Door rain small and medium enterprises network marketing to start from the fine

according to statistics in 2011 the number of Chinese Internet users increased to 420 million, more than 92.7% of China’s SMEs access to the internet. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a station behavior (including online shop and independent website) ratio reached 43%, a large number of small and medium enterprises choose the Internet marketing, on behalf of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise Internet marketing awareness is increasing, represent the future of our country more and more enterprises from the market in the competition and become the Internet competition, and network marketing will be more attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also will become the next few years one of the hottest industries.

now has a large number of small and medium enterprises begin to pay attention to the network marketing, small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce the overall cost of sales through the Internet platform, to achieve the maximization of profits, to help SMEs grow development, but after understanding after determining the large part of the enterprise order difficult situation, and a lot of enterprise network marketing consciousness much deeper than other companies, aware of the importance of network marketing, using every kind of method for the promotion and publicity of their own business, and ultimately to achieve the effect is not ideal.

have a lot of friends asked me this question, our company in network marketing all who have done a good job, but why I always can not reach the desired effect? In fact, the reason is very simple, a problem that is now the small and medium-sized enterprise universal existence, the pursuit of talents, ideas, methods, and the words written in the previous article also more or less have mentioned, now many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing tremendous challenges and threats, every day in the consideration of the promotion of their products while also considering the cost of control, because of the small and medium-sized enterprises of different industry and other large companies, compared to large companies they less is good the talent, ideas and methods, and the pursuit of, if everything is not up to the requirements, then the whole network marketing system is a failure, before and many When friends all said that now most small and medium-sized enterprises because there is no good talent, just a search on the Internet can be seen everywhere on the promotion of SEM, B2B, e-mail, blog, forum, but after being tested are found more or less problems.

in the past have done many times on the SEO and SEM training, the training effect is basically the same, but the result is completely different, it is not in accordance with every bit of knowledge inside said, ready to execute the overall use of learning knowledge is a process like this, learning: the record of digestion – Transformation – Executive – Summary – innovation, then repeat this way in a cycle, each individual will progress quickly, it is important to have no awareness of it.

do a good job in learning the whole network marketing system at the same time, we must remember that it is fine, small and medium-sized enterprises for user groups have great differences, whether it is to do the production, manufacturing enterprises are faced with a problem, that is, to choose the best way to promote.

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