Black Flannel brews up energy efficiency

first_imgVermont Business Magazine Chris Kesler and the Black Flannel Brewing Company(link is external) team are committed to starting a business that lives the team’s sustainable values(link is external). The team opened the brewery-distillery-brewpub at The Essex Experience(link is external) in early July 2020. They want to minimize the impact on the planet and commit to sustainability from day one. But economic sustainability is equally important. They want to create a business that can become a fixture of the community.Chief brewer Dan Sartwell watched his former employer, 14th(link is external) Star Brewing, save thousands of dollars each year through efficiency investments(link is external).“Brewing is an energy- and water-intensive process. If we commit to economic and environmental sustainability, we have to look at the energy we are using to make our beer.”The team reached out to Efficiency Vermont to understand how they could meet their twin sustainability goals. Efficiency Vermont brought in the VGS efficiency team(link is external) to look at how Black Flannel could also save on natural gas.Good beer needs a good chillerIn high quality beer making, the wort (the mix that will eventually turn into delicious beer) must be cooled from boiling before it can be fermented. One of the biggest energy users and operating expenses for a brewery is the chiller.  Brewery chillers are cooling units that utilize glycol to extract excess heat from a brewing process and dissipate it in a heat exchanger or refrigeration system. Typically, a chiller runs all day every day to keep the brewing process going. Many brewers use oversized, inefficient chiller systems that are based on rough sizing estimates to provide the cooling power necessary.We referred them to a few Vermont based suppliers of high efficiency chiller systems, and they chose a system designed by Huntington-based Dodge Engineering & Controls (DEI)(link is external). The model uses high-efficiency components and innovative controls to efficiently cool the beer. DEI’s detailed analysis revealed that Black Flannel could be served by a smaller system than they’d originally thought. The smaller chiller can even handle the brewery’s three walk-in coolers. Dick Soule Refrigeration, from Enosburg(link is external), integrated the chiller with the coolers to complete the highly efficient cooling system.Finally, to keep the team informed and accountable, they installed meters. With the meters they will be able to see the electric use and efficiency of the chiller system. This will help them identify maintenance issues quickly and share their findings with others in the brewing industry.All told, the new system is estimated to save Black Flannel $11,243/year in energy costs.Now we’re cooking with gasVGS(link is external) immediately saw an opportunity in the brewpub’s kitchen. They recommended a highly efficient kitchen hood with demand control ventilation(link is external). It only runs when particulates in the air reach a certain level, saving energy while maintaining air quality. VGS and Efficiency Vermont combined their incentives, since the hood will save on bothnatural gas and electricity. Together, Black Flannel offset more than 50% of the upfront cost of the new equipment.Other upgrades included efficient natural gas deep fryers that use 50-70% less fryer oil due to low idling energy. That also means less labor time spent cleaning and re-filling the fryers, and more time cooking tasty food. The fryers joined an efficient oven, broiler, prewash system and dish washers, and natural gas hot water heater to bring the whole kitchen to top-tier efficiency.“Black Flannel was engaged in this process from day one,” said Mike Gifford, Commercial Efficiency Innovation Lead at VGS. “They maximized their savings because they took the time to ask the right questions early and often. Following this model, we look forward to helping other breweries and restaurants do the same.”These efficiency investments will save Black Flannel over $9,600 on natural gas each year.Efficiency from the bottom upBlack Flannel’s business design has efficiency baked in. A distillery requires a lot of the same equipment and process as a brewery, for grain-based alcohols. By basing both out of the same business, Black Flannel only needed one system to create the mashes for the brewery and the distillery. This cuts their energy use for the processes in half.In fact, there’s not much about the equipment and processes the Black Flannel team invested in that isn’t efficient. Variable frequency drives (VFDs)(link is external) on their pumps will allow them to run only as much as needed. Dimmable(link is external) LED lights with motion-sensors(link is external) have been installed throughout the facility. They’ll turn on only when needed and provide welcoming light with LEDs that have a much longer lifespan than other lighting choices.Even the location supports the mission. Peter Edelman owns The Essex Experience. In 2018, he worked with Encore Renewable Energy to make the complex 100% solar powered.(link is external) He’s eager to help his tenants reduce their carbon footprint, including helping Black Flannel weatherize the business before they moved in.“Black Flannel will be one of the most energy efficient brewers and restaurants in the state,” said Pat Haller, Senior Energy Consultant at Efficiency Vermont. “That wouldn’t have happened without their engagement from day one and their willingness to work in collaboration to find innovative solutions at every level of their business.”In all, these improvements will help Black Flannel save almost $24,000 each year on energy costs.Ready for businessDue to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants, Black Flannel’s opening in July wasn’t exactly what they initially planned. They have more seating outdoors and space for social distancing. Their kitchen is focusing on take-out. They’ve also decided to can more beers than they had originally planned to.But Kesler, Sartwell, and the rest of the team were excited to turn the efficient machines on and put them to their intended use.“There are some really good breweries in Vermont. We plan to be among some of the best,” shares Kesler with a modest chuckle. “But we’re also aiming to create a unique experience for our customers to help them learn more about beer and the process of making it. I’m excited about sharing our passion and our love for brewing and tasting beer with other people.”Sartwell echoes the sentiment. “It’s going to be a really cool place to hang out and have a beer. I can’t wait to sit at the bar with all of our guests and enjoy talking beer with them.”Project Partners:VGS (South Burlington)The Essex Experience (Essex)Dodge Engineering and Controls, Inc (DEI) (Huntington)Dick Soule Refrigeration (Enosburg Falls)Nevtec LTD (Newport)Avonda Air Systems (South Burlington)Duncan Wisniewski Architecture (Burlington)Kittredge Restaurant Equipment (Williston)JA Morrissey, Inc. (Williston)Cummings Electric (South Burlington)PitcoJ&M FluidicsThis story originally appeared as a blog post on is external)last_img read more

