The decade-long journey of a single mother into the games industry

first_imgThe decade-long journey of a single mother into the games industryKick Alley Soccer: The augmented reality app that was ten years too earlyHaydn TaylorSenior Staff WriterTuesday 27th March 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareWe’ve all heard the story of the intrepid indie developer who mortages their house in a desperate attempt to raise the capital to complete their magnum opus.It’s usually a young white male with a background in game design who left a safe job at a studio in order to make the next Journey or Braid. But the story of Jennifer Kapsch bucks that trend and, despite costing $30,000 over ten years, still has a long way to go. Kapsch, a 58 year-old single mother from Canada, began her arduous journey into the games industry ten years ago, when watching her close friend, Loai Sahir Abdulla, sit and kick a ball down a hallway while he was recovering from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. The concept for the app was to make an augmented reality version of that experience to aid recovery from similar surgeries; an idea so simple it’s almost maddening. On the surface, Kick Alley Soccer may not look like much but there is a potential there which isn’t immediately obvious, as it taps into a very specific market; people with leg injuries who like football. With 270 million soccer players in the world, 3.5 billion fans, and 270,000 people a year having ACL surgery in the United States alone, Kapsch is confident it can succeed. Jennifer with her two sons, Justin and Kristopher “We’re humble, we’ve kept all our figures and projections on the low side, even in my business plan because we’re not going to say that it will make millions or that we need millions,” Kapsch tells “We don’t. We’ve been doing this for ten years, we know we can do it. $150,000 would get both games [iOS and Android] on the stores and with a little advertising. We know, we’re confident, we believe in the game and the health benefits of the game.”In 2017, when one of her sons was recovering from his second ACL surgery, his physiotherapist agreed to let him incorporate Kick Alley Soccer into his recovery. According to Kapsch, his healing process was noticeably expedited as he began to regularly work the injured knee using the app, along with keeping his other leg healthy during extended sedentary periods. Combined with the recent upsurge in wearable tech like the Fitbit, the floodgates of possibility opened. Kapsch sees Kick Alley Soccer as the beginning of something much larger, and she is currently devising a host of new applications for AR tied into wearable tech.“To be taken seriously, in my position as a woman of my age in this industry, it’s extremely difficult” “There’s a huge lack of patient generated data right now,” she says. “Physicians are encouraging the innovation of wearables, and how they can use wearables connected to mobile devices to transmit that patient data directly to the them… On strength, on muscles, on oxygen levels, on all kinds of medical data so that they can track their patients progress even when the patient isn’t there.” Of course, when Kapsch had her lighbulb moment back in 2007, augmented reality primarily existed in the realm of military operations and high-concept performance art. Her idea was still years ahead of the capabilities of smartphone hardware. So, with no immediate path available for her to pursue the concept, Kapsch wrote it down, dated it, and stored it a safety deposit box at the bank. The spark that would become Kick Alley Soccer lay dormant until 2008, when the global financial crisis hit and Kapsch lost her job. Seeing this as an opportunity, she sold her house and moved city to study event planning at university. “I was in this house, a single mum with two boys and no job,” says Kapsch. “I decided, what am I going to do at my age, 49? I gotta bring myself up a bit because technology was really growing fast at that time. It was crazy. I had to bring myself up to the level of these youngsters coming out of school with all this education.”At school, Kapsch was by far the oldest member of the class, and even faced bullying and harassment from some of the the younger students. “It was a very difficult journey, but I did not quit,” she says. “My father instilled that in us at a very young age. He was a concentration camp survivor, so we learned very early on that you do not quit, and that life can get bad but you just keep going. There is a spark and you keep going.”The dogged determination that took Kapsch through school is what reignited Kick Alley Soccer. During this time, technology slowly began to catch up with her idea, and by 2011 smartphones had begun to proliferate. “By that time I was thinking, ‘I don’t know, I’m getting older, who is going to listen to me?'” says Kapsch. “My idea didn’t even have the technology available to develop it yet. Augmented reality wasn’t even a word.”Up until that moment, Kapsch’s idea was little more than just that: an idea. There was no tech behind it, no investment, and she had no knowledge of the games industry or how to safely navigate it. But the idea itself was something she believed in strongly enough to take the plunge. What little money she had left from the sale of her house and furniture became the capital she needed to begin pursuing it. “My father… was a concentration camp survivor so we learned very early on that you do not quit” Along with Abdulla, her partner in the Kick Alley Soccer venture, Kapsch began searching for developers who could help them bring their app to life. “Around 75 per cent of the time I wouldn’t get an answer back. I had questions, I needed guidance, I needed advice,” she says. “Many times I was ignored, or just not taken seriously.”The rejections began to mount up even as technology began keeping pace with the idea. “Each one was challenging to take, and there were many moments where I felt like I was on this ladder just hanging at the bottom, but the ladder is there and it’s not going anywhere,” says Kapsch. “So that means your belief is strong… because that original vision was a health idea. My idea was to help people that are suffering from injuries and recuperating from surgeries. An entertaining game that they could play that health benefits at the same time.” The first breakthrough came in 2012 when Indian developer Softnotions cobbled together a rough prototype as a proof of concept. At the time Kapsch was working two or even three jobs to help cover the costs. But even then, augmented reality tech was miles from where it needed to be, and after getting the demo and releasing it onto Google Play, Kapsch’s progress slowed once more to a crawl. That was until 2016, with the release of Pokémon Go; the irrefutable proof that augmented reality had a future. “When Pokémon Go comes out, I’m crying into my soup because I thought ‘No! This is not fair,'” says Kapsch. “I had an idea for augmented reality years ago but I’m not a big company, I don’t have millions of dollars. I’m a nobody, I’m not in the Silicon Valley.“We’re not going to say that it will make millions or that we need millions. We don’t. We’ve been doing this for ten years, we know we can do it” “But that idea, Pokémon Go, that excitement and growth, that was an amazing inspiration. It was that push to keep going because I could really see it happening. I knew if I stayed visible someone would see me. There are billions of people on this earth. There had to be someone.”And sure enough there was someone. In late 2016 Ukrainian developer AVRspot reached out to Kapsch and offered to help her with a new demo for iOS and Android. By this point she was out of pocket by $25,000 after paying multiple developers that failed to fulfil their promises over the years. “That might not seem like a lot of money when you’re speaking about games, but it was a lot for us,” says Kapsch. “We’re humble family people. We sold a lot of things to get there, and worked two or three jobs along the way. We had no more left to sell. There was nothing left of value.”With the two demos, and the proof that it can aid in post-surgery recovery, Kapsch now just needs the final push to fully realise her vision; unfortunately it has a price tag of around $150,000, and comes with a number of other hurdles. Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games “To be taken seriously, in my position as a woman of my age in this industry, it’s extremely difficult,” says Kapsch. “Even from other women, because it’s such an unproven idea and concept, it’s taking longer to progress and they want to see the future. What’s going to happen one year from now, two years from now? That’s what I need help with.”But Kapsch’s chipper demeanour seems unshakeable and, after being invited to the UK for PocketGamer Connects and Gamesforum London, she still has belief in her idea and is committed to making it work. “I got a lot of rejections, but those rejections are just tiny challenges,” she says. “It’s a lesson you learn. Every failure is a lesson, my father taught me, and you only succeed if you learn from those challenges. Never give up, and keep going.”Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The VR & AR newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. 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John Carmack moves to “consulting CTO” role at Oculus

