Xining Wildlife Park come to the snow leopard baby name

in order to further inspire people to care for animals, the protection of natural consciousness, the Xining Wildlife Park joint newspaper for the two snow leopard baby name, you are welcome to participate.

July 20th night, the mother leopard dog birth two snow leopard baby zoo snow leopard two measurement baby weight 450 grams, 400 grams each, the body length is 24 cm, 23 cm, tail length is 17 cm, are twins.

sign requirements: candidates must have the baby name meaning, creative, symbol of special significance to Xining zoo for the first time the birth of snow leopard baby, and the baby, cute, lively and prominent rare qualities.

participants are required real name, declined to use the screen name or anonymous participation. The name of the letter or phone calls to indicate the meaning of the name, and provide contact name, telephone number, address and other information. Awards Named award each 1, each will receive a prize worth 1200 yuan (including 600 yuan in cash, zoo ticket coupons 20); creative awards each two, each will receive a prize worth 600 yuan (300 yuan in cash, zoo ticket coupons 10); the 10 Finalist Award, will each receive zoo ticket coupons 10.

Time: October 5th to October 10th

syndrome; Tel: (0971) 6307290 e-mail:

[email protected]; address: Xingzhi Road West District Xining City No. 9 Xining wild zoo Sales Department; site submission: Xining wild zoo service center; snow leopard baby: visit the Xining wild zoo the young animal nursery (parrot Museum by). (author: Zhang Pu)



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