Below The Radar: Derek Penfold Perloff takes no short cuts with Panther

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LSU gets a new logo… but I haven’t seen it talked about…

first_img Share this post 10 posts 643 posts St Louis Cardinals Sports Logo News GeauxColonels Link to post Members 0 1 lsu Share on other sites Dezgrola Posted September 19, 2013 lsu tigers SportsLogos.Net court BrianLion 7 1 Straight Cash Homie 700 LSU gets a new logo… but I haven’t seen it talked about… GeauxColonels tiger head 289 0 700 Posted September 19, 2013 GeauxColonels Why couldn’t they just have done something like this on the court:Easily the best midfield/midcourt logo/mark/design in sports. shark 25 Members 1,450 700 Straight Cash Homie Favourite Logos:New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Voodoo, Nicholls State Colonels 10 posts Posted September 19, 2013 Not sure if this is old news, but saw something that looked like a new logo on the Capital One mascot page that also shows in a small banner on the LSU Sports site. Does this look new to anyone else? (see upper left)Also incorporates the field logo from the last post.You’re referring to the Tiger Eye logo with the “LSU” wordmark below?Here is the new LSU Tiger Head logo. Nothing official from LSU, though, but it matches the new logo on the court. They touched up the helmet logo and made the logo symmetrical.If that isn’t it, it looks pretty close. Good find. Where did it come from? It’s probably done by Torch Creative… they have the new LeCostiger on their dribbble page, as well as this unused beauty: Share this post Link to post 700 Share this post Favourite Logos:New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Voodoo, Nicholls State Colonels Recommended Posts Location:Pennsylvania Share this post 1 Board Man + Young Trece THE CCSLC Nicholls St Colonels Fan 1 Share on other sites Share on other sites Favourite Logos:New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Voodoo, Nicholls State Colonels Share on other sites Share this post Members Share this post Link to post The Invisible GeauxColonels 2,000 289 Posted September 19, 2013 spam Not sure if this is old news, but saw something that looked like a new logo on the Capital One mascot page that also shows in a small banner on the LSU Sports site. Does this look new to anyone else? (see upper left)Also incorporates the field logo from the last post. kteam26 By Straight Cash Homie, September 19, 2013 in Sports Logo News 0 7 Share on other sites Location:Luling, LA Members 10 posts 700 4,356 26,359 posts Link to post Favourite Logos:*Devil Rays alternate cap logo, 1998*Red Sox cap logo*Chargers primary logo*Lake Elsinore Storm cap logo 428 posts 2,511 posts Straight Cash Homie 1 Share this post Share this post Location:Jacksonville, FL GeauxColonels THE CCSLC Nicholls St Colonels Fan Members 700 0 Link to post Members Members Lights Out Go To Topic Listing 2,983 posts Share this post 700 0 Share this post 0 GFB See the white tiger head at center court? It’s new. It has been mentioned in articles that it is an updated version of their previous tiger head logos.I haven’t seen the actual logo anywhere except for this picture on their new basketball court.Anybody here know anything else about it or have any actual pictures? Members Posted September 21, 2013 Sports Logos Posted September 19, 2013 Lights Out THE CCSLC Nicholls St Colonels Fan Posted September 20, 2013 Location:Luling, LA Share on other sites 9,471 posts JaxNoles Sign in to follow this   4,356 Link to post GeauxColonels Link to post Share this post Share this post shark 1 2 Posted September 28, 2013 Share this post Link to post Link to post Straight Cash Homie 11 posts 7,283 posts I tweeted @LSUSports last night to get more info on the new-ish logo and here’s the conversation:@kpetitjr “@LSUsports Is this is a completely new logo at mid-court. If so, when will we get a better look at it?”