first_imgJohn Carmack moves to “consulting CTO” role at OculusIndustry veteran will focus on AI, with Oculus now taking a “modest slice” of his timeMatthew HandrahanEditor-in-ChiefThursday 14th November 2019Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleOculus VRJohn Carmack has effectively stepped down as chief technology officer of Oculus VR, moving into a consulting role as he focuses his mind on artificial intelligence.Carmack, who joined Oculus in August 2013, announced his decision to move into a “consulting CTO” role on Facebook. The new position will allow him “a voice in the development work,” but it will occupy “a modest slice” of his time.”When I think back over everything I have done across games, aerospace, and VR, I have always felt that I had at least a vague ‘line of sight’ to the solutions, even if they were unconventional or unproven,” Carmack said. “I have sometimes wondered how I would fare with a problem where the solution really isn’t in sight. I decided that I should give it a try before I get too old. I’m going to work on artificial general intelligence.”Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games Carmack declared that he has a “non-negligible chance of making a difference there,” but in the near term he will be working on it from his home, in partnership with his son — what he described as “Victorian Gentleman Scientist style.”This isn’t the first high-profile personnel change at Oculus in recent times. In August, Nate Mitchell departed the company, the last of the original founders to leave the organisation.If you have jobs news to share or a new hire you want to shout about, please contact us on [email protected] employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The VR & AR newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesOculus halts headset sales in GermanyFacebook says it’s a temporary move and will continue supporting existing owners in the countryBy Brendan Sinclair 8 months agoSony reportedly increasing PS5 production to 10m units by 2021Meanwhile, Facebook said to be ramping up manufacturing for Oculus devicesBy James Batchelor 9 months agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

