Scientists Find Owner of USB Stick Found in Frozen Seal Poo

first_imgStay on target New Zealand scientists have identified the owner of a random USB stick that was recently discovered in frozen seal poop.On Feb. 5, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), announced that they found the USB stick in a seal poo sample, which still worked and contained sea lion footage. Amanda Nally, a seal enthusiast who was watching news on the weird discovery, immediately recognized the pictures and videos as her own and realized that the USB stick belonged to her, TIME reported.After a global search for the mystery owner of the usb memory stick that ended up in a #leopardseal poo sample being studied by @niwa_nz scientists – we can reveal the owner was close to home!— NIWA (@niwa_nz) February 7, 2019Before she lost the USB stick, Nally reported a troubled seal to NIWA’s leopard seal hotline. She spotted the animal on Oreti Beach in New Zealand, and it appeared to be thin and potentially sick. A vet was sent to check the animal and Nally told the vet that the seal’s poop should be sent to the NIWA for testing.Coincidentally, Nally didn’t know that the seal’s poo, which contained bird parts, hid her USB stick that went missing on her trip. NIWA representatives said it’s likely that a bird had consumed Nally’s USB stick, and then, the leopard seal ate the bird, which caused the USB stick to be concealed in the seal’s feces.NIWA is searching for the owner of a USB stick found in the poo of a leopard seal…Recognise this video? Scientists analysing the scat of leopard seals have come across an unexpected discovery – a USB stick full of photos & still in working order!— NIWA (@niwa_nz) February 5, 2019“How the USB stick got in the seal poo remains a quandary – the scientists who unfroze the sample are adamant it was too enmeshed to have simply been dropped in it as it were,” Nally told Metro. “It was surrounded by feathers and small bird bones, so they thought it may have been accidentally dropped by me, then picked up by a seabird, which was in turn eaten by a leopard seal, which was then found by me.”Nally’s reunion was a lucky one, yet more research will need to be conducted on how tech objects, such as USB sticks, could end up in marine animal poop.More on Zealand Scientists Find Random USB Stick in Frozen Seal PooPenguin Poo Images From NASA Reveal Antarctic Ecosystem ChangesScientists to Study Whale Poo’s Impact on Biodiversity Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ last_img read more