Fujian enterprises are lined up 29

With the rapid development of economy, Fujian has made full use of its advantages, and the enterprise has made great progress, and has made remarkable achievements in

. Many local enterprises, the rapid development momentum, and the competitiveness of the market is very strong. Currently, Fujian enterprises are lined up 29. In response to such a market environment, the following and small series of specific understanding.

in Fujian Province on the motherboard listed companies lined up with Jordan sports, Xiamen Qingyuan technology, environmental technology, Xiamen suntar membrane g-bits technology, xinhee shares, Fujian Tianma Group of science and technology, modern furniture, Camellia Fujian kuncai materials science and technology, Fujian, Fujian Yongde Kyrgyzstan vertex software industry, light Fujian Rui Technology Group, Jinhui, Fujian proud of agricultural biotechnology group. To have Ruida futures on the Shenzhen SME board listed companies (blog, micro-blog), San Yuan Bo medical, environmental protection, Xiamen Xiamen Payson day urban gardens construction.

also be listed on the GEM companies in Fortis, 4399 network, Xiamen Guangpu electronic, information technology, Xiamen Hengfeng ed biological pharmaceutical technology, software, commercial lighting, Chi Tai Long Xiamen Yanjiang new materials, Fujian Yongfu electric power design, Quanzhou Baiyuan mechanical technology, in Anderson, Fuzhou rockchip.

The development of

enterprises cannot do without local government support and actively cooperate with the development of local enterprises, not only can promote local economic development, but also directly increase the income of local people, enhance the competitive strength in the city. The Fujian and the first two months of the queue number compared to the current queue of enterprises to reduce the number of 6. This is mainly because some of the original line of business was suspended from the queue list. In the future, Fujian enterprises in the right direction, will further achieve long-term development.

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