Li Jiacheng’s wife, Zhuang Yueming, and the richest man in love

richest man Li Jiacheng, we all know, we are familiar with, what is the richest lady? What is the richest man’s love story? How can a woman become the richest lady? May wish to come together to understand!


Li Jiacheng wife, who may be less aware of the public, Li Jiacheng came out in the audience’s most sight is the richest man in China, the title of the title of "". Because of Li Jiacheng create the myth of the commercial articles, is an immense number of books. However, the article about Li Jiacheng wife is extremely rare. Why? Originally, Li Jiacheng does not like to talk about personal feelings. What’s more, he doesn’t want to mention the love story between him and his wife in public.

childhood sweetheart.

1928 Li Jiacheng was born in July 29th to a teacher of North Gate Lane Street line Chaozhou city home. At the age of 5, Li Jiacheng in his father Li Yunjing under the guidance of Confucius worship Confucianism into Guanhai Temple Primary school. In 1941, Li Yunjing and his wife Zhuang Biqin counsel, decided to take on Li Jiacheng, Li Jiazhao and Li Sujuan three siblings to Hongkong for an Zhuangjing brother-in-law. Li Jiacheng’s uncle, an old man, is a veteran of the Hongkong watch industry. Today, the clock industry in Hongkong for the work, all mentioned in the family of the south central clock Co., ltd.. Li Jiacheng wife Zhuang Yueming is Zhuang female parent, be clever and sensible than Li Jiacheng’s four years, parents as a pearl in the palm. The moon is in the church office English Academy school. The small moon didn’t abandon the poor cousin Li Jiacheng, but he is very sympathetic.


arrived in 1963, Li Jiacheng is 35 years old, Zhuang Yueming is 31 years old, they are dedicated to the love and sincerity finally moved a couple of Zhuang Jingan and Zhuang Biqin, and Li Jiacheng in the creation of a commercial miracle is also more and more let Zhuang Jingan surprise, they finally agreed to marry two people. In the sound of blessing, Li Jia >

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