One world one family – In times of corona

first_imgHuman life is precious If you can’t contribute to it, at least stop making fun of it. One look at the social media and you will find what I mean by the above statement. Of course, humour is a form of self-motivation but there is a cost attached to it when used in inappropriate situations.The current coronavirus crisis is such a situation, where the time is for serious decisions and actions. Making fun of the same is not the right way to handle it. No government wants its citizens to die due to their inefficiency but it does happen. Italy has supposed to have the best health care system in the world but today they are incomplete lockdown and have the dubious distinction of more death outside china due to the virus. The reason for it may be that, they didn’t know or was aware of the spread of the virus. It could be because many early carriers of the virus try to hide it and exposed it to others inadvertently. By the time the government machinery was in full action mode, the virus was spread all across the country forcing 60 odd million people to live under quarantine in their own homes.Most other countries did take note of the situation and swing into action mode very early so that the virus onslaught was contained to a great extent. The actions taken by Asian and middle east countries except for a few have shown remarkable results in containing the virus till now. But again, it could be the calm before the storm and all we can hope is that the calm prevails and the storm blows over. The same cant be said about many of the European countries and irrespective of their developed nation’s status the ability to contain the spread of the virus is highly questionable. The delayed actions by respective governments and the easy access for people to travel all across Europe made the spreading much faster.The idea of forming a formidable economic power was the basis of the formation of the European Union and no one ever thought that the same idea will also get them into forming a cohesive atmosphere for an epidemic to become a pandemic. Today Europe has become the epicentre for the coronavirus as per WHO and that dubious distinction was moved from china which is now in the final stages of containing the virus outbreak. They have reported only a handful of new cases as well as deaths in the last few days.The irony of today is that china now ready to export its assistance and expertise to other nations all across the world to contain the virus. I do hope they do it and it is without any cost implications to all the nations since it was their delayed action which made sure an outbreak in one of the provinces has become a pandemic today claiming the lives of thousands all around the globe. At least they have followed the principle of practice before preach and that for once is something we should appreciate.Global boundaries are disappearing and even though it is for the common good of the people, it also contributes to many a situation that otherwise would have been avoided. I am saying here that one world one family is an option but it could be something we should put our thought into before investing our efforts into it. Every nation has it’s on inherent strength and the way they handle the situations depends upon the behavioural patterns of their citizens. The way Chinese behaves won’t be the way Europeans or the Americans behave nor will be the way Indians behave to a specific situation.Let’s not compare today who is doing what and which is the best way to stop the virus from spreading. Let’s give the respective governments to do their part in putting up plans and actions to stop the virus. All we can do is to support the government in their actions and listen to the directions and adhere to it.last_img read more

Swire orders second windfarm installation vessel

first_imgThe new vessel, Pacific Osprey, will be the same specification as Pacific Orca, currently under construction atSamsung and delivering in 2012. Pacific Osprey is scheduled to arrive in Europe in early 2013 and will be used for the installation of wind turbine generators for Dan Tysk Offshore Wind in the German North Sea. Pacific Orca, which was originally contracted by the Dan Tysk project, will be committed to another European project. The re-allocation of Pacific Orca and Pacific Osprey between projects provides the parties with a better alignment between the delivery dates of the vessels and the commencement of their initial contracts, says Swire.The Swire Blue Ocean windfarm installation vessel design focuses on safety, efficiency and reliability and will provide customers with a significantly improved operating weather window, claims swire. The advanced specification features a usable deck area in excess of 4,000 sq m, DP 2 station keeping, a 1200 tonne capacity crane, a total jackable weight of 8,400 tonnes and a transit speed of 13 knots. The vessel is well suited for the installation of both wind turbines and foundations.”Exercising the option to build our second Windfarm Installation Vessel is an important milestone for the company and underlines our commitment to the offshore wind industry”, Lars Blicher, general manager and director of Swire Blue Ocean, commented. “The industry, quite rightly, has high expectations of the levels of safety, efficiency and operating performance required from vessel owners as it moves towards increasingly challenging projects. We are fully focused on ensuring these objectives are met.” For more information, please contact Swire Blue Ocean A/S in Denmark, tel +45 7026 3133 – attention Ms Rikke V. Stoltz, Business Development Manager & Director, email [email protected] or visitwww.swireblueocean.comlast_img read more