People’s livelihood construction, in the warmth of the forward – this year since the implementation

The first year of

"13th Five-Year", our province focus on improving people’s livelihood of the road, with the pace of the strong, continue to move forward in the warmth.

road to improve the livelihood of the people there is no terminal, only a new starting point. "12th Five-Year", a warm heart of the people’s livelihood "report card" warm people, in 2016, the provincial government to adhere to the people’s livelihood construction must not relax, continue to protect and improve people’s livelihood in a more prominent position, and unswervingly follow the small finances do livelihood way, actively optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure, improve the people’s livelihood security the mechanism, further increase investment in the people’s livelihood, strictly implement the Huimin Limin policies and measures to effectively promote the implementation of the people’s livelihood construction with "ten practical livelihood" as well.

listen to the people, pay attention to people’s worries and solutions, improve the people trapped radicals, improve people’s livelihood when writing in the new ring when increasing the income of urban and rural residents, improve the social security level, support the people’s livelihood index employment also ushered in the "new high heights……

employment is the people’s livelihood, since this year, our province to actively support the work of employment and entrepreneurship, to further improve the employment policy, the employment policy implementation of the provincial promotion of entrepreneurship employment support, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship investment guide, the provincial financial arrangements 800 million yuan of funds to support around the province to carry out occupation skill training, occupation skill appraisal, and introduction the social security subsidies, job subsidies, and for the first time, one-time reward and entrepreneurial venture subsidies one-time business job development subsidies, support and encourage college graduates to urban and rural employment of disadvantaged groups and the town of registered unemployed self-employed, promote Haidong, Delingha City, Yushu City, the provincial entrepreneurial city created in our province and the first contest of innovation and entrepreneurship activities, Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University and Qinghai to support the National University 3 University Park construction, Supplementary business loan guarantee fund to support the region to expand business loan scale, for people to enjoy the sunshine employment guide pilot.

this year, the province continued to improve the social security system, the implementation of social security policy in place. Urban and rural residents basic pension per month standard increased 15 yuan, reached 140 yuan; city residents per capita standard increased 30 yuan, reached 400 yuan; rural residents per capita standard increased 570 yuan, reached 2970 yuan, rural minimum living standard and poverty alleviation standard "two in one", the basic life of the province’s 490 thousand urban and rural residents object guarantee. The establishment of a living allowance for disabled people with disabilities and severe disability care subsidy system, the province’s 71% of the holder of the disabled enjoy life subsidies, severe disability care subsidies to achieve full coverage. People with disabilities to participate in the basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents and medical insurance individual contributions to achieve full coverage. The endowment insurance system reform smoothly, the provincial authorities and institutions 31 thousand and 900 retirees pension social distribution, becoming the country’s fourth by the social security agencies to direct the pensions of the provinces.

multi-channel increase income of urban and rural residents, improve the national health level, promote the elderly care project, improve people;

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