@LSUsports “@kpetitjr Logo on @LSUBasketball court is an adaptation of the @LSUfball helmet logo. Will appear in many places, incl. hoops uniforms.”Yeah, I’ve seen it on the new LSU basketball uniforms. But it is too small to actually see anything. Have a look… it’s on the shorts: 700 0 Followers 0 Sign in to follow this   Share on other sites 0 1,450 0 Share on other sites Posted September 19, 2013 289 Share on other sites Share on other sites Share this post 0 Link to post This topic is now closed to further replies. Members GeauxColonels Location:Luling, LA 25 1 Share on other sites GFB All Activity Posted September 20, 2013 Straight Cash Homie Share on other sites Members Sports Logo News 4,356 9,471 posts SportsLogos.Net 9,471 posts 0 700 0 Members Members 7 1 Share on other sites that might just be a generic tiger head for the court, The only new logo they’ve trademarked recently that I’ve seen is this: Link to post 700 Share on other sites 1 LSU gets a new logo… but I haven’t seen it talked about… Looks like they took this logo:…and flipped half of it to make it symmetrical. could it also be on the collar? if not what logo is that? It’s more polished than that logo.It was mentioned previously in one of the 2 college basketball threads. But until we get a better look at it, we don’t know fully what it looks like.It’s probably done by Torch Creative… they have the new LeCostiger on their dribbble page, as well as this unused beauty:The article on that accompanied the picture notes that the tiger head at mid-court was created internally. Forums Home Dezgrola Share on other sites 0 9,471 posts Sports Logos Members 2 0 jstraper Link to post Link to post Link to post jstraper Link to post 15 2 LSU gets a new logo… but I haven’t seen it talked about… Posted October 9, 2013 logo St Louis Cardinals GeauxColonels 0 Here is the new LSU Tiger Head logo. Nothing official from LSU, though, but it matches the new logo on the court. They touched up the helmet logo and made the logo symmetrical. Followers 0 700 Favourite Logos:New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Voodoo, Nicholls State Colonels 0 15 Straight Cash Homie 0 THE CCSLC Nicholls St Colonels Fan BrianLion 24 posts Location:Luling, LA 0 Posted October 10, 2013 1,450 Members Members Posted September 20, 2013 2,000 basketball toonces JaxNoles Posted September 19, 2013 1 15 that might just be a generic tiger head for the court, The only new logo they’ve trademarked recently that I’ve seen is this:””The design of this logo and the court was a collaboration of our staff, coaches and our administration,” LSU Senior Associate Athletic Director Eddie Nunez said in a statement. “Our goal from the beginning was to give the court a reenergized look and to showcase the LSU brand with the new Tiger head logo.” Members Posted October 10, 2013 2 posts 700 25 2,000 kteam26 All Activity Posted September 19, 2013 that might just be a generic tiger head for the court, The only new logo they’ve trademarked recently that I’ve seen is this:Kinda reminds me of Clemson’s tiger Share this post I tweeted @LSUSports last night to get more info on the new-ish logo and here’s the conversation:@kpetitjr “@LSUsports Is this is a completely new logo at mid-court. If so, when will we get a better look at it?”@LSUsports “@kpetitjr Logo on @LSUBasketball court is an adaptation of the @LSUfball helmet logo. Will appear in many places, incl. hoops uniforms.” Link to post Forums Home Share on other sites Isn’t the collar just a silver shield or circle with the “LSU” logo inside? Share this postlast_img read more

