To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people in accordance with the law, Dong Kaijun

May 31st, the Provincial Higher People’s party secretary, President Dong Kaijun to Xining City People’s court investigation. Dong Kaijun heard the case of land acquisition and relocation of the court hearing, team building, the court’s infrastructure and other aspects of the report.

in recent years, the East District attracted a series of national and provincial and municipal key construction projects, demolition task is very heavy, only in 2012 the focus of the project demolition tasks up to 3 million 472 thousand and 600 square meters. Facing the tide of construction, Chengdong District People’s court adhere to law and actively play the judicial functions in strict accordance with the law, a large number of land requisition hearing mediation cases, resolve the syndrome units in the work of the various kinds of contradictions, in accordance with the law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, land acquisition and demolition case to work at the forefront of the province. After hearing the court case when the demolition levy, levy demolition case Dong Kaijun pointed out, we must strictly control regulations and the Supreme People’s court for safe handling, to serve the overall situation of the area of economic construction, protect the people’s legitimate rights and interests according to law.

Dong Kaijun pointed out that the court in the case of land acquisition and removal cases should be based on the overall situation of service, reasonable compensation, to form a joint force, according to the law, the principle of properly handle all kinds of contradictions caused by the demolition. Both to provide strong legal support, but also to adhere to the separation of the executive, to maintain justice, so that the judiciary effectively play the social pressure relief valve and regulator role. (author: Zhang Hao He Jie)

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