Datong County Liang Jiao Xiang two, one year party training classes

in order to further improve the party members and leading cadres’ theoretical level and political quality, enhance the ability of organization and coordination ability, the majority of Party members and cadres to master new knowledge, new technology and new theory more, better adapt to the needs of rural economic development. According to the 2012 good rural Party members training program, the township party committee fully prepared. The morning of September 6th, Liang Jiao Xiang 2012 Party training classes. Participate in the training of a total of 12 Party branches, Party members of the 298. Township party secretary Shi Xueyi made the opening mobilization.

held the training course, both in order to learn good publicity is good, good to carry out the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee spirit and deepen the learning practice chuangxianzhengyou activity results, good teaching is also an important political task of the current township, teach mobilization activities for the year 2012 Education of rural Party members and cadres to ensure the effectiveness of theme activities.

in the mobilization of the Communist Party of China party secretary Shi Xueyi stressed the need to promote rural development and construction, the key lies in the party. The current and future periods, Liang Jiao Xiang grassroots organization construction should focus on strengthening the organization construction, strengthen the party’s rural work foundation, strengthen team construction, strengthen the backbone of rural development, strengthening mechanism construction, several aspects provide the motive force of the development of rural construction work etc.. And put forward the rural Party members and cadres of the party in rural areas, the implementation of the policy and the organizers of the work in rural areas, is to unite and lead the masses of farmers to get rich, the backbone of the well-off. Rural Party members and cadres to carry out the theme of educational activities should first focus on two key links. is a high priority for to fully understand the importance of carrying out this training event. Rural Party members and cadres in rural work, responsible for implementing the first line of the top line of party policy, the party and the government in close contact with the masses, promote rural development, the task of maintaining social stability, is the key to implement the Party leadership in the rural heart column group. Organizing the training class, is to let the village level party members cadres should further emancipate their minds, update ideas, clear responsibilities, remember our mission, strengthen learning, improve quality, enhance the ability to promote the scientific development and maintaining social stability, become assured, the trust of the masses, to officers, stewards, model of rural Party members to succeed. two is to strengthen its own construction, and strive to improve the ability to do a good job in rural areas. The majority of Party members and cadres as a member of the grass-roots organizations, we must strive to improve their ideological and theoretical level and comprehensive ability to improve work skills. To use the feasible credible science demonstration typical, so that the people can see and touch, to follow suit, the party’s grassroots organizations and Party members to give full play to promote the development, serving the people, unite the people and promote harmony, solid organizational foundation for the ruling party and the masses, so that the majority of Party members and cadres become rural work the leader and promoter of  


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