Our African bonds defy borders

first_imgThe South Africa where foreigners fear for their lives is not the South Africa envisioned by Nelson Mandela and the Freedom Charter, writes Thebe Ikalafeng.Leaders from faith-based organisations, trade unions, NGOs and corporate South Africa joined ordinary citizens to protest against xenophobia during a people’s march in Newtown, Johannesburg, on 23 April 2015. (Image: GCIS) Thebe IkalafengReflecting on the moment on 11 February 1990 when his 27 years of incarceration ended and he walked toward the promise of a new South Africa, Nelson Mandela once recalled: “I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” His freedom heralded the opportunity of a new start for the pariah nation.Unsurprisingly, after being issued with his first South African passport eight days after his release, he began a global thanks-giving tour of countries that had supported the anti-apartheid struggle, starting with African states, including Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ethiopia.Many of these nations’ leaders, such as Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, sacrificed the welfare of their states to invest in the struggle for South Africa’s freedom.As President Jacob Zuma reminded us at a briefing at the ANC headquarters, Luthuli House, these nations paid more than lip service to the struggle, providing anti-apartheid cadres with weapons, transporting them across borders at great risk to themselves and accommodating exiles in their homes and communities.Mandela’s remarks at his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of the new Republic of South Africa summed up the mood of the new nation: “Few of us could suppress the welling of emotion as we were reminded of the terrible past from which we come as a nation; the great possibilities that we now have and the bright future that beckons us.”Over the next decade or so the hopeful republic, “alive with possibility”, as Brand South Africa defined it, became an example of how to reimagine a nation.The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, established in 1996 “to enable South Africans to come to terms with their past on a morally accepted basis and to advance the cause of reconciliation”, as the late Dullah Omar, former minister of justice described it, became a universal inspiration and foundation for a forgiving post-apartheid South Africa and for other nations dealing with conflict and reconciliation.On 8 May 1996, when then-deputy president Thabo Mbeki launched the new constitution, a document drafted by an assembly representing all political parties and liberation organisations, he put it in the broader African context, saying: “I am an African.”This symbolised not merely the constitutional foundations of a new South Africa but its identification with all of Africa.The fall of the last colonial outpost was the realisation of the hope expressed by Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana when his country gained independence: “Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent.”Therefore the xenophobic – or rather, Afrophobic – attacks on the eve of the 21st anniversary of the new republic, in which at least seven fellow Africans have died, 5 000 people have been left homeless and foreign-owned shops have been looted, are unexpected of a nation that owes so much to the rest of the continent.They were a brutal attack on the foundation of a nation built on “unity through diversity” and Ubuntu – the universal African principle of mutual humanity: “I am because you are.”As Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu put it: “Our rainbow nation that so filled the world with hope is being reduced to a grubby shadow of itself. The fabric of the nation is splitting.”While much has been done to deliver a promised better life for all, with unprecedented access to basic services, many “reasons” have been postulated for this shocking turn of events: an unacceptably high unemployment rate, estimated to be more than 30%, and the widening gulf between the haves and have-nots that has given South Africa a Gini coefficient of 65.0, placing it among the most unequal nations in the world.About 20% of the population live below the food poverty line – a figure that has decreased from 45.5% in 2011, according to Statistics South Africa – and a staggering 14.6-million (compared with 2.4-million in 1996) depend on state social welfare. Sluggish economic growth threatens the state’s ability to deliver on its 2030 National Development Plan (NDP) to create jobs and reduce poverty and inequality.The most prominent of the arguments in the debate on xenophobia is that the impressive progress South Africa has achieved since the dawn of democracy has made it a beacon of hope for a better Africa, and a refuge for many across sub-Sahara searching for a better life.The perpetrators of xenophobic violence argue that the foreigners are the reason for South Africa’s inability to overcome the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.However “rational” these arguments may sound, this is certainly not the way to deal with them. Perhaps, as Zuma said at the briefing, there has been a failure by the leadership to explain to the broader majority that while the armed struggle was a necessary but last resort to force the end of apartheid, it was not the way to resolve problems.Xenophobia and violence against foreigners are not consistent with the South Africa envisioned in the Freedom Charter at the Congress of the People, Kliptown, on 26 June 1955.They are not consistent