Small station 80% station are let the wise remark of an experienced person to make money

there are sharks like portals on the Internet, but more than 80% of our small station, the station has a long US technology, two have the information, but it can’t earn money, what is missing? The right way to make money is not found, I have no exception is a small station, I have some experience to discuss something with you, how can we rely on the hands of the station to earn money. These are some of my experience in the course of the station, there will inevitably be failures and suffering, but I believe that: as long as we adhere to, we will see hope.

I stop advertising profitable experience.

I stop after three months, with the search engine has included, IP finally over more than 1000 mark, I began to look for the good union alliance, it is difficult to find, also tried several grand alliance, but from the alliance over income was never more than 5 yuan.

later started Baidu and Google, Baidu and Google to promote and AdSense put together, but Google is not willing to let the promotion, I removed the Baidu, I had to put the Google removed, who called him so cattle? Along with the increase of IP, from Baidu also have some income, about 3 a monthly income of more than and 100.

The first real customers do

advertising, is a monthly advertising, that time is go to the forum accidentally, the requirement is as long as IP can reach 1000, I happened to meet, for a month, earned 60 yuan.

later heard a friend say that much higher than Baidu Google AdSense, so I added some small part of the Google ad, the results do better than Baidu, so for Baidu promotion, for GG, a few months after receiving a check for GG.

site is not suitable for domestic small class advertising alliance, is only to do with, unless they find you monthly prepaid advertising, low prices can also have income better than no income! Baidu, Google, Yahoo can do, because of relatively large, more secure payment. More timely.

my station on the

platform to make money

I in the process station, found alliance and advertising, or without my user IP to good use, and I found that SNS is fire, and after analysis found that most SNS are some attractive web games, web games not on the user’s computer is too demanding. Do not spend a lot of time users, it will let users from time to time to play. But the biggest problem is one of my station is very difficult to have the strength to run even if it is only a game, this is the most deadly bottleneck.

but what things are going to do, after investigation, I integrated the webmaster to do web game channel way can have the following:

1, use your own technical team

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