Rural women when the engineers decided to resign to raise the porcupine is

quit entrepreneurship need courage, most people may be due to low income and had to resign entrepreneurship. However, Wulong peasant girl Zhou Xiaoying, after experiencing hardships become the annual salary of 100 thousand yuan after the engineers had decided to resign, a porcupine. Now her annual income has exceeded 10 million, and led his hometown to become rich.

2000, head of Wulong County Ba Zhen Cha yuan Cun Zhou Xiaoying let the rich peasant girl sister University, he decided to work in Shanghai, after 10 years of struggle to become an engineer, the annual salary of 100 thousand yuan.

if compare life to climb, climb the Zhou Xiaoying height has far exceeded the expectations of parents. But she suddenly resigned from the enviable job, back facing the Loess back up home raised porcupine. In the face of parents do not understand, in the face of the villagers ridicule, even fell into the lowest point of entrepreneurship, Zhou Xiaoying did not give up on the dream of persistence. Now, her porcupine business throughout the surrounding provinces, she led the porcupine farming cooperatives Sales revenue this year has exceeded 10 million yuan, to help a large number of neighbors out of poverty.


also in that year, in order to let the family live better, Zhou Xiaoying’s father went to Fuling city and village friends when brother. At the beginning of each month, Zhou Xiaoying will find his father to the living expenses of the month – 15 yuan. Only a week to eat a vegetarian, meat. Sometimes, she would use the home pickles and hot sauce mixed with plain white rice swallow.

in the days when father force brother, Zhou Xiaoying saw countless times he looks like sweat. On one occasion, she saw her father far away, dressed badly and dirty, a big hole in his trousers. Shoulder carrying heavy things, walking slowly, very difficult. At that moment, Zhou Xiaoying’s heart was touched instantaneously, squatting on the ground bawler. "At that time, my dream is to make more money in the future, so that people live a good life." Zhou Xiaoying said.

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