Panic Art Studios CEO posts racist remarks on Twitter

first_img Edited 2 times. Last edit by Gryff Derrick on 26th February 2020 5:53pm 4Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyShaun Wall UX Designer, Unit 2 GamesA year ago Ah yes, just like that pesky Ambien causing totally out of character racist outbursts, or “I was drunk” – These beliefs and feelings already exist, it just took a momentary lapse of social control to bring them out.Even afterwards, he’s still blaming “immigrants” as the cause of his racist remarks. Says it all. Edited 2 times. Last edit by Shaun Wall on 27th February 2020 10:52am 2Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now. Panic Art Studios CEO posts racist remarks on TwitterElias Viglione describes outburst as “moment of temporary insanity”GamesIndustry StaffWednesday 26th February 2020Share this article Recommend Tweet SharePanic Art Studios studios CEO Elias Viglione has backtracked after posting a series of racist tweets allegedly inciting violence against immigrants. The tweets appeared during the small hours of Saturday morning, and freelance esports social media manager Nasim Haque was able to capture the expletive-laden thread before it was removed. He threatened to focus his future investments to “kill as many of these animals as possible,” adding that it was his “life goal from now on.” Viglione has since shut down his personal Twitter account, and the official Panic Art Studios Twitter account was locked for several days. In a statement to, Viglione described the outburst as a “moment of temporary insanity.” Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games “I was in a psychotic state after almost being robbed and beaten to a pulp by five immigrants who accused me of drugging someone inside the bar I was in with my friends,” he said. “I have bad ADHD and most likely schizophrenia; I am seeing a psychiatrist and trying to cope with life being overworked burned out and anxious all the time. “I removed the tweets as fast as possible, and my Twitter account to protect myself from this kind of situation. What I said was disgusting and inhumane, so yes I am very sorry to anyone who was affected by this.” Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesGearbox, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple oppose Texas anti-trans lawBorderlands developer even suggests it would expand out of the state if law is passedBy James Batchelor 20 days agoGerman legal reform to set new standards for loot boxesBundestag passes youth protection law that would require clear descriptors for games featuring loot boxesBy Matthew Handrahan 2 months agoLatest comments (3)Anthony Gowland Director, Ant WorkshopA year ago The guy’s got form inorRegisterto rate and replyGryff Derrick Student Games Developercenter_img A year ago I have ADHD too, but never have racist outbursts due to crappy situations.Seems there’s some underlying beliefs there and the ADHD just makes him more impulsive/likely to say something. If he’s seeing a psychiatrist then hopefully that’ll help.last_img read more