with Mandela’s dream, which he expressed on 20 April 1964 at the Rivonia Trial, of “a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities”.The potential damage to the country is incalculable. It has the real effect of affecting the country in four critical areas: trade, tourism, international relations and citizenship, and its ability to deliver the NDP vision to create jobs and reduce poverty and inequality.As Africa’s leading beneficiary of foreign direct investment, according to Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel, South Africa sells R260-billion in goods to other African countries, supporting more than 160 000 jobs.Leading South African businesses such as MTN and Shoprite have invested widely in Africa. MTN has more than 215-million subscribers across its 22 markets in Africa and the Middle East, and international operations account for 74% of its turnover.Shoprite has about 1 400 corporate and franchise outlets in 16 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.It is reported that Sasol has had to repatriate more than 300 employees from Mozambique in fear of retaliation for the violence against foreigners.Of the 9.6-million tourists last year, 70% were from the rest of Africa. According to Statistics South Africa, direct tourism contributes about 3% of gross domestic product and more than 600 000 direct jobs, amounting to about 4.6% of direct employment in the country.Post-apartheid South Africa is the most welcome and represented nation internationally, with representation in 282 states, including 47 of the 54 African countries, second only to the US. Reciprocally, there are 309 foreign representations in South Africa.Threats against South African businesses and people and the temporary closure of South Africa’s foreign missions in such leading African countries as Nigeria and Ghana have compromised South Africa’s relations with her fellow African states.What is of particular concern is that while, broadly, these attacks have been portrayed as xenophobic, the most visible victims have been fellow Africans, with countries such as Malawi and Zimbabwe repatriating displaced and traumatised citizens.The reaction to foreign individuals who have taken their “better life” has cast a negative light on South Africans’ identification with their fellow Africans. There is now a perceived lack of gratitude for the selfless sacrifice made during the apartheid years.The universal condemnation of these attacks by the majority of South Africans, their call for peaceful coexistence and harmony with foreigners, and the comprehensive response by the government underline that xenophobia is not a South African value.The attacks were a callous and criminal act by a few that has reinforced an unfortunate perception of South Africa as a crime capital. The eventual deployment of the army in the affected areas affirms that this is a war against the ideal of the new South Africa that should be met with the greatest and most decisive force.This is a defining moment. It is the new struggle, not just for South Africa – but for Africa.How South Africa responds will signal how other African nations relate to South Africa in the future, and how they relate with one another should they encounter similar actions.It is a struggle, similar to those against Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Kenya, that requires that the affected countries and all of Africa stand together for a better continent.The world is looking to South Africa once again to lead and re-establish its moral authority.South Africa can emerge stronger – inspired by its triumph over apartheid, empowered by the universally admired principles and ideals of a constitution that values diversity, human rights and humanity, and guided by the gratitude for and of all of Africa and the world.This is a defining moment for all of South Africa to take up a new struggle, echoing the spirit of the 16 December 1961 Manifesto of Umkhonto we Sizwe “not (to) submit … hit back by all means in our power in defence of our people, our future, and our freedom”.This is a defining moment to defend Mandela’s 1994 commitment to “never, never and never again … suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world”.This is a defining moment to stand up and proclaim: Not in our name. Not on our watch. Not in our Africa.As we look beyond this inexcusable episode and rebuild the fractured rainbow nation, it is time to reaffirm our identity with Africa because our African bonds are stronger than the borders that divide us.It is time to adopt formally and celebrate Africa Day on 25 May in the same spirit as we celebrate our founding on 27 April.It is time to incorporate the African and South African liberation struggle in school curricula so that we never forget – and never repeat – the mistakes of history. It is time to fly the flag and sing the anthem of the AU along with those of South Africa.It is time, as the celebrated late Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti once said, to “identify with Africa, then (we’ll) have an identity”.The least we can do is to fly all South African flags at half-mast to honour the innocent men and women who lost their lives in the country, where they had hoped to share in the fruits of the freedom that their nations had helped South Africa attain.Thebe Ikalafeng is a global African branding and reputation architect, adviser and author, founder and chairman of Brand Africa and Brand Leadership, and a director of Brand South Africa and South African Tourism. @ThebeIkalafenglast_img read more

