Incidents and action, but Lewis won again, this time at Mugello

first_imgWorld champion Lewis Hamilton won his 6th victory of the season, triumphing in the crash-filled Grand Prix of Tuscany at Mugello.The race was interrupted twice due to various incidents, and in the end the joy was again for the Briton, who with 90 triumphs in his career is now only one success away from the record of Michael Schumacher. Valteri Botas with the other Mercedes remained second, definitely not giving a big fight to Lewis, while Alex Alban with Red Bull reached his first podium in his career, finishing third.In the 0001000 race in history, Ferrari again disappointed, lacking speed and ultimately having to settle for 9th and 10th place.At the start, Lewis Hamilton slowed down and Valteri Botas slipped out in front of him. After that, the Briton was attacked by the pilots behind him, but managed to keep the second place. However, an incident occurred in which Max Verstappen ended up in the gravel after he also started badly and dropped in the middle of the standings, where he was hit and eventually dropped out.Monza winner Pierre Gasley was also sent to the wall after being sandwiched and the race ended. Carlos Sainz spun and that meant problems for Sebastian Vettel, who had to go through the box to change the front wing. Charles Leclerc came out third, with the drivers making several laps behind a safety car.Immediately after the restart, Botas remained in the lead, but in the back of his column there was an accident in which Antonio Giovinazzi collided with Kevin Magnussen, and then Carlos Sainz and Nicola Latifi also dropped out, which meant a red flag and suspension of the race. The reason for what happened was probably that the cars behind saw the green lights and accelerated, while Botas did so at the last possible moment and at the time of the accident had not yet fully accelerated.The break lasted about half an hour before the restart, as the leaders of Mercedes bet on new medium tires, while those behind them, except Russell and Raikkonen, were soft. This time Hamilton started better and managed to take the lead from the outside, despite suspicions that Botas may have been instructed to let him go, as he did not show any aggression.Leclerc remained third, while Alex Alban dropped to 7th position, ahead of Stroll, Perez and Ricardo, who, however, after a few rounds overcame the Mexican and came out 5th. Stroll pressed Leclerc, and Hamilton was about 1.5 seconds ahead of Botas in the lead.In the 18th lap, Stroll was expected to come out third, after Ferrari definitely did not have enough speed. Danny Ricardo also used this and took the fourth position, and soon Alex Alban overtook Leclerc, after previously dealing with Perez, who also passed the Scuderia driver. Charles went through the pits and came back last.In the forehead, Hamilton opened more than 5 seconds ahead of Botas, who asked his team to get a different mixture from Lewis when changing tires, which was really curious. The battle for third place, however, was extremely interesting.Valteri began to lose pace and logically entered for a change in the 32nd lap, getting a hard and came back third behind Stroll, who had not yet stopped. Hamilton responded immediately on the next lap with no problems and also got a hard drive. After Strol and Alban entered boxing, Danny Ricardo came out third.Leckler did a new box and put a medium after the hard tires, returning 11th. Mercedes informed their pilots to stay away from the curbs and guard the tires.This led to the 43rd lap, in which Lance Stroll burst a tire and flew off the track and crashed quite hard, leading to a new safe. Botas reacted immediately and put on medium tires until Hamilton was able to enter as he had passed the entrance to the box. However, Lewis changed his tires in the next round and remained the leader. The other pilots also went through the pit, but the race was stopped again as Stroll’s car caught fire and the marshals slowed down as they moved off the track.There was a new break of about twenty minutes, after which a new start with tires for everyone, in which Hamilton started strong and remained in first place, while Ricardo overtook Botas, but in the next round Valteri regained his place behind Lewis.Backwards, Alex Alban overtook Danny Ricardo for third place and deprived Renault of the podium, then chased Botas. However, there was no way to attack him. At the bottom, the 11th Russell pressed Sebastian Vettel, but failed to reach the first point of his career.Daniel Ricardo finished behind Alban in the excellent 4th place for Renault, followed by Sergio Perez with Racing Point, Lando Norris with McLaren, Danny Quiat with Alpha Tauri, Kimi Raikkonen with Alfa Romeo and the Ferrari drivers.Hamilton already has 190 points in the standings and continues to have a comfortable lead over Botas, who is 135. Max Verstappen is left with 110.last_img read more