The two venture to make Laiwu coal to stimulate new power

business is not only the single ladder of success of entrepreneurs, but also has the choice of enterprise development career again. Enterprises can be through the two internal entrepreneurship, inspire staff enthusiasm for the company to get the opportunity to take off again.

held "two business" mobilization. Through the meeting, to carry out the two venture series of activities to make arrangements to clear the two venture series of activities. To convey the spirit of learning group leaders and leadership of the company in the speech at the meeting, with the unified development group of the two pioneering work of knowledge; learning the "Shandong energy report" published on "good for the" four battle "commentary, the situation of education; to watch the documentary of special" energy group shot ", based on the development of the coal industry hard pioneer" look back "in the form of" two business "Ideological education.

held "two business forum". All units with their own actual work, focusing on the "two business" the center "to see how", "how to do", talk about understanding, talk about feelings, talk about ideas, suggestions for the "two business", we gather wisdom, promote synchronous lifting.

held "two business" essay contest recommended

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