The first round of the world cup in Shanghai to earn enough popularity Qinghai Lake

April 2nd, the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, another masterpiece – the first round of the Qinghai Lake cycling race into the international metropolis of Shanghai, and by a sub race to make up the popularity.

yesterday, 350 players from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu launched a competition for the 4 groups, so that local people have seen the speed and passion of the Qinghai Lake cycling race. This is not only a wonderful sporting events, but also a long look forward to dating.

from the beginning of March this year, in order to transfer the "green, civilized and harmonious" theme to the people of the whole country, Lake Organizing Committee held the first tour of Qinghai Lake cycling League, that originated in Qinghai, the international sports events to benefit more people, transfer the concept of green ride. Qinghai Province Sports Management Center Director Wang Xianzhong said that Qinghai Lake bicycle League is Lake organizing committee in the run game concept, event positioning, development mode, event resources in the crowd and aspects of seeking new changes, embodies the "Huanhu Cup" with the pace of time. The Qinghai Lake bicycle League by Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other big city actively introduce, fully demonstrated the lake race influence and vitality, to further expand the "brand value will have a positive role in the lake race".

  able to introduce the "Lake Race" such an international top amateur league tournament, the venue is also very happy. Gu Deping, vice chairman of the Fengxian District Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Shanghai, said that cycling is a green movement and a low carbon environmental protection movement and an important way for people to exercise. Qinghai Lake bicycle League such a mature game in Fengxian District, to promote local fitness, promote local tourism, improve its visibility and reputation, influence and role is immeasurable. Fengxian District will also take this as a starting point to promote the integration of local sports, culture, tourism and urban development, and hope next year, the Fengxian Qinghai Lake cycling League again.


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