the group, his twin brother, Chad, asks if he is “considering purposing?” And he is! “100%”!  According to the, to purpose is “to intend or resolve to perform or accomplish,” so this is BIG.Just then, the doorbell rings. Chantal has arrived to meet Brad’s family! They welcome her in with hugs and hellos and before anyone can sit down Chantal lets everyone know that she fell in love with Brad in his room after getting caught in the rain in Costa Rica. “Sounds like a romance film,” says one of Brad’s brothers. We remember it more like the beginning of a different kind of film, but details, shmetails.Chantal opens up about her divorce, which somehow is behind how she fell in love so quickly with Brad, and tells Brad’s brothers that she’d marry him on the spot “right over there” if he purposes. “It really screams her feelings for Brad,” says Chad. He’s nice.The next day Brad’s family gets to meet Emily, who arrives with a pretty bouquet of flowers! At first they find her to be “more reserved” than Chantal, but upgrade her condition to “poised” once they learn about her daughter, Ricky, and about how she lost the love of her life before she knew she was pregnant. When Brad’s brothers corner him to ask how he feels about possibly having an instant family, Brad says it gives him “the warmest feeling that I can’t describe.” But that’s not all. Emily also tells Brad’s mom that he has been “her angel”.After she leaves, Brad’s family convenes to talk about Emily and Chantal, Chantal and Emily. And yes, someone fulfills the Bachelor Family duty of saying they’re both special and amazing and that this will be The Hardest Decision Ever Made for Brad and something along the lines of “you can’t lose,” but something else also happens. Something shocking. Something revolutionary. They tell Brad what they think, and they think he should pick Emily!The producers could have high fived and called it a day right there, but they had another hour of TV to fill, and they had already planned a swimming with the sharks date for Brad to go on with Chantal, who you’ll remember is afraid of water (and more understandably, sharks) so the thing goes on.At first, Brad does his best to act like he is still interested on his last date with Chantal. He looks happy and says things like “our life together would be so exciting.” And Chantal does her best to grin and bear swimming with a shark, which, it’s obvious, is torture. She’s such a good sport she doesn’t even complain when her wet suit is broken and won’t zip up past her cleavage. Chantal says she sees swimming with the sharks as “a great way to test out the waters before we get married.” Then she tells Brad, “after all this, you better be putting a fucking ring on my finger. Because you suck otherwise.”   Later that night, Chantal gives Brad a handmade map of all the places they have been together, along with a letter that moves Brad Chantal to tears. Chantal tells Brad she loves him when he gets up to go. He tells her to “get some rest.”The next day, Brad meets Emily for their final date, a picnic at the Cape of Good Hope, aka the windiest place for a picnic ever. Brad shouts to Emily that his family loves her and does his best to make it clear that he purposes to be the best father that he can be to her daughter. But Emily can’t hear him over the wind, and so the conversation continues in Emily’s much quieter hotel suite later that night. “I guarantee that I can love you and your daughter more than you could ever imagine, if you give me the chance,” says Brad. But Emily still can’t hear him—maybe the wind damaged her ear drums?—and so she asks Brad again if he understands that having a kid isn’t always a trip to the park with a kite. Which makes Brad mad and sweaty, and makes him “question everything,” after he says goodnight. Luckily, Brad looks and sounds much better when he meets with—you guessed it!—Neil Lane, the most dependable jeweler in the world, in the morning. “I don’t know if you know this, but the last time I walked away,” says Brad. Neil’s kind enough not to say so, but we’re pretty sure he’s up to speed on The Bachelor redux sitch, given the facts that a) Brad is The Bachelor and b) Brad returned the first ring. Wait, he returned the ring, right? Either way, Brad picks out another ring to purpose with and shakes Neil’s hand goodbye. The ring Brad selects is super sparkly, but unfortunately they were polite enough not to talk dollars specifics in front of us.Back at their hotel, Chantal and Emily spend some time journaling, sitting in chairs while drinking coffee, and being grateful for how they’ve grown as people (OK, only Emily does that). Then, finally, it’s time for the final rose ceremony!Chantal, dressed for the Oscars, gets out of Limo One, and Chris Harrison escorts her, per his contract, to meet Brad.Here’s what Brad tells her: “The very first time I laid eyes on you I felt a connection and that connection has only grown over time. It’s something I have always looked for, always…and here is where it gets tough. I don’t know how else to say it, except I have stronger feelings for someone else.” Chantal cries, and gets back in the limo and it’s truly awful. But then there is this white cat, and a brunette couple that goes to a dinner party at the woman’s parent’s house, and then there’s another white cat and he’s proposing and—Oh! I’m sorry, that was a Fancy Feast commercial made specifically to air during the finale of The Bachelor. And people say cats are creepy!On the other side of the break Emily arrives in Limo Two. Chris Harrison escorts her to Brad and before long, he’s down on one knee!“All it took was coming here and finding you,” he says, “you are something more than a leap of faith. You’re the one.” He opens the ring box, which is from Neil Lane (we know because the logo was big enough to read through tears) and tells Emily “I want to spend my life with you.”“Then do!” she says.Come what may after the final rose, the Bachelor Franchise will live happily ever after. Thanks for taking the journey with me. See you next season!Photograph courtesy ABC TAGS2011L.A. CultureMarch 2011Previous articleAuthor Spotlight: Ted DansonNext articleL.A. County Search & Rescue Team Deployed to JapanShayna Rose Arnold RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORFollow in Pee-wee Herman’s Footsteps Across L.A.What Defines a Successful Immigrant?The Undocumented Immigrants Who Are Redefining ‘American’last_img read more