4G and the Future of Mobile Streaming Video

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Next generation networks will certainly encourage the popularity of video, but it will probably also change the way we watch.Most users in the U.S. have access to 3G speeds of just a few megabits per second at best, which means videos sputter and stall. Mobile users typically opt for lower-quality video to avoid this, according to research by Bytemobile, which optimizes old wireless networks for speed among other services.But wireless infrastructure is about to take a leap forward as two so-called 4G technologies – LTE (Long Term Evolutions) and WiMAX – roll out. Sprint and its partner Clearwire plan to cover 120 million customers with high speed, Internet-anywhere WiMAX access by 2010, a technology that with upgrades could rival LTE speeds.Mobile Web use mirrors fixed Web use, said Joel Brand, VP of product management at Bytemobile. About 75% of 3G Web users are connecting with laptops and netbooks, he said, with the rest accessing on smartphones. A full third of video on these devices is delivered by YouTube, he said, another third is from adult content sites and the last third comes from a broad mix of sources.Next generation networks will certainly encourage the popularity of video, but it will probably also change the way we watch. For short, expedient, low-definition videos, YouTube is king. But higher mobile Web speeds will encourage users to seek longer, high-definition videos from services like Netflix and Hulu.Higher speeds also mean live-streaming services like Ustream,, Livestream and Qik become more a lot more usable. Faster speeds will encourage individual users to stream more video, made even easier because so many users accessing via laptops or with Apple devices that have front-facing cameras. Livestreaming sites will also see huge opportunities for broadcasting live events like concerts, sports games or newscasts to users who can’t watch at home in front of their TVs.The next generation of wireless networks will surely see more users accessing video – but it’s likely that a lower percentage of it will be from YouTube. Do you stream video on your phone? How do you see yourself using video as mobile wireless speeds get faster?Photo by Giorgio Montersino Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting adrianne jeffries Mobile video is exploding. According to Cisco, mobile video will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 131% between 2009 to 2014 as people access more YouTube, Netflix and high-bandwidth material on their mobile devices. But imagine what will happen to mobile streaming video as the next generation of high-speed wireless networks and devices become the norm.This series on wireless standards is brought to you by Intel. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Sponsors#web#WiMAX 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts last_img read more

Lautaro: ‘This cannot happen’

first_img Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: Lautaro Martinez was visibly upset after a 3-2 defeat to Borussia Dortmund. “Inter were a completely different team after the break. This cannot happen.” The Argentine is the first Inter player to score in three consecutive Champions League games since Samuel Eto’o reached four in 2010. He had opened the scoring, followed by a Matias Vecino goal, but the 2-0 lead at half-time made little difference. “We did really well in the first half, but were a completely different team in the second. Perhaps we showed a lack of maturity, as we changed entirely after the break,” Lautaro told Sky Sport Italia. “It wasn’t physical, it was a lack of concentration and the drop-off in intensity more than anything else. We were leading 2-0, we cannot lose 3-2. It cannot happen. We need to mature and grow to play at this level. “We have not lost hope of qualifying, we’ve been trailing since the start in this group, but we can do it.”last_img read more

