Xining 12 high-quality plots of state-owned construction land use right transfer

from the Xining land and Resources Bureau was informed that the Xining Municipal People’s Government approved, Xining will be held on the morning of December 22nd by the Xining land transaction information center hosted the fourth state-owned construction land auction. By then, the city’s 12 high-quality plots of state-owned construction land use rights in the form of auction and listing will be sold in accordance with the law.

it is understood that in order to effectively improve the work assignment of state-owned land use rights in Xining City, transparency, especially fully reflects the government supply of land in the process of openness, fairness and justice and the principle of honesty and credit, at present, Xining city is by strengthening the bidding, auction and listing transfer market means, to ensure the legitimacy of state-owned land use rights work from the system and the source. This year, Xining has successfully held three state-owned construction land auction. Up to now, the city in the form of strokes to shoot the supply of land 39. On the basis of Xining City, the state-owned construction land use right 2009 strokes to shoot Announcement No. (9), the text of the requirements, the auction will sell the land of about 8 acres, an area of about 335.6 acres of land sold on the listing of the land area of about 69 acres. 12 parcels of land uses are commercial, residential land, located in the central, Eastern and other places of the city’s geographical location, the size of the land area to facilitate the development of scale. At present, there are many companies and businesses on the 12 will be auctioned land expressed great concern. Xining City Land Resources Bureau relevant responsible person said, with the city to speed up the process, vigorously promote the construction of auction of state-owned land use rights, improve the land supply to the market level, is currently in Xining to deepen the reform of land use system, an important measure to strengthen the management of land assets. The upcoming land auction will be the effective use of the market mechanism and price leverage, uphold an open, fair and equitable principles, strictly abide by the auction system, fully manifest the value of state assets, to further strengthen the land saving and intensive utilization of state-owned construction.


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