How can a partnership business be successful

partnership can do business to reduce the pressure of a lot of business, you can make them easier to start on the road. Read the "partner of China" entrepreneurs should understand that even the best friends do business together will occur when disagreement. Therefore, in partnership with others to do business, you need to pay attention to deal with the relationship between the author.

1, first of all to establish consensus, we get the trust.

if at first we do not trust each other, it is difficult to successful cooperation.

2, second is to establish a set of cooperative rules.

all according to the cooperation rules, not only to deal with the problems with the feelings of. This is the most important point. For example, although the shares of each accounted for 50%, but said that the right to personal management, even if you account for more shares, can not interfere. You can’t say that you have a friend who wants to come in. I have to agree to the final line, because we agreed that this power is my final decision. Or some people will feel soft, everyone is a friend, not a friend will not do business, once it is difficult to refuse, but this person is not love you, do not think fit, but eventually agreed to face because of. In fact, this is wrong. Yes, doing business, we do not care about, but refers to the principle of non, if it is a matter of principle, must be "over". If you can give up all the principles, then your cooperation in the end I think it will fail.

3, do not let their relatives in that company.

said here is not to say that you ask their relatives to join the company, I refer to those who did not have a formal position in the company of relatives, such as each other’s parents, wife, brothers and sisters, they have their own work on the outside, not in the company any official position, but he who is a partner of the family but, in the other side of backseat driver, slander. Don’t let this appearance. This is also very hurt everyone cooperation problem. This problem is also a good partnership to discuss, to form a consensus, and their own restrictions on their loved ones. Of course, this is not to say that can not let their relatives give you advice, but should give advice in the back, can not let them when your partner’s face, especially not let them go directly to your partner, even if the partner is really wrong.

4, maintain frequent communication and communication.

5, the finance should be transparent, crystal clear to each other.

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