Recommend the current input less return to the five projects

for everyone to do business, making money is the most direct purpose, earning the hand is the real profit. But some industries back to the slow, so that investors do not have to worry about waiting and eventually ended in failure. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to recommend five to five less investment projects this time, for your reference.

Project: breakfast restaurant, leisure drinks shops and Chinese special snack shop

Analysis of

Item two:

convenience store serviceWith the steady development of

An important difference between

item three: drug stores and health food stores

from the investment threshold, comprehensive drug stores or pharmacies in the investment threshold, the average of more than 500 thousand yuan, gross margin of about 35%, the payback period is longer, more adequate funding for long-term development of entrepreneurs.

item four: clothing processing, wholesale and retail

clothing and textile is a pillar industry to provide more than 9% GDP and more than 25% of foreign exchange earnings for China, China textile and apparel exports accounted for 1/5 of the total world export of textile and clothing. "Buddha by gold, people rely on clothes.

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