The industry is still “developing games in a bubble”

first_img A year ago When is “nice quiet village by the sea” simulator coming out?I feel like we’re learning the wrong lessons. Tutorials and controls are solveable. The problem is there’s only a narrow range of subjects devs seem interested in covering. A year ago The same BS just to get noticed hoping it will generate some traffic/news for his upcoming new game.. We’ve heard these things so many times before, it’s nothing new, and he also won’t change it with his new game.. 2Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyStephane V IT 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyAlex Barnfield Lead Engineer, 17-BITA year ago Not every game can be accessible to new gamers; and it’s not every single games responsibility to be a stepping on point. It’d be a really interesting thing for platform holders to tackle though.Resident Evil 6 is not a fair example as it was criticized for these things at the time (and is the worst regarded of the main range for this reason).I do think the industry is living in a bubble, and that’s why indie has gotten so big. You don’t see indie films making headlines, but now if you want some variety in games you have to step into indie because decades of experience have said that certain things don’t sell. And unlike the film industry the games industry hasn’t learned to view tastes as something which cycle rather than unaltering absolutes. 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replySign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now. 1Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyKim Soares CEO, Kukouri Mobile EntertainmentA year ago ”all our gameplay comes out of your exploration of a 3D environment. ”I’m sorry, what? Maybe he had hard time coming up with a subject for his session. Because he does not seem to know what he is talking about at all.center_img The industry is still “developing games in a bubble”FlavourWorks’ Jack Attridge says Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer videos are proof of how inaccessible games have becomeJames BatchelorEditor-in-ChiefFriday 12th July 2019Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareVideo game developers have become too accustomed to serving the same audience, and do little to help newcomers learn even the most basic conventions to play them.That’s according to Jack Attridge, founder of FlavourWorks and former 22Cans designer, who discussed the origins of his upcoming interactive live action thriller Erica at Develop:Brighton 2019.When trying to work out what FlavourWorks’ first project would be, Attridge starting thinking “from the very foundations of what it takes for a video game to be made” — which, for him, meant starting with the default interface for Unity. When you start a game project, you’re presented with a 3D cube in a grey void.Jack Attridge, FlavourWorks”Usually when you’re looking at this cube in a 3D room, you’re like ‘What do I do this cube?'” said Attridge. “Does it become a character? Is a human? Is a tank or a car? And you end up first exploring how this cube exists and moves around a 3D space.”The result of that is 99% of games end up being about traversal, which is really weird because it means all our challenge, all our gameplay comes out of your exploration of a 3D environment. That’s really funny because we don’t really think about that in the real world. We don’t think about how complicated it is to walk up to a door and open it — that’s second nature for us. So it’s weird that this is the reason why so many of our games about running, jumping, shooting.”This made him think about how games are traditionally about external conflicts, but when you look at film, TV, books and theatre, they’re generally about internal conflicts. If you don’t focus on moving something around in a 3D space, you have to start thinking about finding new gameplay outside of traversal — something FlavourWorks was keen to explore. What really opened his eyes, however, was watching Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment. Attridge saw a video of the US TV host trying to play Resident Evil 6 and started to recognise how the industry “has been developing games in a bubble.””We’re all developing for the same audience,” he said. “There’s this weird thing where you almost need an education to play video games because there are loads of conventions we’ve