Furniture industry has always been the most space for development projects

in our life, there is always a choice for home. The choice of a good home is the best choice for our quality of life. So, to choose to enter the home industry, is a very powerful join the project.

2016 years, the growth of household enterprises continued, in addition to the number and amount of change, but also began to focus on improving the efficiency of growth – such as the development of new areas, industrial chain integration, enhance the ability, etc.. And in the past compared to 2016 Home Furnishing industry pace faster, store, decoration, furniture or building materials brands have begun to layout, from upstream to the end of the service quality, and improve the extension of the industrial chain become the focus of the development in 2016. "Food and clothing" and Home Furnishing consumer attributes consistent, associated, so it has become Home Furnishing enterprises, especially the first step Home Furnishing stores involved in "lay".

2016, Home Furnishing is a turning point in the industry, upgrading, expansion, relocation, capital, Internet industry, Home Furnishing experiencing multiple changes, 2017 is coming, this year the industry will Home Furnishing how hidden opportunities? In this regard, the consumption characteristics of the executive vice president of Beijing Home Furnishing Industry Association and the Secretary General Liu Chen on 2017 Home Furnishing the interpretation of the.

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