How to open a more profitable clothing store

now more and more people optimistic about the investment prospects of the apparel industry, have opened a clothing store to get rich. For entrepreneurs who invest to open a clothing store to get more profit from it, is not a simple matter, a successful and popular clothing stores are bound to have a lot of advantages, the following is to open clothing stores of concern.

a, clothing stores to the local market evaluation

to the location of their shops, shopping malls, plans to open the shop location, make full market research.

including the surrounding brand style, sales situation, clothing to join the target consumer, consumer characteristics, the surrounding area residents, the flow of people, the flow of people, age, rent, etc..

through the investigation results to lock their own market positioning (location) and the required basic positioning agent brand style, price.

Eaton fashion children’s fine layout guidance, win in the starting line shop. From the beginning of signing the franchise agreement at the moment, the location selection, store image, sales training, product display, operation flow, cashier system, financial analysis, logistics system, promotion mode…… each franchisee can promptly obtain the Eaton operating officer of the most authoritative and effective guidance and help.

two, clothing stores to open their own strength evaluation

and the evaluation of the local market as an investment plan, rental investment, decoration investment, personnel costs, and the basic conditions of brand suppliers such as: clothing, props to join the brand margin cost, first payment, cash flow etc..

mature brand requirements of natural high, immature brand requirements but low success rate and no bottom!

this is the choice of the brand.

In recent years

has been trying to diversification, the brand value of the depth of mining Eaton Trading (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.’s high-end aristocratic wind notice "Eaton kids" into China is still to the international market leading brands.

three, how to choose a clothing store franchise brand

1, business philosophy

understand the basic process of enterprise growth, we know how many brands of operability.

as the saying goes, what boss has what business!

multi communication, clothing to join the company to understand the status quo and future development.

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