built upon for 10, 20, 30 years. Nowadays, we don’t even tutorialise people about how to use both sticks on the controller — we just assume they’re used to these conventions.”Without that education, O’Brien was “seeing all these really interesting things that we’ve taken for granted.” In the clip, the presenter bumped repeatedly into another character without provoking any reaction and mocked the fact that the “cool guy with the gun [was] blocked by a small folding chair.”Attridge, and almost every other player, didn’t have that issue with Resident Evil 6 but it showed the sort of thing we have become used to, both as developers and gamers. For developers, if they want to channel players down a certain path, they often place immovable obstacles like the aforementioned chairs to block other avenues.”But someone else who’s not used to those restrictions immediately finds it kind of weird.””Nowadays, we don’t even tutorialise people about how to use both sticks on the controller — we just assume they’re used to them” Another example is games’ use of doors, where some can be opened and access other areas, but others might be painted or locked to give the illusion of a world beyond the immediate area but are actually just part of the wall.Attridge went on to use his mother as an example of the different motivations for playing games. He tried to get her to play Godus, the god sim he co-designed with Peter Molyneux. While the game tries to steer players to grow their population, Mrs. Attridge “didn’t care about that goal.””For her, she just wanted to have this nice quiet village by the sea. All of her emotional drives were at conflict with what the game wanted her to do.” Most players accept that a game will present you with challenges that it is expects them to solve, and they obey. But for someone who doesn’t approach tasks like that, it can be a very different experience.Another interesting point was the association some people make with CGI characters. Outside of games, the majority of CGI is reserved for family films — you rarely see a Hollywood CGI film telling mature, adult stories. But again, players are used to this look because “that’s the aesthetic of video games.”This led to insight as to why FlavourWorks has opted for live action when developing its debut title.”We spend millions of dollars trying to render something close to the human face, and sometimes they look absolutely gorgeous,” said Attridge. “But with film, all you do is point the camera at an actor and you get all this nuance for free. We just can’t replicate that.”Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games With Erica, FlavourWorks’ solution to overcoming that need for an education in games conventions was to use “intuitive input and film language.” The game is structured much like a film, albeit one where the audience can interact with what’s happening on the screen throughout. And that interaction uses the studio’s proprietary touch-based technology, meaning players can control the game with either the PS4 touchpad or, more likely, a smartphone (Erica is part of Sony’s PlayLink series).Later in the talk, Attridge demonstrated the opening for Erica: a Zippo lighter appears on the screen. With no instructions, players soon work out they can draw their finger across the phone to flip the lid in real time, moving it back and forth as they see fit, before flicking down the mechanism that lights it. The flame appears, and the game begins.Following his mother’s experience with Godus, Attridge says the game will geared more towards “emotional drive than skill,” relying on engaging the player with a compelling character and story that allows them to choose how they want to is a media partner for Develop:Brighton 2019 and attended with the assistance of the organisers.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of in your inbox. 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Last edit by Alex Barnfield on 15th July 2019 12:42pm 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyShow all comments (6)James Coote Independent Game Developer 0Sign inorRegisterto rate and replyKim Soares CEO, Kukouri Mobile EntertainmentA year ago Same as any new hobby. If I would start, say motocross for example, I would have no idea about the rules, equipment, fixing the bike etc. But that doesn’t mean motocross would be in a bubble. So, completely misplaced claim.last_img read more

