Tongling independent library makes you fun to read

we all know the benefits of reading for a person in life, but a lot of places due to limited conditions, to provide the public with little public reading. Recently, the new Tongling Library of a new 24 hour unattended library. This by the culture and technology of grafting, the library 24 hours self-service of photovoltaic power generation in the province is the first, is the new exploration of reading promotion mode; it has broken the barriers of the traditional library services and access to the space, to achieve a real sense of "never closed".

Tongling independent library, make you fun to read, in life if you are fond of reading people, but don’t miss the library! This is the biggest highlight of the 24 hours self-service library is intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, and to provide readers with all the time to read and borrow books and other services. It is reported that the application of the self-service library of infrared induction, laser scanning, image pattern recognition, video service device and network technology, is a comprehensive collection of networking, cloud computing, computer, Internet communication and remote monitoring technology for the integration of self service platform. Readers only need to apply for a library card, you can enjoy the high quality library services.

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