How do rural shops encounter credit for customers

what a shopkeeper assistants are not willing to credit, but in the real operation process, this problem is difficult to avoid. After all, credit and there, shop for fourteen years, is already commonplace, like large supermarkets, tobacco shops are generally not on credit. As a rural store, all face mostly village villagers, alas! Folks, if a post in the store, "no credit" is unsatisfactory, simply not realistic.

indeed, the credit of the villagers in the village, and not without money, mostly for busy farm work, the body covered with confusion, temporary not take so much money.

in the face of credit for customers with what method to treat? I have great knowledge, in order to retain customers, and customers closer distance, ha ha! The credit is credit. Not only to credit, have flexible to deal with! So that their own store business can be more prosperous.

my practice is as follows: first, go to the street to buy a record book, set up a special book. Remember the books, not with their usual purchase, the sales records of the mixed together, day end accounts to close up immediately, on account of the personal privacy protection. In our rural areas, there are a lot of small shop owners, in terms of accounting only by the brain or at random on a piece of paper, it is easy to make mistakes, causing unnecessary disputes. Remember, the book on each page only remember this one’s credit, as a result, even finishing, can let people know my boss in the store credit for their secrecy, to save face good intentions. We respect these customers, one day will be in exchange for customer loyalty to our store.

second, the majority of debts of the customer, will take the initiative to pay. Therefore, it is best not to remind, do not chase behind the old, so as not to hurt the gas. I remember one year in a field in Henan, we contracted land owner, credit accounts, home to nearly half a year, I have his phone, but I did not contact him to account, he came back, he had had no occasion to go home, come to my shop, took a few soft blue Yellow Crane Tower, new account we were together. If I was at that time, only the immediate interests, calling the old account, he would not be me "God".

third, attitude is better, that is warm, sincere. To the store’s customers, and customers pay on credit must be treated equally, with a smile, sincere service.

of course, every owner may have their own methods and techniques to deal with credit, and the above three points is a small part of my view, although these practices is not so humble, but won the customers trust, enhance customer and the feelings between us closer to our customers and the distance between. To promote the business of the store, "Hey" cumshaw the University asked!

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