For venture capital to do about 200000 pornographic websites

as a "business" investment of about 200000 pornographic websites, Shanghai city’s first nude video chat suspects been arrested

website recruit more than 300 people passionate naked chat

just download a network of video software, and through online banking to buy "points", you can see the live webcast of pornographic performances. A pair of young men and women to spend about 200000 yuan to create the cause, in order to attract the audience, but also the country attracted more than 300 nude chat performers.

reporter yesterday (9 may) was informed that the founder of the nude chat site and Xing Xing Hu was Changning Procuratorate on suspicion of organizing the crime of obscene performances approved the arrest. In addition, the use of online video software organizations pornographic performances in Shanghai is still the first.

to pull huge bills naked chat site

in September this year, the public Ms. Zhang received a large bank statement on the home to be suspicious, the account has more than 3000 yuan inexplicable import a strange bank account. Ms. Zhang secretly observed finally unveiled the secret, to her surprise, turned out to be her husband every day on a website to watch the video not fit to be seen pornographic performances, while her husband later acknowledged that more than 3000 yuan is the cost to watch pornographic performances.

Ms. Zhang immediately to the police, the Changning police received a report immediately after the investigation, found that Ms. Zhang husband’s website is a nude video chat site, chat room not only naked dance performances, and even scenes of sexual intercourse. At the end of September this year, the police will be the site’s founder Xingmou and captured.

chat web site on the net profit of 3000 yuan

reporter learned from the prosecution, Xingmou explained after appearing in court, he wanted to create my own "career", in July this year, he and his girlfriend Hu spent 200 thousand yuan to buy the premium video chat software and other equipment leasing, two servers, a set of rental housing in Changning opened a nude video chat site. To deceive the public, they will be the site named "IQ" (later renamed "668").

verified, as long as the Internet chat software can download a smooth landing site. After registration, you can buy online banking transfers to watch pornographic performances required points, the price of every 100 thousand points in the range of $120 to $80. Get points, you can see live performances. All show the price tag: topless 10 thousand points, 20 thousand points and so on naked.

prosecutors said, just two months time, the site attracted many members, only the day of the incident, there are more than and 200 people online to watch pornographic performances, and even foreign members. Many members also ensure that the proceeds of the site, according to Xing confessed that the average net profit of one day the site will reach 3000 yuan.

more than 300 naked chat from around the

cracked the case after more than 10 performances in the "naked chat baby" was sentenced to public security police arrest.

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