Name the store to understand the history


said to the shop to get a suitable name, we need to take into account the factors are very much, but in general it is necessary to meet the relevant laws and regulations, and rarely related to history. However, here Xiaobian to entrepreneurs stressed that the name of the shop but also to understand the history of the relevant Oh, or take it may not be used.

to the name of the shop to understand the history of the country and the laws and regulations of knowledge, otherwise, the name can not be used, Guangzhou has had such an example. In the late summer of 2000, a company called "Formosa" restaurant is the decoration, which is located in Guangzhou train station next to the restaurant has four hundred or five hundred square meters, it is said that the boss is a taiwanese.

original "Formosa" is a nickname for Taiwan, the Dutch ruled Taiwan period, with insulting. This period of history has ended, the history of this period and there are people who know less and less, I believe that Taiwan boss do not know this history. The reason why he named his western restaurant is to let people know it is from Taiwan. Because there are many people around the world to open a restaurant called "Faure Mo Ssha", I saw in Hongkong, called "Faure Mo Ssha" restaurant.

, however, are aware of this history is the media pointed out that the western restaurant shop name degrading state system, Chinese cannot accept, asked relevant departments to intervene and stop the use of the store that western restaurant. After media reports, the administrative department of industry and commerce act immediately, finally, the degrading state store name of course can not be used.

as for the decoration of the neon signs have to be removed, this change, the operator is a sign for a loss of at least about one hundred thousand yuan. Of course, the loss is more than these, as well as time, morale, etc.. Delayed the opening is delayed to make money, this "Faure Mo Ssha" restaurant is not open on the people forced down signs, the Taiwanese is too unlucky, a Chinese old is also very unlucky. Therefore, the name of the company or product for their own is an important matter of carelessness.

if you want to get good entrepreneurial development, efforts to do the natural place, which take its first step is Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, so that every entrepreneur should attach importance to improve, to avoid errors or jokes in taking its name in the process, I hope this can be called entrepreneurship they will bring some inspiration to shop.

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