9 automotive beauty shop sales practical skills

China’s transition from the bike has become a country of the car, but also led to the prosperity of the automotive beauty market, attracting new entrepreneurs to join the automotive beauty chain market. Now the face of fierce car beauty market, many businesses are looking for different ways to expand their market, make their brand occupy a lot of space in the market, then businesses how to improve sales skills?

1, always say that the other party is willing to listen to the words

2, always can arouse the interest of others read more

Changchun women’s Federation to help women improve their employability and Entrepreneurship

women’s Federation as a protector of women’s rights, has been active in various fields to help women grow. Changchun women’s Federation to build a platform to help women entrepreneurs, has supported more than entrepreneurs to start their own business, to promote more employment.

"to participate in the contest Changchun tea city, can be said to be a turning point in my life." The day before, watching his "one ou · Fuyuan tea" opened in women’s employment and entrepreneurship incubator Gifford international tea shop, that will be very feeling. As the tea art contest "best Popularity Award winner, will jointly support the women’s Federation in the city and the Gifford international tea city, get a free rental shop business support. read more

Business students started very important

students many times good start relationship with entrepreneurial success, independent entrepreneurship for college students to get rich business opportunities, and now, the difficult employment of college graduates, independent entrepreneurship is not only a wonderful life pursuit, still must face the reality. Starting from where to start? May wish to consider from the following angles.

1. himself familiar. If you love computer, to study the virus, then you have to hold high the "anti drug king" banner, door-to-door service antivirus, anti-virus, OK? Beijing Forestry University, the doctor of the army, the organization of students to the school of agriculture, forestry technology to promote their own home. Resources and markets are familiar to the students. read more

Poly shadow theater investment theme coffee shop – the whole to easily shop worry

find a good project to get rich, is very important. Today Xiaobian to recommend what to join the movie theme cinema? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the movie theme cinema, is the right choice!

in the Poly Theater theme is shadow coffee customers enjoy the most professional viewing service, let you forget the trivial things in life, can let our spirits have a maximum comfort, and the source is very rich, whether it is the new movie, or American movies, or classic homemade movies can be found easily in here, this is from a great extent to meet the needs of individual consumers. read more

Dry cleaning franchise location analysis

with the improvement of people’s living conditions, improve the quality of life, the pursuit of quality of life in the moment, the demand for dry cleaning is also more and more, which also contributed to the rise of a lot of dry cleaning franchise brand. For investors, want to open a successful dry cleaning franchise stores, but also pay attention to the location of the dry cleaning shop to be correct.

dry cleaning franchise location attention 1, business district survey

so-called shopping district, refers to the store is located at the point of the center, outward extension of a certain distance, the radius of the distance, forming a circle of consumer circle. Different values depending on the size of the Yetai industry and have a distinction, in the dry cleaning industry, with a radius of 200M main business district, the radius of 500M for business. General business district commercial district, residential areas, cultural and educational areas, office areas and mixed areas. The population, occupation, age, consumption habits, floating population, infrastructure, competitors, future development trends, rent and related expenses, etc.. read more

Dry cleaning stores four common mistakes to avoid

open when the dry cleaners, many of my friends have to go with the crowd psychology, learn to think we do, is certainly not wrong, this is actually not very desirable. Xiaobian remind the majority of investors, joined the dry cleaners to avoid the following four common errors, so as to improve the success rate of shop.

A: quick success, blindly follow the trend of

read more

Fuzhou entrepreneurship training to promote entrepreneurship


business has become a slogan of the society, and people everywhere are actively promoting entrepreneurial activities, but also often in the whole society to launch a number of entrepreneurship training activities.

"thank entrepreneurial mentor, let me have a new understanding of the development of their own projects. Ready to apply for small secured loans, expand my store, in order to earn more than 20 thousand dollars this year." This is the department store to open in Jiangxi County of Chongren province in Chongren County students Cao Ximin tenth entrepreneurship training class graduation ceremony said. read more

Building materials store location five tips

how to make a profitable building materials store? Location is very important. Now more and more people of entrepreneurship, the market competition is increasingly fierce, although the building materials industry to be optimistic, but we can not deny that there is investment risk, how to reduce the risk, we have our own methods, following opening of a building materials store location recommendations for reference:

building materials store location 1 skills: to open up channels for shops

now there are many entrepreneurs like newspaper advertising, housing agencies, real estate fairs, the Internet and other shops to understand information. In fact, the store market has a 2:8 rule, that is, only 20% of the total number of public rental information shops, while private transfer and other ways to conceal transactions accounted for $80%. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged. read more