To protect the rights of the people to send the law to the streets — 3.15 Xining Arbitration Commis

to implement the CPC Central Committee on building a socialist harmonious society, promote the sound and rapid development of economy and society, the morning of March 15th, the Xining area to commemorate the "3· 15" International Consumer Rights Day large-scale publicity and consultation service activities kicked off in Xining square.

for 3· 15 consumer rights day propaganda, popularization of consumer rights knowledge, enhance the legal awareness of consumers, effectively promote the arbitration legal system, the establishment of the Secretariat staff consultation in the event, placing advertising boards and publicity materials. In the past, people have stopped, asked about the relevant content of the arbitration law, warm atmosphere.


in the on-site consultation stage, the staff carefully and patiently answer questions for the masses, to come to consult the help of staff actively publicize and patiently answer demonstrates the rich professional knowledge and enthusiastic service attitude, by the presence of the masses of praise, and hope to hold more such activities.

although the integrity of early spring season, but in March the wind is still cold in Xining. I appoint staff fear of cold, patient and meticulous knowledge of the past for the masses of arbitration law, on-site consultation activities lasted 4 hours. The event I have a total of 4 exhibition board display, distributed more than 2500 copies of promotional materials, more than 100 people to accept advice.


in recent years, I appointed in the correct leadership of the municipal government, the community and the relevant departments of the strong support and cooperation, in the joint efforts of the majority of workers under the arbitration arbitration work, and achieved good results. In order to further positive publicity and promotion of arbitration, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of handling, in line with the principle of "service lawful and reasonable, cost-effective" to the masses, do reasonable and lawful procedures and results of the cost reasonable, cost-effective, time-saving and labor-saving, let the money, to ensure that the arbitration system of fair and fair, more open, and strive to make our commission arbitration work towards a new level!


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