Xining held the first phase of cultural law enforcement and security knowledge training


to further regulate party and government organs classified documents of the security management work, to eliminate secret carriers making all kinds of illegal behavior in September 23rd, the first phase of production outsourcing, and culture of law enforcement security knowledge training course jointly organized by the State Secrecy Bureau of Xining, Xining city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement Brigade, County District Cultural law enforcement officers and printed copy industry responsible person more than 200 people attended the training.

training, Security Bureau comrades from the current situation, security work identification and identifying the high technology, the main leak channels, the printing industry and cultural industry confidential legal liability on the basis of the scope of enforcement confidential state secret carriers of the trainees on a comprehensive introduction and system, and through the "secret war" warning missionary films, high technology and related industry practitioners of hidden leaks due to negligence caused by typical case leaks were multimedia presentations and lively introduction. Through this training, to further strengthen the culture of law enforcement personnel and printed copy working staff of the national security awareness and security awareness, establish the concept of the enemy, to understand the modern security knowledge, improve the ability of prevention technology, effectively prevent relevant personnel to undertake illegal behavior, promoting the importance of scientific and orderly development of the printing industry this paper.

social printing industry to undertake the illegal state of the secret carrier printing behavior, is the focus and difficulty of the current national secret carrier regulation. Xining City National Security Bureau since 2013, industry and commerce, national security and other departments continuously carry out a number of special law enforcement inspection, to regulate the social individual printing practitioners behavior, eliminate state secrets leak fault has played a positive role. Next, Xining city will set of state secrets from dense source management, the party and government organs security standard management, and constantly mostly joint law enforcement departments and security propaganda, and prevent all kinds of illegal behavior, to ensure the absolute safety of the party and state secrets.  


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