Deputies searching for missing Cape Coral man

first_imgCAPE CORAL, Fla. — Deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office are looking for a missing 29-year-old Cape Coral man.Derek Burham was last seen at his home located at 11554 Royal Tree Circle in Cape Coral. He is described as a 5’9″ white man with blue eyes and short brown hair that is cut in a military-style. Burham weighs about 170 pounds.LCSO has K9 Maggie on the scene. She is getting ready to conduct a track for Burham. AdvertisementTags: Cape CoralLee County Sheriff’s OfficeMissing man Cape Coral applies for FWC grant to improve Yacht Club Park’s marina June 16, 2021 If you have any information on Burham’s whereabouts, contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000 or Southwest Florida CrimeStoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS. AdvertisementRecommended ArticlesBrie Larson Reportedly Replacing Robert Downey Jr. As The Face Of The MCURead more81 commentsGal Gadot Reportedly Being Recast As Wonder Woman For The FlashRead more29 comments Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement AdvertisementDC Young Fly knocks out heckler (video) – Rolling OutRead more6 comments’Mortal Kombat’ Exceeded Expectations Says WarnerMedia ExecutiveRead more2 commentsDo You Remember Bob’s Big Boy?Read more1 commentsKISS Front Man Paul Stanley Reveals This Is The End Of KISS As A Touring Band, For RealRead more1 comments RELATEDTOPICS Cape Coral man tries to figure out meaning of his 25-year-old tattoos June 16, 2021 Cape Coral break in foiled by barking dog June 17, 2021 WATCH: Porch pirate targets newly moved in Cape Coral residents June 16, 2021last_img read more

