A hand Roasted Duck join details

said in a Chinese Roasted Duck, has a long history of Roasted Duck stores all over the world, that is Quanjude Roast Duck. Quanjude Beijing Roast Duck is Beijing snack. But Xiao Bian here is not to introduce Beijing Roast Duck, but as with Roasted Duck is directly related to Roasted Duck shop, a Roasted Duck suitable for small and medium-sized capital investment projects, it is a Roasted Duck. I want to join the small series to understand the situation.

join conditions:

1, although the company’s project is a small investment projects, but also requires the franchisee has a certain investment strength;

2, keen on food and beverage service, hard work, and to be diligent and careful operators;

3. whether identification with company project

4. is willing to accept the unified management of the company;

5. has a comprehensive understanding of the local food and beverage market;

join advantage:

1, the company provides technical training without reservation, to ensure that the technical level of all stores, unified storefront design, product project, jointly create a brand, a large-scale brand promotion groundwork, and accumulated over the years of practical operation experience will save any unnecessary investment costs for every franchisee, the realization of cooperation partners to maximize profits.

The development of

2, the catering market is very large, choose a hand Roasted Duck to join, so you can better occupy the dominant position in the market competition. Company to implement regional protection policies, according to the specific situation of the city, the provincial capital city, municipality directly under the central government shall open cooperation within the radius of 1500m shop second stores, only the establishment of a county-level city, the development of space in order to protect partners.

3, a hand Roasted Duck join headquarters and a strong brand promotion and marketing support. In order to improve the market competitiveness of all partners, the company will regularly launch new products and marketing programs released the latest and most comprehensive, the first time to free the chain, chain stores and help partners wide popularity, expand sales.

4, a hand Roasted Duck to provide one-stop service headquarters for entrepreneurs, investment guarantee. A hand Roasted Duck high quality products, broad market prospects, rich agent treatment, powerful agent advantage, allowing you to venture capital is no longer difficult.

5, a hand Roasted Duck franchise brands have obvious advantages: Formula: nutritional characteristics are vast; unified material >

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