P2P return to rational investor education has a long way to go

P2P net loan up to now, the course is not long, just a little feeling peak has passed, there is no extraordinary excitement. In fact, as the vast majority of the emerging Internet field, P2P net loan also unavoidable industry adjustment period, the investment is always to return to reason.

preliminary adjusted

industry subsidies away

look at the entire Internet environment, subsidies can be regarded as one of the most important keywords. Electricity supplier, buy, movies, taxi APP, etc., do not subsidize not happy. So is the P2P net loan industry, the beginning of the rise, various platforms have resorted to income subsidies magic, once industry just yield, jumbly, chaos. Behind the high income subsidies, users of P2P net loan in droves, one after another, the development of the industry is very fast, the platform scale users have increased significantly, the plate seems to be the entire P2P net loan industry constantly enlarged, the industry boom.

however, rational point of view, high income subsidies are not a permanent solution, for the P2P net loan platform in terms of cash flow is the foundation behind the heavily subsidized short-term investments, there must be a large number of short-term funds in and out. With the growth of the scale, short-term investment projects to bring financial pressure on the platform will also surge. Later, we also frequently see P2P net loan platform foot. Soon, the industry continued negative news, investor confidence is impaired, P2P net loan under the pressure of public opinion is not small.

frankly speaking, subsidies are of practical significance, subsidies can quickly bring massive users to the platform, the user to complete the short-term accumulation of scale. Capital support, through subsidies to the user to quickly complete plunder users, and quickly cultivate habits of users, this is the best choice for strength contestants. However, the initial mission of subsidies is limited, one day is to fade the mission, return journey. As the taxi APP, early a few hard subsidies, subsidies did not lose any momentum across the field. As we rely on to enhance the sense of APP taxi, taxi subsidies also declined, even to no, this is the end of the mission.

similarly, P2P investment and financing as a public demand, and the demand for long-term high frequency, then, the premise of the development of the industry is a natural platform for normal and healthy development. Too much tangled in the platform yields, it is better to spend more time to understand the operation of the platform, make a reasonable investment options.

platform to guide short-term investment into long-term financial

P2P net loan early, a variety of 7 days standard, 15 standard endless, and with high income, simple, it can be regarded as a subsidy to the user P2P platform to send money. Try to hold the psychological, many users may be the first time to try 7 days or 15 days mark, followed by 1-3 months of investment targets will be more normal. In the final analysis, on the one hand, there is no trust factor, users are unwilling to bear long-term risks. On the other hand, it is based on the user’s financial habits, for young users, the possibility of short-term cash flow phenomenon will be compared

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