Advertising alliance executive website game will become the main source of revenue

news May 17th, the domestic advertising alliance firm game day advertising alliance type general manager Hou said in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, web game advertising has now replaced SP advertising form, has become the main mode to help the individual stationmaster profit.

Hou Chuan style is in the 2009 China Internet webmaster annual meeting during the interview with Tencent technology. The webmaster general assembly by Comsenz (Comsenz) and out of joint. Tencent science and technology as the general assembly of the official strategic cooperation portal, the full participation of the general assembly of the graphic and video broadcast.


type revealed that the current web game to stationmaster yield can reach every 1000IP earn more than 4 yuan, if the effective combination of advertisement form, the same yield can be increased to 10 yuan per thousand IP earn a few degrees.

game day advertising is a well-known advertising alliance, in 2003, the exclusive agent and well-known pop ads. Hou type revealed that, despite the current economic crisis situation, advertisers for traditional advertising spending cuts, but for Internet advertising is still in the promotion. So he is still optimistic about the future of Internet advertising. (text / national training)

following interview record:

Moderator: Excuse me, Hou Zong, do you think these years between the webmaster industry what changes?

Hou total: I think the main difference is the change in income sources, the first is to bring SP to the revenue, followed by Baidu, Google, such as the main source of advertising alliance to become the main source of income. From the beginning of 08 years, the game has become one of the main sources of revenue.

Moderator: is not to say that, in all of these advertising products inside, you feel that the web game on the webmaster to help the most?

Hou total: at present, the proportion of income is definitely playing the game is relatively high. Now, in general, 1000IP can earn 4 yuan. But now we have a lot of advertisers, such as our novel website, each independent IP access to 20-30 times, so you can break the advertising position, placing different game advertising and video advertising. This can be achieved for each 1000IP 10 to a few dollars to the extent that such income is greatly improved on the 20.

Moderator: can you tell me about your company and the industry as a whole. In addition, some people think that after the financial crisis, advertisers will be more cautious investment. What do you think of


Hou total: first of all, we introduce the advertising alliance. We are at the beginning of the 03 to do, at that time mainly for Taobao service window. Taobao at the time with our help to reach the world’s eighteenth. We start with an advertiser, continue to introduce more advertising, and to improve the product, in order to apply to more advertisers. Now we have served more than and 300 Internet companies, because our advertisers or more high-end positioning. We now have ten million IP, etc..

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