EuropeAid resorts to Bali

first_imgEyebrows were raised when Bali was named as the venue of the regional meeting of heads of delegations in Asia with Koos Richelle, director-general of the EuropeAid Co-operation Office.The normally cost-conscious Asia director Erich Muller, a Dane, rather than arrange a trip to see work done on post-tsunami reconstruction chose instead to meet in Bali, far from any of the Commission’s Asian offices. Then, thanks to the cartoons of Muhammad controversy, Denmark’s foreign office warned citizens that their safety could not be guaranteed in Indonesia. Muller took a risk and the meeting passed off without mishap.last_img read more

Cigna must refund $2.3 million to Vermont customers

first_imgCIGNA Healthcare,by Alan Panebaker Cigna, a major health insurer of large businesses in Vermont, is on the hook for more than $2 million that it must return to its customers in the state under a provision of the federal health care law.According to numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 4,636 Vermonters will receive a rebate ‘averaging out to $506.04 a person (or $807 per family).The rebate is required under a section of the federal Affordable Care Act which requires insurance companies to spend at least 80 percent (or 85 percent in the large group market which is generally insurance through large employers) on medical care.If insurance companies do not meet this requirement, they have to refund the portion of the premium that exceeded the 20 or 15 percent limit on things like administrative expenses.Companies insuring Vermonters in the small group and individual markets met the requirement and did not have to refund any money to their customers.Cigna was the only insurance company that had to refund money to Vermonters. It covers the â large group’market of employers who employ 51 or more people. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Vermont had the highest average per-person rebate for that market.Steve Kimbell, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, said he was surprised to learn insurers in Vermont did not meet the requirement.BISHCA Commissioner Steve Kimbell. VTD file photo/Josh Larkinâ As far as I knew, all our major carriers were under [the threshold],’Kimbell said.The state regulators may not have been aware of the issue because it occurred in the large group market. Kimbell said the state regulates the individual and small group insurance markets more closely than the large groups because it requires â community rating’for those markets ‘requiring insurance companies to charge the same premiums for people regardless of how healthy or old they are.The larger groups use â experience rating’where insurance companies can charge a different rate for different people based on differences in their demographics, past health care utilization, medical status and other factors.Kimbell said the department was looking into what businesses this will affect.Nationwide, insurance companies in the large group market are required to return $386 million in rebates, which will go to employers who will in turn return the money to their employees.Anya Rader Wallack, chair of the Green Mountain Care Board, which oversees health care reform in the state, said the failure to meet the federally set ratio could be a result of people seeking less medical care.At the beginning of the year, insurance companies predict how much they will spend on medical care, so a decrease in utilization of health care, which the state has been seeing, could shift that balance to mean a higher percentage went to things other than medical care.â Itâ s a result of a carrier spending less than predicted on actual payments to providers,’Rader Wallack said. â To call it excess administrative expenses I guess is one way of looking at it. The way I look at it is predictions of actual health care expense were much lower than anticipated.âA spokeswoman for Cigna verified the amount owed to Vermonters was a little over $2.3 million. She said Thursday afternoon she was unsure why Cigna had failed to meet the federal requirement.The company must pay the rebate by August 1. Kimbell said it will affect 27 companies in Vermont. As of Thursday afternoon, the Department of Financial Regulation was looking into who those were. In a joint statement, Vermont’s congressional delegation, Senators Leahy andSanders and Representative Welch said, â Insurance premiums should go toward providing care to people who get sick. Thatâ s simply common sense.âNationwide, 12.8 million Americans will benefit from $1.1 billion in rebates under the 80/20 standard.  The medical loss ratio or 80/20 rule is a part of the controversial federal health care law which the US Supreme Court could strike down altogether next week.The court issued opinions Thursday morning, but the ruling on the Affordable Care Act was not one of them. Observers expect a decision by next Thursday.Twenty-six states challenged the constitutionality of the national health care law, arguing the law infringed upon states’rights and individual liberties. They contended the federal government could not compel citizens to purchase health insurance under what is called the â individual mandate.â  June 21, 2012 vtdigger.orglast_img read more

Win tickets to Snow White

first_imgA production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is being performed by the Stagecraft Drama Studio at the Artscape until Friday June 28, at 10.30am daily, except Sundays. The well-known children’s fairy tale, directed by Cheryl Abromowitz and Caryn Reznik, is recommended for children from two years and up. Children can dress up as a prince or princess on Saturday June 22 and stand a chance to win a lucky prize. Tickets cost R90 each with a10% discount for block bookings of 20 tickets or more. Book at Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-Seat on 021 421 7695.last_img read more

Dalam Kondisi Berkabut, Penggunaan ILS Bukan Jaminan Penerbangan Bakal Lebih Efisien

