2016 Yushu drifting World Cup ended

white hada with rich barley wine, elegant dance accompanied by cheerful music, the mountains and rolling water with staggered Pentium, draw the outline of a torrent of track. July 21st, with the end of the long distance, the 2016 World Cup in Yushu perfect ending.

the world cup sprint race, drifting with a pair of four projects a knockout, hurdle race and long distance race, the final 1 teams to four Czech drifting a total score of 952 won the men’s champion, New Zealand drifting team total score ranked 904 all-around first, China man Drifting 2 team with the parallel table Sixth, Chinese woman drifting team ranked fourth with 741 points.

2016 Yushu drifting world cup has opened a new chapter in Chinese rafting, Yushu and the world closer together, through the physical platform and link, showing the new Yushu’s natural scenery and ethnic characteristics to the world, to demonstrate the superiority of the state power and the socialist system, publicity of the new Yushu. At the same time, it has played a positive role in building a sports brand with Yushu characteristics and world influence, promoting the development of national sports and promoting friendly exchanges between Yushu and the world.

Chinese women’s drift team coach told reporters: to participate in the world cup drifting Chinese women’s team in the extraordinary play in the game, won the women’s team rafting season, won the bronze medal. As a new world drifting movement, such as today’s game we are the first to participate in the women’s team, we Chinese can achieve such results, has been very good, we will continue to strive to achieve more excellent results".


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