Discuz forum application domain double-edged sword, the early site should not be enabled multi domai

I like most early in the site owners, home WWW, forum BBS, always feel so good bound very convenient, and from these included do not see what problems, until a few days ago, with a station swap Links. The other said, you included too little of it, I get a look, ah, more than 30 thousand pages. The dialogue will no longer talk, I fell into a deep thought, more than 30 thousand pages in the end a lot less

the next thing to do as can be imagined, the station unified decisive for a domain name, it is at the beginning of the WWW, BBS 301 permanent redirect to www. If the binding site in the early two stage application domain, it will bring a copy of the workload for stationmaster, equivalent to take care of the 2 stations, the last is always limited, without distinction. So do you use discuz forum friends, hurry to your domain unified, the application domain is not you now play. At the same time, Comsenz also hope to have a better solution, for example, can bind the two domain names, and included only included a primary domain name (the domain name back the default settings to achieve this function), so that the majority of grassroots webmaster, have both fish and bear’s paw. read more

Shanghai Longfeng moderation is not overdo sth. than wisdom

, for example, a web site I had ever served, I took over a month before the revision, I see is a dynamic page, no pseudo static treatment, but after a few days of continuous observation, I found your website weight and keywords ranking are up, I gave up a "pseudo static treatment idea.

later, another Shanghai dragon ER new times the proposed site must do overall pseudo static treatment. And make me stand, finally pushed to the corner of the wall I can only ask him, indeed, from the Shanghai dragon theory, this page must do pseudo static treatment, but the site 2 months before revision, if the pseudo static treatment, the site will have a large number of search engines included URL is invalid the keywords good ranking will also send. read more