Take long highway gander smoothly through the tunnel

Huashixia to Jigzhi highway in our province is "ten vertical and four horizontal" highway is an important component, is a convenient channel connected with the state of Yushu prefecture. Recently, the gander highway smoothly through the tunnel, the entire project is tense construction, completed in 2016. Spend long road 410 km long across the board, at an average altitude of more than 4000 meters, plans to invest $21 billion 429 million. After along Maduo County, county, county and gander Jigzhi County, from Huashixia to Dawu section, Jigzhi to Dawu (provincial) section two sections. The two highway design standards across the board, the design speed of 80 km, all located bridge 6 bridges, 69 bridges, bridge 53 bridges, 56 bridges, 710 culverts, 9 tunnels, 11 interchange, 7 separated interchange. Gunther takes a long long highway tunnel segment on July 2013 to start the construction, after 10 months of intense construction in recently took the lead through smoothly. The tunnel is located in gander gander County, Guoluo Prefecture, double tunnel length of 2065 meters, the left tunnel 1025 meters long, 1040 meters long hole right. Currently, spend a long time in the construction of highway engineering. After the completion of the project, will greatly promote the development of social and economic development of the two provinces of Qingchuan, shorten the distance between the two provinces, convenient personnel exchanges and exchange of goods.  

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