Discard the personal station, what is left of Baidu

Baidu new sites are not included in the three reasons:

first, CN domain name cheap, cheap space, SEO technology communication, this is not to say, say rotten to.

second, too much garbage station, large and small trash and even SEO also emerge in an endless stream, master participation, its content is to copy the collection, and filled the whole wide of the mark phenomenon caused by the Internet, the user experience is not good, cause bad influence to Baidu’s own user experience.

third, ranking algorithm can not control, need to adjust the new sites for a few days to go above the old station, how to control the whole? Artificial? Impossible, to adjust? The current algorithm is not feasible, so to stop, observation, test.

but in other words, Baidu lost a personal station what is left?

K empty, to search for what, just out of the search portal, threw the search bar, it will directly enter the portal, Baidu is so stupid, Li Yanhong heart, personal webmaster do not lose heart, get through this period of time would be good, GG into China, Baidu will engage in too messy, too fast, too? Let us wait and see.    

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