Waterloo rep fined $50,000 for suitability violations

PwC alleges deleted emails, unusual transactions in Bridging Finance case Facebook LinkedIn Twitter IIROC found that in 2005 and 2006, Beechey recommended a structured product named Global Credit Preferred Corp. to several clients. GCP was a high-risk structured product that aimed to provide a dividend of 5.25% and repayment of the subscription price after a 10-year term. The dividend and redemption proceeds were derived from a portfolio of credit default swaps, and the returns were linked to the number of defaults (such as bankruptcy) within a reference portfolio of 129 companies. Beechey recommended the product to clients without fully understanding it, and failed to take adequate steps to inform himself or his clients of the complexities and risks inherent in GCP, according to IIROC. In some instances he mistakenly provided clients with incorrect information about GCP. “By failing to fully understand the product, Beechey was not in a position to adequately explain the structure, terms, risk or mechanics of GCP to his clients. For example, the concept of credit default swaps was not explained to most of the clients by Beechey,” IIROC said in the settlement agreement. “These clients were unsophisticated investors with limited investment experience. Accordingly, the clients did not fully understand the complexities or risks inherent in GCP.” There was a very significant amount of volatility in the net asset value of GCP. By December 2008, five defaulting events had occurred and the net asset value of GCP had declined to $3.45 from its original value of approximately $25. The high-risk investment was not suitable for several of Beechey’s clients, who had been seeking safe investments to provide for their retirement, IIROC found. In addition, in the case of three clients, their new account application forms did not accurately set out their true investment objectives and risk tolerance levels. As of the end of October 2007, six of Beechey’s clients had unrealized losses relating to GCP totaling $106,300, based on original investments totaling $227,000. Under the settlement agreement, Beechey has agreed to pay a fine of $50,000, and to disgorge the $1,399.88 in commissions that he received in connection with the GCP transactions. He must also pay $3,000 in costs. IIROC noted that Beechey wrote and passed the Conduct and Practices Handbook examination in October 2010. Since November 2007, Beechey has been employed as an investment advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy in Waterloo. Share this article and your comments with peers on social media IIROC reaches settlement with three former All Group reps serezniy/123RF Mouth mechanic turned market manipulator A registered representative in Waterloo, Ont. has been fined $50,000 by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada for failing to make suitable investment recommendations to clients, among other regulatory violations. In a settlement agreement released on Monday, IIROC reveals penalties against Matthew Beechey, who was formerly employed as a registered rep with TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. Keywords Structured products,  Suitability obligations,  EnforcementCompanies Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada BFI investors plead for firm’s sale Megan Harman Related news read more

Franklin Templeton launches growth ETF

first_img Ninepoint launches three ETFs on NEO IE Staff Toronto-based Franklin Templeton Canada has added a growth fund to its shelf of active ETFs.The Franklin Global Growth Active ETF invests primarily in the Franklin Global Growth Fund. The growth fund consists of a concentrated portfolio of 35 to 40 global growth stocks. BMO InvestorLine launches commission-free trading for ETFs Related news 42250157 - business investment opportunities on a global scale 123RF Desjardins to close four ETFs Keywords ETFs “With the tremendous growth in U.S. mega-capitalization technology stocks, investors are looking for compelling growth stocks to complement their portfolio,” said Duane Green, president and CEO, Franklin Templeton Canada, in a release. “Our global growth strategy uncovers unique, high quality growth opportunities globally and seeks to limit economic overlap among holdings in the fund.”The global growth strategy is managed by John Remmert, senior vice-president and portfolio manager; Patrick McKeegan, vice-president and portfolio manager; and Don Huber, senior vice-president and portfolio manager.The fund’s management fee is 0.9%.The ETF is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Facebook LinkedIn Twitterlast_img read more

