Analysis of the profitability of chrysanthemum Sushi

sushi business why so popular with consumers, Xiao Bian think one of the reasons is that sushi menu operation will reality, will be a food item living in front of consumers to choose from. The model of the menu on the menu than the sample photos and store more vivid, not only to attract customers more attention, more comprehensive show features can make the customer sushi, impression of a variety of exquisite sushi is more profound. And the food can be taken directly in front of the eye, than the ordinary self inferior meal is more labor-saving and convenient, consumers can continue to get direct stimulation and continuous consumption. In recent years, chrysanthemum Sakura continued to increase capital investment, establish and improve the rotary Lve our joining system, constantly optimize the management system and the optimization of product quality management of the major stores, to provide a stable and substantial investment income for each big stores. So how much money can be made to join this brand?

Sakura sushi sushi profit analysis

specific profit analysis as follows (the following analysis is based on the specific circumstances of the franchisee analysis):


expected daily passenger 150-200 person / day

per capita consumption of 20 yuan / person

expects daily turnover of 4000 yuan / day

expected monthly turnover of 120 thousand yuan / month

expects annual turnover of 1 million 440 thousand yuan / year


spending is estimated to rent 1.5–3 yuan / month good

is expected to cost 2000 yuan / month

expected raw material cost 25 thousand yuan / month

is expected to pay 10 thousand yuan / month to reward employees

is expected to total monthly expenditure of 57 thousand / month rental + water + raw materials + personnel wages

expects total expenditure of 684 thousand yuan / month


net profit is expected to net profit of 63 thousand yuan / month for 6 months to recover investment

expects net profit of 756 thousand yuan / year

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