90 girls start selling popular dish

now business has become a very common thing, at the same time, in the whole society, but also there are many different entrepreneurs, at the same time, they also bring a different entrepreneurial experience, then say such a so.

At the beginning of

due to a pack of hometown sea cabbage and friends together with friends decided to send

a cold dish.

in January this year, a friend to HANHAN (born 1991) brought home the sea cabbage, she felt very delicious. When the friend CUCU talked about the entrepreneurial dream, the two hit it off, decided to do dish delivery, the sale of micro-blog.

Real after the opening, HANHAN said the dish is very tired, but there is a strength to support her. Get up at 5:30 every morning to buy from the ingredients, ingredients, processing of fresh ingredients, to make dishes, delivery, the evening will copy the order, afterwards, often to one or two in the morning to sleep. Usually eat looked very easy to think, I really do it, it is not easy, need to deal with too many trivial things."

dish popular, a lot of "bean" in   the little girl’s tender hands because of cutting red variable

HANHAN think: "every day there are repeat customers, every day in progress, with more and more customers to become good friends, is to support her maximum power."

"entrance what must I use health, do dishes we also eat almost every day, like to do the same family." HANHAN rolled up his sleeve and smiled and told the southeast express reporter. With a clean and secure raw material, processing materials are also the biggest piece of work each day. < recommended

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