National HIV/AIDS Control Programme to be Expanded

first_imgAdvertisements RelatedNational HIV/AIDS Control Programme to be Expanded National HIV/AIDS Control Programme to be Expanded UncategorizedSeptember 14, 2006 RelatedNational HIV/AIDS Control Programme to be Expandedcenter_img FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail For this fiscal year, the National HIV/AIDS Control Programme will be aiming to improve the way in which it can prevent the spread of the HIV virus among the most vulnerable in the society.“We need to significantly expand the coverage and improve the quality of our prevention interventions among vulnerable populations and the youth,” states a Ministry Paper, which was tabled in the House on September 12 by Minister of Health, Horace Dalley.“We also need to develop and implement a strategy that facilitates the institutionalizing of HIV/AIDS in the formal education sector. There is no other means to effectively reach our youths,” the document emphasises.The Ministry Paper points out that there is a need to expand HIV/AIDS testing in order to identify persons who are living with HIV/AIDS. “This is essential in order to achieve universal access to anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment. It also serves as an entry point for risk reduction behaviour,” the Ministry explains.According to information provided in the document, 25,000 persons are estimated to be living with HIV in Jamaica, of whom approximately 15,000 are not aware of their HIV positive status. Over 1,000 persons are newly reported as developing AIDS annually in Jamaica and over 10,000 AIDS cases were reported since the onset of the epidemic.The National HIV/AIDS Control Programme is also planning to develop an anti-stigma campaign profiling a number of persons living with HIV/AIDS, who are willing to disclose their status to the public.“This will help to provide a face to the AIDS epidemic. More pro-active measures are needed to reduce discrimination against persons living with HIV/ AIDS (PLWHAs), including legislation. In order to achieve this, we need more champions for change and to strengthen the role of PLWHAs in the programme,” the document states. RelatedNational HIV/AIDS Control Programme to be Expandedlast_img read more

Premium Wine Delivery Offers Dallas and Houston’s First Last Mile, Customer-Focused…

first_imgHome Industry News Releases Premium Wine Delivery Offers Dallas and Houston’s First Last Mile, Customer-Focused Wine…Industry News ReleasesWine BusinessPremium Wine Delivery Offers Dallas and Houston’s First Last Mile, Customer-Focused Wine Delivery Service Available on Nights, Weekends and HolidaysBy Press Release – June 11, 2018 156 0 TAGSPremium Wine Delivery Facebook Linkedin AdvertisementFirst to use technology and dedicated personalized service providing visibility and putting consumers back in the driver’s seat on wine deliveriesDALLAS, TX– June 11, 2018 – Premium Wine Delivery is revolutionizing last mile shipping for wineries in Napa and Sonoma by providing the first delivery platform to allow a winery to control the entire wine logistics chain with real-time tracking, live updates and notifications from the tasting room to the consumer’s living room.“I was blown away by Premium Wine Delivery’s white glove delivery service,” said Amy Gross, CEO and Founder of VineSleuth/Wine4.Me Unlike other delivery services, I knew exactly when the wine was coming, so I could be there to accept delivery. The communication was top-notch and unlike anything I had experienced in this space. Premium Wine Delivery makes it so much more convenient to order wine!”The Amazon-effect has changed customers’ expectation also in wine delivery. Fast, flexible, full visible and customer-centered delivery has become a standard today.   With consumers spending more than $2.69 billion on Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) wine shipments in 2017, according to the 2018 Wine Shipping Report, an annual collaboration between Sovos and Wines & Vines, and with 8.18 percent of that spend in Texas alone, there remains an opportunity for innovation and disruption for a new shipping model.Features of Premium Wine Delivery include:Price based on quantity and frequency of shipments and PWD matches FedEx/UPS Ground pricingFull Insurance including heat, cold or any other kind of damageFlat Rates (no additional fees such as adult signature, residential address, rescheduling and more)Year-round, temperature controlled delivery from California to Texas, including the critical last mileDelivery on evenings and weekends Amazon-like Delivery Platform including live tracking, two-ways text/email notifications and Proof of Delivery with geolocation and pictures“After years of wineries and consumers having a shipping process that was archaic, not service focused and with limited visibility, we have shifted that model by using technology that is fast, visible, modern, and friendly, said Melanie Ofenloch, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.  “Our goal for Premium Wine Delivery is to extend the brand experience the customer had at the winery to when they receive their wine at home.”Premium Wine Delivery is licensed as a TABC carrier authorized to deliver wine in State of Texas.Advertisement Twitter Previous articleBoys & Girls Clubs of Napa Valley Opens Napa Valley Vintners ClubhouseNext articleAfternoon Brief, June 11 Press Release Share Email Pinterest ReddItlast_img read more