Contagious is Uncatchable in $37,000 Horseware Ireland Welcome Stake

first_img Horse Sport Enews More from News:MARS Bromont CCI Announces Requirements For US-Based RidersThe first set of requirements to allow American athletes and support teams to enter Canada for the June 2-6 competition have been released.Canadian Eventer Jessica Phoenix Reaches the 100 CCI4*-S MarkPhoenix achieved the milestone while riding Pavarotti at the inaugural 2021 CCI4*-S at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.Tribunal Satisfied That Kocher Made Prolonged Use of Electric SpursAs well as horse abuse, the US rider is found to have brought the sport into disrepute and committed criminal acts under Swiss law.Washington International Horse Show Returns to TryonTIEC will again provide the venue for the WIHS Oct. 26-31 with a full schedule of hunter, jumper and equitation classes. We’ll send you our regular newsletter and include you in our monthly giveaways. PLUS, you’ll receive our exclusive Rider Fitness digital edition with 15 exercises for more effective riding. SIGN UP Subscribe to the Horse Sport newsletter and get an exclusive bonus digital edition! McLain Ward (USA) and Contagious were uncatchable in the $37,000 Horseware Ireland Welcome Stake CSI 3* at Tryon International Equestrian Center and Resort (TIEC), stopping the short-course timers in 40.4 seconds for the win. Amanda Derbyshire (GBR) grabbed two top-five placings aboard Gochman Sport Horse LLC entries, piloting Cornwall BH, the 2008 Holsteiner stallion (Con Air x Cambridge), to second on a time of 49.83 seconds, while also claiming fourth aboard Luibanta BH, the 2008 Irish Sport Horse mare (Luidam x Abantos), in a time of 41.56 seconds on four faults. Darragh Kenny (IRL) rounded out the podium in the irons with the 2007 Holsteiner gelding (Cartani x Heraldik II) owned in partnership with Whiterock Farm Ltd., Carthano, putting in the fastest four-fault round in a time of 41.43 seconds. Canada’s top finisher was Mario Deslauriers aboard Bardolina 2 in 7th spot.The Ghuiherme Jorge (BRA) course design saw 100 entries challenge the first round, with only six pairs earning the chance to tour the jump-off track. Ward and the 2009 German Sport Horse gelding (Contagio x For Keeps) owned by Beechwood Stables LLC managed to make the best of a tough situation with a field stacked with stiff competition, he shared:“It’s a tough situation. It’s a three-star event, but because of the state of the world and our sport right now, you have 100 [competing] today,” he analyzed. “To me, that was like a five-star 1.55m track. I’m lucky to have a horse like Contagious who’s up to that, but you also saw a lot of horses today who were surprised by it.“Contagious sustained an injury just before the Pan American Games, and has been slowly coming back to top form this summer, Ward reported. “We took our time and brought him back really thoroughly, and he’s been building up through the summer. He’s really felt like a different horse! I think the time off helped him mature a bit,” he elaborated. “He feels really healthy, and has basically either won or been the fastest in every Grand Prix he’s been in. He’s starting to fire all cylinders.“He’s a very fast horse, and very careful,” Ward detailed. “If I have a rail down in a jump-off, it’s through a double where maybe I try to do too much. Today, I went fast everywhere and just took a breath at the double. He jumped it beautifully, and then I brought him home. He’s typically quick and it went our way!”On his return to the venue, Ward noted that COVID-19 restrictions have not dampened competitor experience. “The footing is great, and the facilities are phenomenal. Everybody has made a huge effort here to make this place first-class and to also run it during this difficult time. You can’t help when you walk around here, you see the potential of this facility.”Reflecting on his own 2020, Ward relayed that he’s hopeful that the future is bright: “This year has been difficult for everyone. Hopefully in the new year, life and sport can start to go back to normal… That’s what we all wish for. In the meantime,” he concluded, “we’re trying to make good decisions for our horses, give them a rest when they need it, build them up when they need it, and be in a good place come 2021 with hopefully the Olympics