What are some of the most delicious snacks in Hunan

Hunan bacon is good? In the catering market, not only to meet consumer demand for healthy eating, at the same time, to join the Hunan bacon project, still very has the advantage of choice. If, you are also very heart, so, what are you waiting for?

Hunan bacon is each of the Hunan people love to eat the dishes, is a famous specialty in Hunan province. Especially in Xiangxi is famous for Xiangxi bacon bacon, bright color, dark red muscle fat, pale yellow transparent. Dry meat, fruit, skin tough but not hard, bright section, wax flavor, fat but not greasy oil, skin and muscle chewing taste, banquets, Lindgren, cooked food, assorted cold dishes are suitable.


Hunan special snack? What is the best to eat snacks in Hunan? Wugang halogen Xianggan

Wugang is the city of Wugang Shaoyang City halogen Xianggan the specialty of Hunan province. Wugang is the use of halogen Xianggan carefully selected wok put boiled in brine after some time inside a. Halogen Xianggan surface blackish processed, smelling of alcohol and a unique aroma. Is the local traditional food. Takeoka Kamatsu for geographical indications protection products.

Hunan special snacks include? What is the best snack in Hunan? Taste shrimp


taste of shrimp in this winter is as rare as walking the streets of the skirt, but miss the summer Changsha Street taste shrimp, I still couldn’t help inviting. Changsha taste of shrimp not only led to the street shops, even the restaurant menu, have a taste of shrimp supply, is said to Changsha each hot summer night, they can kill two greedy persons Mount Yuelu big shrimp taste, no wonder. God said to taste shrimp as Changsha mascots. I did not eat shrimp taste is not too Changsha, so those who came to Changsha celebrities, do not know the reception South run at the door at dead of night.

is the Changsha shrimp tastes like hot girl won Changsha people’s heart, it is a head to toe has been from spicy spicy, spicy with your tongue straight, hooked. After a cup of iced beer, hastened to continue fighting, fear in such a night do not eat a meal taste shrimp, you will take losses. The taste of shrimp and shrimp flesh, red, tender meat, chicken soup floating a few green onion and purple perilla. Picked up a fat red shrimp from the basin, his hands straining a tear, tear down the shrimp pliers, and then gently open the shrimp shell, a meniscus like shrimp, afraid of spicy diners can also be sticky point soup. Different from the people of Shanghai to pick the crab like delicate, Changsha people eat shrimp taste a lot through pride, no wonder ordinary legend of the taste of shrimp and "Yang" effect that. A friend is a person floating in Shenzhen, the Chinese New Year back to Changsha less, but every summer is always tempting and taste shrimp to fly back to Changsha, just before leaving, but also to pack several copies on the plane to eat.

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