first_imgMengutip dari laman, penerbangan kala itu banyak yang mengalami penundaan dan ratusan hingga ribuan penumpang terpaksa mengatur ulang jadwal penerbangan mereka – tidak sedikit juga yang memilih untuk membatalkannya. Di tengah era yang sudah serba canggih dan modern, mengapa pesawat masih bisa terdampak kabut asap atau bencana lain yang menurunkan visibilitas pilot dalam bertugas? Bukankah teknologi jaman sekarang sudah dilengkapi dengan sistem radar canggih, dimana pilot tidak melulu harus berpatokan pada apa yang dilihatnya melalui kaca depan pesawat?Sebagai informasi, bandara-bandara di Inggris baru akan memberlakukan prosedur khusus ketika jarak pandang berada di bawah angka 600 meter.Pada era penerbangan modern seperti sekarang ini, hampir semua pesawat penumpang dilengkapi dengan Instrument Landing System (ILS), dimana teknologi ini akan ‘membimbing’ para pilot untuk mendekati bandara dengan bantuan sinyal radio. Penggunaan ILS ini juga berfungsi ketika pesawat hendak tinggal landas.National Air Traffic Services bandara Heathrow, Jon Proudlove mengatakan bahwa instrumen ini memiliki sejumlah syarat yang harus dipenuhi agar dapat beroperasi secara optimal, salah satunya adalah, “kondisi landas pacu harus benar-benar jelas,”“Secanggih-canggihnya alat bantu pendaratan dan tinggal landas tersebut, namum tetap saja masalah utamanya terletak di darat,” ungkapJon menjelaskan bahwa jika kondisinya sedang normal, maka proses taxi dari sebuah pesawat di Heathrow akan mengandalkan pilot dan arahan dari petugas ATC. Namun ketika kondisinya tidak memungkinkan seperti halnya sedang tertutup kabut, maka pilot akan menggunakan teknologi ILS untuk membantunya bermanuver selama berada di darat.Baca Juga: Ini Alasan Kenapa Pesawat Dihimbau Tak Mengudara Saat Turun Kabut“Tapi taxi dengan menggunakan ILS sebenarnya malah memperlambat proses,” terang Jon.Walhasil, karena lambatnya proses taxi dari sebuah pesawat akan berdampak pada penundaan keberangkatan dari pesawat lainnya.Dari sini, dapat disimpulkan bahwa secanggih-canggihnya teknologi yang akan membantu suatu pekerjaan, maka akan tetap lebih aman dan tepat jika pengoperasiannya dilakukan oleh tenaga manusia – bukan bertumpu semuanya pada teknologi.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedTerkait Kabut Asap, Inilah Tiga Pedoman Bagi Pilot untuk Tetap atau Batal Terbang18/09/2019In “Domestik”Kualitas Udara Anjlok dan Jarak Pandang Minim, 32 Penerbangan di Bandara Delhi Terdampak04/11/2019In “Bandara”Gunakan CatIIIB, Bandara Perth dan Melbourne Jadi yang Paling Siap Hadapi Kabut Tebal25/09/2019In “Bandara” Sumber: Bencana kabut asap yang belakangan ini tengah ramai diperbincangkan tentu membawa dampaknya tersendiri. Selain membuat kesehatan warganya menjadi terganggu, ternyata kehadiran asap-asap hasil pembakaran hutan secara masif ini juga membawa imbas terhadap dunia transportasi. Sebut saja di sektor dirgantara yang turut terdampak – jarak pandang yang terbatas menjadi salah satu kunci dari dibatalkannya puluhan penerbangan di daerah Sumatera dan Kalimantan.Baca Juga: Terkait Kabut Asap, Inilah Tiga Pedoman Bagi Pilot untuk Tetap atau Batal TerbangJika ditimbang lebih jauh, ternyata bencana seperti kabut asap ini tidak hanya mengganggu ketika pesawat tengah berada di udara saja, melainkan ketika tengah di darat pun, sejumlah aktivitas yang seharusnya dijalankan secara normal juga jadi ikut dipertimbangkan. Tarik mundur ke tahun 2015 silam, tepatnya pada akhir tahun, dimana di Tanah Britania diterpa kabut tebal yang menyebabkan kelumpuhan pada sektor kedirgantaraannya.last_img read more

Samsung already poems about 6G. The new generation of networks…

first_imgFifth-generation mobile networks are being launched in the Czech Republic and around the world, so logically they have to think about what will come after them. The International Telecommunication Union should describe its vision of 6G next year, Samsung is already writing poems about it now.Koreans expect further jump from all features from 6G. Theoretical throughput should reach up to 1 Tb / s, twenty times today’s values. Latency is said to shift by an order of magnitude lower to 100 μs. Spectral and energy efficiency will double. Network reliability and capacity will increase tenfold.However, in order to achieve such values, it will be necessary to “tame” terahertz bands that have sufficient width. This requires completely new electronics and more complex antennas from different metamaterials. In addition, the signal will have to be experimented with so that it is not absorbed by oxygen and water molecules. The network of transmitters is becoming even thicker.According to Samsung, this will bring a number of benefits, but we can rather smile at it today. Higher speeds and lower latencies are designed to help next-generation virtual and augmented realities work with up to 16K images. It is said that detailed 3D holograms will normally be used. Thanks to a dense network of transmitters with direct visibility, navigation up to less than 1 cm will also be more precise.When should potential 6G networks come? Samsung estimates that if development goes smoothly, the first commercial use will be between 2028 and 2030.last_img read more