on the horizon.”Jordan Coyle and Picador Conquer $37,000 EquiSafe Global Power & Speed Stake CSI 3*Jordan Coyle (IRL) and Picador’s performance could not be topped in the $37,000 EquiSafe Global Power & Speed Stake CSI 3*, halting the speed phase timers at 25.146 seconds. Eugenio Garza (MEX) and Caracas, the 2009 Holsteiner gelding (Cachas x Unknown) owned by Nerijus Sipaila, earned second on a speed phase time of 25.43 seconds, while Kristen VanderVeen (USA) claimed the yellow rosette aboard Bull Run’s Almighty, the 2008 Hanoverian gelding (Caspar x Quidam De Revel) owned by Bull Run Jumpers Six LLC, on a time of 26.079 seconds. Canada’s Erynn Ballard was 8th aboard Maestro Van Het Binnenveld.Coyle and the 2007 British Warmblood gelding (Lupicor x Concorde) owned by Elan Farm toured the Ghuiherme Jorge (BRA) course design without seeing many riders go, he admitted, but having a naturally quick horse made all the difference. “I rode one horse before Picador in the class, so I kind of knew the distances. I didn’t get to see Eugenio go, but I saw Kristen’s ride and she was fast. Luckily, I have one of the fastest horses there is! The course was nice, but honestly, it’s the horse,” Coyle emphasized about where he gained the advantage in a class of 42 starters.“The faster you go with him, the less chance there is that you’ll have a jump down. It’s ridiculous, but it’s the way it is with him. He was very fast to the double. I did seven strides, I believe, and I think everyone else did eight. He’s won so much this year, it’s hard to believe!” Coyle and team chose to stay close to home in New York for the majority of the year, and found that there was plenty of winning to be done at the national level.“At Saugerties, it wasn’t FEI, but I don’t really need the FEI points. They’re not going to change my life, I don’t think. I stayed there for the money, and was very lucky I got some,” he shared. For the Tryon Fall Series, Coyle emphasized that he just had to add TIEC to his calendar after first experiencing the venue in 2019. “I was here last year and loved it. I was just coming back from my injury and it was my first show. This year is perfect! Why wouldn’t you come here? If you can get in, you should be here.”Coyle relayed that he is thankful for how positive his year has gone, and that “everything seems to be going right. I can’t believe what’s happened since quarantine. I have good people with me, and obviously have a lot more horses [than before]. It couldn’t be going better than it is. Let’s hope it continues!” he concluded. Coyle will continue to compete throughout the Tryon Fall Series and will be one to watch in the $137,000 MD Barnmaster Grand Prix CSI 3* Saturday, which will be live streaming at Ward and Elke Maria M Win $1,000 Power & Speed Stake CSI 3*McLain Ward (USA) and Elke Maria M, the 2009 Dutch Warmblood mare (Cornet Obelensky x Carthago) belonging to Willem Greve Sportpaarden BV, stopped the timers in 23.02 seconds to earn top honors in the $1,000 Power & Speed Stake CSI 3* Wednesday at TIEC. Hunter Holloway (USA) and Pepita Con Spita, the Hays Investment Corp. entry and 2011 Westphalian mare (Con Spirit 7 x Come On), completed the speed phase in 23.585 seconds for reserve honors in the class of 50 entries, while Teddy Vlock (ISR) cleared the speed phase in 24.253 seconds to earn third with Charly Brown, the Vlock Show Stables-owned 2005 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Diamant de Semilly x Burggraaf).For full results from the $37,000 Horseware Ireland Welcome Stake CSI 3*, click here.For full results from the $37,000 EquiSafe Global Power & Speed Stake CSI 3*, click here.For full results from the $1,000 Power & Speed Stake CSI 3*, click here.Tryon Fall 5 continues through Sunday, October 18, with the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby kicking off Friday at 8:30am EST in the Grand Hunter Ring and followed by the $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3* at 12:30pm EST in Tryon Stadium. While all remaining 2020 competitions at TIEC are closed to spectators, highlight classes can be streamed live for free at Tags: McLain Ward, Erynn Ballard, Mario Deslauriers, Jordan Coyle, Picador, Contagious, Horseware Ireland Welcome Stake CSI 3*, Tryon International Equestrian Center and Resort, Email*last_img read more

