A lot of capital venture e-commerce market or a morbid fire

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Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2010 annual Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2010, monitored a total of 42 publicly disclosed China e-commerce financing case, the risk investment of 35, a total of more than $550 million. The thunder of the favor, undoubtedly stimulate the aspiring to enter the field of e-commerce in traditional enterprises enthusiasm, but in the face of many domestic enterprises to engage in e-commerce, some people think that the market is gradually showing a morbid fire, it will make some enterprises eager to catch up with the tide of e-commerce, hastily, for failure buried under the unstable factors, the traditional enterprise e-commerce alert theory "should pay attention to.

but a large number of venture capital market

China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Feng Lincheng: China’s e-commerce industry in 2010 ushered in a blowout year investment, both in terms of the amount of investment or the amount of greater than ever before. Investment and financing in the field of electronic commerce presents a high amount of high valuation, while a certain amount of bubble risk." The Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong and other industry heavyweights is put forward, two years of electricity supplier bubble will burst.

believes that the massive wind into the field of electronic commerce, many traditional companies overestimated the e-commerce profit expectations, and ignored the rational judgment research on electricity market and on their own conditions, are blindly launched e-commerce. Many companies only know that e-commerce is good, but I do not know why e-commerce is good, how good, which obviously can not receive the desired results.

line experience can not be copied

is the leading provider of e-commerce services, related search that appears at the root of the problem is that traditional enterprises in electronic commerce, many managers still exist in traditional business philosophy, for the lack of market environment of online and offline changes and their business structure, technology and personnel are lack of estimation.

Relevant person in search of

explained: some traditional enterprises engaged in electronic commerce, often copy the line of business experience, and anxious that their website once online, can bring sales and investment. Indeed, e-commerce has the advantages of less investment and quick, but it is not possible to ask for the moon, the market must be careful and calm judgment, pay attention to the e-commerce and traditional business is different.


outsourcing business

enterprises should also plan according to the objective law of electronic commerce and its own situation, step by step from the build technology, talent itself to start, step by step.

today, e-commerce industry competition has become a white hot state. In this situation, the traditional enterprise as "layman" to enter the e-commerce market, its difficulty as can be imagined. However, the traditional enterprises to participate in e-commerce, and some do not have to be pro active, can change a train of thought, such as e-commerce outsourcing, the electronic business

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