The process of joining ruthless spicy

do you know what is ruthless spicy? This is a well-known food and beverage brands in Chongqing, may guess it must be a Chongqing hot pot brand name. But, you might think this should be a Chongqing small noodles brand name. But Xiao Bian or shake his head. This is a comprehensive food and beverage brands have small Hot pot. Then follow the small series to understand the brand!

Chongqing is one of the birthplace of hot pot, and the hot pot of this diet culture. In March 2007, Chongqing was awarded the title of "Chinese hotpot capital" by the Chinese cuisine association. Especially in folk customs, Chongqing Hot pot presents a harmonious and dripping earned compatibility of the scene and psychological feelings, create a "get together with one heart and share the fun" culture.

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Chongqing to focus more on the "taste", and spicy Kyo, creating many world-famous delicacy. The modern metropolis Chongqing to "taste" as the honor, on the tip of the tongue Chinese particularly recommended "Chongqing Hot pot", "Chongqing small noodles". With the Chongqing Hot pot from the raw material, the soup cooking techniques, the pursuit of spicy delicious, difference, differences in the sum, so that the meat and grain, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crisp cotton rotten, fragrance and mellow wonderful together. Ruthless spicy Chongqing old Hot pot is produced in such cultural atmosphere.

Chongqing golden rice Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, a vibrant, creative catering team. The spirit of "good quality, good ideas, good experience of" business "three principles", focus on quality and innovation of traditional food and brand innovation, young, fashion, international is committed to leading and practice Chinese catering.

‘s two full gold project in Chongqing old Hot pot, spicy spicy ruthless ruthless Chongqing small noodles do not shout and strong development slogan, because that is not the only standard for judging excellence. Ruthless spicy dedicated to the youth, feel committed to the attitude of individual expression, committed to experience high-quality food items, to become a small and beautiful personality of enterprise.

How ruthless spicy

join? Ruthless spicy joining process is introduced:

the first step: the two sides through the network, telephone communication, a preliminary understanding of the project model and related policies;

second step: investors to the headquarters of the product, the company’s status of field visits, after the approval of the agreement signed intent;

the third step: investors looking for venues, the venue for the application, the company sent professionals to conduct field assessment;

fourth steps: the headquarters of the city’s dining space, alternative venues, competitive conditions, and submit the site inspection report, investment can be

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