Stemming losses, Hilton sets sights on office workers instead of tourists

first_img Message* Email Address* Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta (Getty; iStock)Hilton Worldwide Holdings is still bleeding cash, but its CEO is confident the troubles are just temporary.“We’ll see what happens with all of these crazy elections here in the U.S.,” Chris Nasetta said on the hotel giant’s third-quarter earnings call Wednesday. “Obviously, a lot going on in the world, a lot going on with the business.”But when it comes to Hilton’s future, Nassetta said he is feeling “really good about the progress” despite posting a net loss of $81 million for the quarter, a steep fall from $290 million a year earlier. The company’s total revenues are down more than 60 percent year-over-year to $933 million from about $2.4 billion in the third quarter of 2019.It’s an improvement from last quarter, when the company posted a net loss of $432 million and its revenues down 77 percent year over year.Read more“We’re not crying in our milk”: Hilton eyes new hotels despite $432M loss in Q2Some NYC hotels were struggling to make debt payments. Then came coronavirusBusiness at city hotels down a stunning 90% The optimism comes from Nassetta’s belief that a significant change in attitudes toward travel is around the corner.The CEO said he believes movement on a vaccine will be coming by the end of the year or early 2021, and once that and winter flu season is in the rearview mirror, “there’s a real opportunity for a step change.”Hilton is noticing a pick up in business travel, albeit not from the company’s traditional business traveller. Instead, the hotel company has begun experimenting with a new offering, namely office space.The pilot program, dubbed WorkSpaces by Hilton, where the company rents out hotel rooms as office space rolled out last month.“A lot of people aren’t back in offices, so they need to have places to congregate, to have meetings,” Nassetta said. “Particularly for people that need to get out of their house and need Wi-Fi and need some space and privacy.”Though Nassetta noted that the hotel-cum-office space is just temporary, he said it was a good stop-gap measure until typical demand for hotel rooms returns.“The trick is this isn’t going to last forever,” he admitted. “[But] when we get to the other side of this … we won’t have let those muscles atrophy.”Hilton is also continuing to construct and convert hotels into Hilton-branded properties. The company opened 133 hotels in the last quarter with a net growth of nearly 15,000 new rooms, or 4.7 percent.The company’s development pipeline totalled more than 408,000 rooms at the end of September, an 8 percent increase year-over-year. Nassetta said net unit growth for the entirety of 2020 could be as high as 5 percent.“The construction trades around the world, particularly here in the U.S., were ready to go,” said Nassetta. “Ninety-plus percent of what was under construction when we went into the crisis is back under construction.”System-wide revenue per available room was down 60 percent for the quarter at about $45 per night with occupancy hovering around 42.5 percent and an average daily rate of $105.87. The uptick compared to last quarter was thanks to a combination of loosening travel and operating restrictions, and an uptick in demand from leisure travellers in the U.S. and China, per Hilton.During the quarter, Hilton also brought back its furloughed corporate staff and plans on making other cost-cutting measures permanent until demand for events, business and leisure travel bounces back years from now. The company said 97 percent of its hotels were open as of Nov. 2.“I do believe in my heart of hearts that when we get to the other side of this, we’re a bigger, better, stronger, more efficient higher margin business,” Nassetta said.Contact Erin Hudsoncenter_img This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Now Full Name*last_img read more

Kamil Syprzak to FC Barcelona!

first_imgShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsThe Polish giant Kamil Syprzak will change colors in the next four years! The 24 years old line-player of Orlen Wisla Plock will join the Spanish champions from the next summer. Syprzak playing fantastic season in “Oilers” T-shirt with 41 goals in the VELUX EHF Champions League, but he also was an important member of the Polish squad who won the bronze medal at Qatar 2015. Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ShareTweetShareShareEmail Piotr 24. March 2015. at 07:28 1 Comment center_img Related Items: 1 Comment The club f…..up. They didn’t get any transfer. Nice and professional as always in Plock.last_img read more

Serbia sack Saša Bošković!

first_imgShareTweetShareShareEmail Norwegian shocked with Bosković unsportsmanlike act (VIDEO) ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsSerbia girls are now looking for a new coach after many troubles in the last 12 months since best players like Andrea Lekić, Dragana Cvijić, Sanja Damnjanović and Katarina Tomašević decided to leave national team because coach Saša Bošković. After four and a half year on the bench of the national team, Serbian Handball Federation didn’t accept Bošković’s report from the last World Championship 2015 in Denmark, where Serbian girls finished on 15th place.Bošković overtook national team in Autumn 2011, with amazing luck to have two Championships in a row on home soil – EURO 2012 and WCh 2013, when Serbia won silver medal behind Brazil.However, problems began at EHF EURO 2014 in Croatia, when Serbia ended competition after Preliminary Round. The best players showed deprecation with the work of existing coach, what was just begining of the big crisis.SHF management still looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, the assistant coach Zivojin Maksic and other part of Boskovic’s coaching staff will continue to lead the team in qualifications for the European Championship in Sweden next December. Recommended for you Click to commentcenter_img Serbian coach Bošković before Netherlands: I would rather play with Sweden… Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Related Items:Saša Boškovićlast_img read more

