Shanxi migrant workers return home entrepreneurship support

the majority of migrant workers migrant workers and entrepreneurs has been the concern of the whole society, recently, in Shanxi Province in order to further implement and solve some problems of migrant workers, many migrant workers returning to entrepreneurship policy.

8 12, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government on further improving the work of migrant workers to carry out the implementation of the views of the introduction. In the future, the province will be from employment, settled, improve living conditions and other aspects, to provide better services for migrant workers.

I will also combine the regional economic development, focusing on the employment of migrant workers concentrated industries, relying on the existing technical colleges, universities and enterprises occupation training institutions, employment training centers, training institutions and other private occupation occupation training resources, preferential conditions complete the construction of a number of migrant workers occupation skill training base, the base construction of migrant workers occupation skill training included in the government infrastructure investment plan.

province to encourage the return of migrant workers the development of farmer cooperatives, family farms and other new agricultural business entities, vigorously develop the processing of agricultural products, modern ecological agriculture and rural tourism, rural service industry and other labor-intensive business projects. The province will also be through the government to buy services, encourage and guide the social forces to provide targeted guidance services for migrant workers, improve service quality and efficiency.

aiming at some local migrant workers labor management is not standardized, our province will be in high mobility, strong seasonality, short time employment industry, the full implementation of simple labor contract model text, standardize labor dispatch behavior according to law. Strengthen the daily supervision of labor and employment, integration of labor and employment record and employment unemployment registration, social insurance registration, dynamic management services.

Architecture and easy on the payroll card industry will promote the real name system

to prevent the payment of wages, the requirements of the provincial government at all levels of government to establish a comprehensive emergency revolving fund system, in accordance with the recommendation

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