Kolkata aim to continue winning momentum against Rajasthan

first_imgHaving found the winning touch in their last match, Kolkata Knight Riders would be hoping to maintain the momentum when they host Rajasthan Royals in an Indian Premier League return match here on Friday.The timing could not have been better for the Knights to capitalise as the Royals are coming off a battering at the hands of Mumbai Indians in their last game.With the Knight Riders’s next match, against the Kings XI Punjab on Sunday, also scheduled at home, maintaining the winning momentum will top their agenda.Whereas Rahul Dravid’s men appear a bit tired with the hectic scheduling, the Knights are fortunate to get a day’s extra break after their win against the Royal Challengers Bangalore on Tuesday.It took the think-tank a bit of chopping and changing to get to the winning mode after the back-to-back losses against Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals in season five. The four changes in the line-up meant that skipper Gautam Gambhir elevated himself to his usual slot, dropping out of form Kiwi opener Brendon McCullum, a move that set the tone in their much-needed maiden victory this season. Gambhir led the way with a brisk 39-ball 64 to set up a total of 166, which eventually turned out to be a winning one. But their biggest plus point was the inclusion of veteran seamer Laxmipathy Balaji whose fired-up spell of 4-1-18-4, after Kallis took the prized-scalp of Chris Gayle, set-up the victory.”Balaji is a quality bowler and has the capability to take wickets on any pitch. Hats off to him for the way he bowled. This was the best spell that I have ever seen in a Twenty20 competition,” Gambhir said. “It feels nice to finally get a win under our belt. To be honest, it was a team effort. I am pretty happy by the performance of the boys.”KKR would hope that sports psychologist Dr Rudi Webster gives some mantra to the explosive Yusuf Pathan.Yusuf had scored 1011 for the Royals at an average of 26.6 and with a strike-rate of 161.2, to go with his 20 wickets, but is yet to notch up a fifty representing the Knight Riders.All-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, who was finally included in the line-up after much criticism, is yet to fire and the Bangladeshi would be keen to be in the thick of action on the slow Eden Gardens strip.It would be naive to write off the Royals, who turned it around with successive wins against Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders in the first-leg. For Dravid and Co, having experienced their first defeat in Mumbai — their first in an away match — it would be a challenge to conquer the odds outside home.The bowling would be the main concern for Rajasthan ahead of their second outing away from home. The bowlers were at the receiving end against Kieron Pollard in the teams 27-run loss to Mumbai Indians. The team would hope that the bowlers stick to the task the way they did against the same team in the first-leg while defending 164.”We have a young bowling attack, there’s a little inexperience there. But there are lessons to be learnt. we will try and keep improving,” Dravid said after their loss in Mumbai.Batting is not much of a worry though with Ajinkya Rahane and Owais Shah in splendid form. The duo gave Mumbai a run for money before the Englishman was castled by Lasith Malinga. In their last meeting, Rahane was out for a duck after a superb 98 against Kings XI in their campaign opener. The orthodox top-order batsman would look to open his account against the Knights.advertisementlast_img read more

Shashank Manohar’s Reforms: BCCI Constitution uploaded on the official website

first_imgIn line with president Shashank Manohar’s declaration of the reforms that will be carried out, the Board  of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) today uploaded its ‘Constitution’ on the official website and also removed the Chennai-based tax auditor firm.The Constitution book, formally known as Memorandum And Rules and Regulations, last revised in September 2012 is there for all to view on There are 52 pages with various heads and sub-heads.As it has been reported, the BCCI has also shifted the treasurer’s office from Chennai to Mumbai.Also read: Give me two months’ time to clean up BCCI, says Manohar “The BCCI has decided to shift its Treasury office from Chennai to Mumbai. Keeping in mind that all tax matters of the BCCI are with the Income Tax Office in Mumbai, the Board has decided to hire a Tax Advisor and Internal Auditor that operates out of Mumbai,” BCCI said in a statement.”Accordingly, the BCCI has hired M/S Gokhale & Sathe, a reputed firm based in Mumbai and having extensive experience in Trust matters, as its advisor on Direct Tax matters and as an Internal Auditor for the accounting year 2015-16 with immediate effect, in replacement of PB Vijayraghavan & Co. from Chennai,” it further stated.last_img read more

