Next year west district 15 alleys will have a culture

This year, the west side of the alley is not only neat and beautiful, but also increasingly rich local cultural characteristics. Reporters learned from the West District Construction Bureau, the district next year to prepare for the implementation of 15 street landscape renovation, for these alleys to give the characteristics of cultural connotations.

west district government around the goal of city construction "fine, fine, fine" this year, on the 9 street lanes to implement landscape renovation, the old dilapidated walls disappeared, replaced by a beautiful beautiful landscape wall, creating a "culture of the western region" and "the beautiful" atmosphere.

this year, the district invested 700 thousand yuan to build research on both sides of the fence wall of the overall transformation. Both sides of the walls are mostly built in the 80s of last century, the wall off, damaged seriously, affecting the entire street landscape. The west area of local government, combined with building research within the lane on both sides of the road weeping willows, the overall environment relatively quiet situation, on the long lane wall within 550 meters long for the overall design, take the stone base, brick building eaves coping mode, will have China traditional "family names" culture in ancient bronze inlaid relief form in the cultural wall, antique culture wall eye-catching, people’s Congress passed the alley will be deliberately look at the origin of his name. The district also invested 800 thousand yuan, the implementation of the transformation of the landscape on both sides of the road lane area of 7500 square meters of solid walls, and twelve animals in the landscape wall like Fu culture as the main content, at the same time, also the lane area built 4 beds, leisure stone chair 8, walk in the Lane residents if you are tired. Ready to sit down and rest, the concept of city construction the humanization, warmly welcomed by the surrounding residents. (author: Xiao Yan)


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