Chase set off to learn moral model climax

With love for others to put up a bright blue sky; promote social justice in morality and good deeds; with good interpretation of the Datong upright Frank personality; in the extraordinary position to make an extraordinary contribution; with the unremitting self-improvement and sharing sing the family love the world…… Datong second moral model contest ended, with in-depth coverage of this newspaper, 10 moral model deeds, has aroused strong repercussions in the county, and the county quickly set off a new upsurge of moral learning. In order to fully demonstrate the Datong Area citizens good moral character, moral model in citizen moral construction demonstration guide, create a strong atmosphere of Datong promote the practice spirit, to further promote the formation of Lei Feng, civilized behavior, promoting harmonious society, the steering committee of the construction of spiritual civilization in Datong County held a "letter of July 24th Datong County Cup" the second national moral models awards. After the end of the event, in the county of a certain army chief said with deep feeling: "every moral model is ordinary, but they show the spiritual strength and charisma is great. We should learn from their great spirit, take them as an example, when good people, good deeds." It is reported that since the poll since April officially started, the social from all walks of life to participate, has received more than 7.5 votes, even some from Xining, Haidong, Haibei and other places, voters have highly praised the deeds of the moral model and the noble sentiment. To learn good, promote good moral model deeds, Datong county Party Committee Propaganda Department organized the people preaching mission to the countryside, businesses, schools, community preaching more than 30 games. Listen to the deeds of the moral model, we have to promote the moral model, a model of moral learning and to the moral model, inheriting the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, for the construction of "beautiful Datong" to contribute their strength.  

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