What did we miss when the wholesale business

The rapid development of

technology, driven by a number of people who build up the family fortunes, so there is a vision of excellence is particularly important, can see people not see things that others do not think of.

brush flow, copy price, each seller played more and more hot, the industry appears to be sucked. More and more Taobao Amoy baby, buyers, sellers seem to be happy in the poor.

now connected wholesale customers and manufacturers are beginning to force platform gradually, the largest national women’s platform currently Tesco achieved instant the latest explosion of a single product ranking, wholesale from a starting price, enjoy the wholesale price, up to half of the return period and a month after the replacement period, manufacturers have platform audit. This is called the purchase terminal".

manufacturers, how to make businesses access to the influx of national micro shop, Taobao…… And so on the emerging free owners? In the same platform as Tesco offers "join end point", the National Women’s advantage of manufacturers and businessmen settled through, you can get on the platform of the national traffic, sharing large data and a wholesale demand customers, two party needs, achieve timely retail mode. This 020 can fly?


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