Education Ministry Seeking Additional Funds for SLB

first_imgRelatedEducation Ministry Seeking Additional Funds for SLB Advertisements Education Ministry Seeking Additional Funds for SLB EducationAugust 21, 2012 FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The Ministry of Education is moving to secure additional funds for the Students Loan Bureau (SLB), Portfolio Minister, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites, has disclosed. This forms part of efforts aimed at accommodating as many of the applications received from students attending tertiary institutions, as is possible, in order to enable them to finance their tuition costs. Rev. Thwaites informed that officers of the Ministry are currently engaged in dialogue with representatives of commercial banks and other financial institutions “to try and attract private capital into the (tertiary education) system.” Addressing the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) colloquium, at its main campus in Mandeville, Manchester, on August 20, Rev. Thwaites pointed out that the initiative comes against the background of depletion of the SLB finances, consequent on the reported high rate of delinquency among borrowers. “The Students Loan Bureau does good work, but the terms and conditions on which it has been funded exclude too many. And regretfully, even those 10,000 or 12,000 applicants who are (approved) each year…a high percentage of them do not honour their obligations. Therefore, the heavy level of delinquency depletes those capital funds and prevents them from revolving, to the detriment of newcomers into the loan scheme,” the Minister pointed out. Noting that the procurement of additional funds is being undertaken “with great difficulty,” Rev. Thwaites stressed the need for the SLB’s clients to fulfill their obligations to the institution.     “The task of transforming education in Jamaica has to speak to this issue. If you borrow…in order to further your own education, you must be enjoined to pay it back. We will have to strengthen the (regulations) to ensure that students meet their obligations. This is something that will not be necessarily pleasant. It will be constraining, but it is absolutely necessary,” the Minister emphasised. Meanwhile, Rev. Thwaites said the Ministry is exploring the possibility of lowering the interest rate on student loans, which according to the SLB website is currently at nine per cent. Additionally, he advised that efforts will also be made to link loan repayments to the “employment prospects” of the students after graduation. The University’s colloquium, held under the theme: ‘The Relevance of Seventh-Day Adventist Higher Education in Today’s Global Environment’, was convened to unveil and discuss plans for the institution’s expansion and development. Over 100 delegates and guests attended the two-day seminar, which ended Tuesday August 21st, 2012.center_img RelatedEducation Ministry Seeking Additional Funds for SLB RelatedEducation Ministry Seeking Additional Funds for SLBlast_img read more

Man receives $55,000 bail

first_imgHomeNewsCrimeMan receives $55,000 bail Jul. 25, 2017 at 5:00 amCrimeMan receives $55,000 baileditor4 years agocrimeCrime Watchdaily press crime watchsanta monica crime watchsanta monica newsSanta Monica Police Department On July 13, 2017 at about 2:36 a.m.While patrolling the area of Ocean Avenue and Colorado Blvd, officers observed a subject sleeping on a bench. The subject had numerous personal items spread out amongst the area. Officers contacted the subject and determined he had a warrant for his arrest for possession of narcotics and on probation for narcotics sales. The subject was taken into custody. A search of the subject’s personal property led to the recovery of a syringe containing methamphetamine and a “crack” pipe.Brian Cox, 51, from Huntington Park was booked for camping in public, possession of methamphetamine, identity theft and possession of narcotics paraphernalia and bench warrant. Bail was set at $55,000.Crime Watch is culled from reports provided by the Santa Monica Police Department. These are arrests only. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.Tags :crimeCrime Watchdaily press crime watchsanta monica crime watchsanta monica newsSanta Monica Police Departmentshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentSanta Monica restaurant Upper West celebrates a new artist with a solo exhibition “Wanderlust” on July 30.Hi Ho – The Best New Burger JointYou Might Also LikeBriefsLos Angeles Sheriff’s deputy accused of destroying evidence of 2019 assaultAssociated Press15 hours agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author3 days agoCrimeFeaturedKnife-wielding woman arrested during L.A. Councilman’s speechGuest Author4 days agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author7 days agoCrimeFeaturedHomeless man loses an eye to BB gun assaultGuest Author1 week agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author1 week agolast_img read more