Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling How many reps did he get in practice this week?“Oh, he hasn’t gotten a rep in practice since he’s been here, of our offense, it’s all been scout team.”So what kind of challenge is that for a quarterback? To enter in that situation with zero reps?“It’s huge. You know, you have to have great preparation just like you’re gonna play and Ryan and Drew, they have been outstanding preparation quarterbacks. They feed off each other, make breakdown films, make films for each other. Our quarterback room is outstanding.”Let’s talk about that offensive line in front of him, 143 yards rushing? What was the key against that St. Louis front seven that had been wreaking havoc for many weeks?“We just blocked them. We got after them. I think they’ve been reading their press clippings way too much and, like I said, they didn’t get near our quarterback until that one time and we blocked them into running. Our runners ran well. They picked the sled and got into the holes and broke some tackles and Stepf was outstanding at the start of the game and Kerwynn did a nice job also.”How proud are you of Jared Veldheer, to do what he did on that ankle, two games in five days? Normally we post this on Monday, with a full day of quotes from Arizona Cardinals’ head coach Bruce Arians after a long Sunday of football. But with the Cardinals managing to win a grueling 12-6 Thursday night matchup against the St. Louis Rams, here’s a special Friday edition of All-Access, highlighting some of Arians’ most notable quotes from the gameday.Was that Arizona Cardinals football, what we just witnessed out there, a 12-6 win on the road on Thursday night? “Well if he doesn’t go to the Pro Bowl, there’s really a crime in this league because he’s playing at a high level. He has been all year, but to gut it up and play on that ankle, to shut out the guys he’s shut out in the last two weeks, outstanding, that’s Pro Bowl stuff.”How concerned were you by this whole Thursday night dynamic, going on the road? Because records say that teams are way under .500 this season, road teams on Thursday night.“I was more worried about the Cardinals not winning since 1945, or whatever the hell that was, and so we’re about putting all those things to bed and put to rest. This team is kind of special. It’s a very unique football team and it’s got a lot of spirit.”Was your defense fired up by all those press clippings and all the accolades the St. Louis defense had been getting recently?“Oh, I don’t think there’s any doubt. These guys have got a lot of pride and they act like they were 12-1 or 12-2 the way they were crowing all week and so I think our guys were more than ready.”Frostee Rucker, let me ask you about Frostee Rucker, does he epitomize Arizona Cardinal football here in 2014? He’s still in his uniform right behind you right now. The last two games he’s had have been spectacular. “He’s an ultimate pro. That’s the highest compliment I can give a player, to be an ultimate pro, and Frostee’s the most prepared. He gives it every single thing he has on every single play and it’s always perfect technique and in the right spot at the right time because he’s trustworthy.”What can you tell us about offensive gameplan real quick? It seemed at times you tried to spread them out. Was that one of your focal points?“Oh yeah, we’re gonna go empty every week and spread people out and put four and five receivers out there, see how they play us, you know, cause we do have talented receivers and we trust our offensive line. Some people say you’re putting your offensive line against the Rams in an empty set, they blocked them well, so, no that’s what we always do and we’re always going to continue to try to run the football in a different variety of ways.”What are you most proud? What’s most gratifying right now? 11 wins, first time the Cardinals have done that since they were the St. Louis Cardinals.“Well I’m just so proud of this locker room because this is truly a team. A team that truly cares about each other and will not, and just refuse to let the other guy down sitting in the locker room next to them.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories – / 46 Comments   Share   ErrorOK ErrorOK “At its best. At its finest. It’s probably the proudest I’ve ever been of a group of men, watching them compete in this ball game. Our defense came out and showed them what defense is really all about. I thought our offensive line was outstanding. What 140 years rushing or whatever it was. They really never got to Drew until Drew scrambled on the one and then got sacked, they were fantastic all night. And we were empty, we were everything, we didn’t pull anything back just because, I mean, this is an 11-3 team, that’s an 8-8 team at best.”Jeff Fisher came off the field at halftime and said, “We’ve got to run the football.” They didn’t run the football, did they?“Nobody runs the football on us. You can’t find a game, other than the Atlanta game where we didn’t show up, that anybody ran the football on us.”You’re doing it with a variety of guys, and I asked Jerraud (Powers) this, why does next man up work? Why is it more than a cliché here with this team?“I think because they truly believe, and they’ve seen it now. They’ve seen every guy and they trust everybody that dresses in this locker room is more than capable of going out and playing good football. No matter who it is and we’ve obviously had our show of going through the roster to the bottom, and every guy that’s gone in has played well. Really proud of Ryan Lindley.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more