Lovelorn shop brings people different entrepreneurial inspiration

in every corner of life, everywhere there are many different opportunities, so some of the more mundane business needs people to find, then, to the story actually introduced can give many people some of the more important enlightenment.

"love" store, 19 year old Belinda is a native of Essex girl, she alone runs a small coffee shop. One day, Belinda is the store to take care of business, buddy Ada holding a Teddy bear run, she said with tears: "I broke up with my boyfriend, he sent the Teddy bear see me, I always cannot help but sad, you put it in here?"

did not wait until Belinda to talk, another girl is drinking coffee shop, to comfort Ada said: "you see my this pearl necklace is beautiful? In fact, this is a birthday gift from my ex boyfriend. To tell you the truth, I, like you, don’t know what to do with it……"

"the piano to accompany me only half a year, receive this gift, I was so surprised. Today, it is recommended to

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