EuropeAid resorts to Bali

first_imgEyebrows were raised when Bali was named as the venue of the regional meeting of heads of delegations in Asia with Koos Richelle, director-general of the EuropeAid Co-operation Office.The normally cost-conscious Asia director Erich Muller, a Dane, rather than arrange a trip to see work done on post-tsunami reconstruction chose instead to meet in Bali, far from any of the Commission’s Asian offices. Then, thanks to the cartoons of Muhammad controversy, Denmark’s foreign office warned citizens that their safety could not be guaranteed in Indonesia. Muller took a risk and the meeting passed off without mishap.last_img read more

Bubba Wallace ignites early wreck at Talladega that collects five others

first_imgBubba Wallace started a six-car wreck on Lap 10 of Sunday’s GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway when his No. 43 Chevrolet got loose in Turn 1 while he was working with the No. 12 Ford driven by Ryan Blaney.Wallace’s car wobbled after getting close to Blaney and made contact with the No. 11 of Denny Hamlin. Then, Wallace’s car moved up the track and slammed hard into the No. 34 Front Row Motorsports Ford, driven by Michael McDowell.“It was just unfortunate. I was trying not to wreck my buddy Ryan and cost us and some others, so I apologize,” Wallace told FOX. “We were fast. I was just trying to ride and not wreck somebody, and I wrecked myself.”RELATED: Race leaderboardFarther back in the field, Clint Bowyer, in the No. 14 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford, Kevin Harvick, in the No. 4 SHR Ford, and Matt Tifft, in the No. 36 Front Row Motorsports Ford, also were involved. The Nos. 4, 34, 36 and 43 were all ruled out of the race while the No. 11 stayed in. The No. 11 later left the race during Stage 2.“I am not really sure what happened,” McDowell said. “I didn’t see a lot of it. Looked like the 43 was being real aggressive and making stupid moves at the beginning of the race.”last_img read more

Sting of missing playoffs motivates Johnson

first_imgLAS VEGAS – Cat Stevens was right and so was Sheryl Crow: The first cut is the deepest.That’s the case for Jimmie Johnson, as feelings from missing the first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs of his career sink in. The 10-race, 16-driver party didn’t have room on the invitation list for the seven-time champion.RELATED: Las Vegas schedule | Las Vegas lineupAs Johnson continues to rebuild the No. 48 Hendrick Motorsports team alongside crew chief Cliff Daniels, the goals are set, the vision is clear and confidence is through the roof.But that doesn’t stop the sting.“There’s tons of excitement and optimism around that, but seeing everybody partying over there on the Strip, doing burnouts and everything, all the guys that made the playoffs, that hurt,” Johnson said. “There’s no way around it.”The fact it’s painful to watch his competitors compete for a title without him proves the fire still burns bright. Of course, Johnson is not done yet. He just has to wait another year to fight for a record-setting eighth championship.“I want to be a part of all that, and I should be,” Johnson said. “So, as I kind of analyze that, I’m glad it hurts. If it didn’t hurt, I think there’d be a problem.”Adding insult to injury, all three of Johnson’s teammates are postseason bound, as Chase Elliott, Alex Bowman and William Byron get ready to fight for a championship beginning with Sunday night’s NASCAR Playoffs opener at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (7 p.m. ET, NBCSN/NBC Sports App, PRN, SiriuxXM NASCAR Radio).“I even said to my teammates in our debriefs on Tuesday congratulations and take advantage of this opportunity that you have,” Johnson said. “I’d do anything to be in your position to have a shot at an eighth championship right now.”RELATED: Byron is hot at right time | Fantasy picks, sleepersDisappointment aside, Elliott thinks Johnson will be an asset for all three teams over the next 10 weeks given the experience he carries.“I’m going to lean on him,” Elliott said. “I try to lean on him as much as I can. I wish I was racing him to be a part of it as well, but I know how the kind of guy he is and the reason he’s a seven-time champion is because of the attitude he carries and I know he’s going to find the silver lining in it somewhere.“I know that’s hard to find and it may not be this week and it may not be next week, but I know he’s going to find it at some point, and I expect he’ll come back stronger.”last_img read more