How to do the terminal promotional advertising to attract customers into the store

promotion has always been the major stores will take the means of operation, and the promotion of different methods and means, the resulting promotional effect will have a difference. The terminal promotional advertising is a common means of shops selling products, open commodity sales, is the organic combination of software and hardware terminal and in a certain period of time by holding all kinds of terminal can fully display the best results and notice, remind, attract, motivate and encourage consumers to achieve a consumer facing marketing campaign buying behavior.

is mainly to transfer commodity information and store discount to customers with a variety of media and poster form, in order to attract customers, to achieve the ultimate profit rise. Good promotional advertising can make the terminal promotional activities with knowledge, practicality, fun, entertainment, public welfare and appeal, so that consumer behavior is more valuable. So, how can we do to make the terminal promotional advertising to attract customers into the store?

first, promotional advertising to be human

in real life, "human touch" means that people usually have feelings or It’s only human. "Human touch" is an important weapon to promote the sensibility of advertising. Promotional advertising with emotional intervention, it can move people, touched people, so that people in the emotional experience unknowingly accept advertising. Advertising "human touch" is based on the emotional resonance between consumers and advertisers. Promotional advertising to emotionalise, we must pay attention to the emotional design, to find the most triggered consumer emotions, enhance the appeal of advertisement, make consumers accept advertising in estrus, stimulate the desire to buy.

mother’s day every year, the size of the store will be filled with greeting mother’s promotional advertising. Many shops at the door, but also filled with all the blessings of mother. "Happy Mother’s Day", "gift for mother’s Day" and other promotional ads let us be surrounded by a different kind of warmth. I live in a small town, there is a lingerie shop on the eve of mother’s day, the door hit a promotional advertisement: "the mother of our hard life, mother to buy a comfortable, close fitting underwear, let mother feel your filial piety!" Once the promotional ad was posted, it immediately aroused the customer’s sympathy. For a time, underwear shop crowds, the shop is full of deep human touch.

people have feelings, in the promotional ads, we implanted suitable emotion at the appropriate time, can resonate among consumers, thus allowing consumers in the emotional resonance receive advertising information without a forced input, which is a high level of promotional advertising.

two, promotional advertising to genuine goods at a fair price

every holiday, business marketing war will enter the white hot state, which is the terminal promotion is the business strategy

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