Stars Support UNICEF UKs Appeal For Unaccompanied Refugee Children

first_imgUNICEF UK ambassadors and supporters – including Sir Chris Hoy, Andy Murray, Sir Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor and Emma Bunton – are calling on the UK Government to do more to reunite unaccompanied refugee children in Europe with their families in the UK.Last week, 16-year-old Bilal joined forces with Unicef UK and Citizens UK to call on the Home Office to redouble efforts to help lone children, many of whom are stranded, following months in dangerous camps across Europe. Many of these refugee children have a legal right to be reunited with families who are waiting for them in the UK.Andy Murray, British Tennis Number One and Unicef UK Ambassador said: “Last year I supported Unicef UK’s work with refugee children just like Bilal through my ’Andy’s Aces’ appeal, and having heard Bilal’s story of being reunited with his brother I’m really happy to add my name to this appeal. For these children the chance to be reunited with their family in the UK could be life-changing and make sure they’re kept safe from violence, exploitation and abuse.”Six-time Olympic Champion and Unicef UK Ambassador Sir Chris Hoy said: “Having heard Bilal’s heartbreaking story of his journey from Syria, and his struggle to be reunited with his brother, I hope that the public will join me in backing his campaign. There are unaccompanied refugee children in Europe risking their lives to reach relatives in the UK despite having the legal right to be brought here safely. The Government must do more to reunite these children with their family here in the UK.”Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore said: “As a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador I’m very proud to be supporting Bilal’s powerful call to the home secretary and hope the UK public will add their voices to the campaign. We have a responsibility to do all we can for these children, and the sooner we can reunite them with their loved ones the better.Further support came from singers Jessie Ware and Rita Ora, actor and author David Walliams, actor and campaigner Vanessa Redgrave, actor and director Ralph Fiennes, actor Keeley Hawes, television personality Cat Deeley and model and business woman Claudia Schiffer.Bilal, from Daraa in southern Syria, said: “I left Syria when I was 14 to be with my brother in London. When I made it to France, I had to wait in the Calais Jungle for seven months and it was a living hell. I saw people die trying to escape. I saw people beaten to death in the camp. I made friends there and I lost friends there. I want people like me, who have family in the UK, to come here and be safe. It is taking too long and too many children are suffering. I’m so pleased to have the support of Unicef UK and Citizens UK, and to see so many people who want to help. Together, we’re asking Theresa May to help other refugee children who are alone and speed up the process to reunite them with their families in the UK.”Bilal was finally reunited with his older brother in the UK at the end of March, after travelling for more than a year from Syria. As the conflict in his homeland intensified, Bilal was forced to flee his home without his parents, who had to stay in Syria to care for his elderly grandparents.After crossing the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece, Bilal eventually made it to Calais, but he spent seven months in the so-called Jungle before he was able to be reunited with his brother in the UK. He leaves behind him hundreds of other children who are still waiting.Unicef UK is calling on the UK Government to take urgent action to reunite refugee children like Bilal with their families in the UK, by speeding up existing family reunion procedures, and widening existing laws to allow children to be reunited with extended family. If the Home Office had 10 more officials working to reunite families, all of the 157 children stuck in Calais could be living safely with their families in the UK in time to start school in September.Unicef UK Deputy Executive Director Lily Caprani said: “The Government has said that unaccompanied children should be brought to the UK if they have family here, yet these children’s cases are moving far too slowly. It’s time for the Government to turn its promise into a reality now, and get these children to their families.“The children in Calais are the nearest and most visible cases of children who are fleeing conflict and making dangerous journeys in search of safety, yet have a legal right to live in safety with their families in the UK. I’ve just been to meet them in Calais and have seen the terrible conditions they are living in. By taking immediate action for these children, the Government can take a crucial first step to show it is serious about its recent commitments to refugee children.”last_img read more