On the identification of pojiezhan soft Wen

looked at "21 year olds on a monthly income of thousands of software website" the story of this article, so many people may think of themselves, to find the direction of a sudden, my first time seeing the truth of this article do, then I’ll read this article. And read the comments below, do not know what reason, I want to comment, but failed, may 50 comments is the largest.

this article is too fake, fake I suspect he saw after the author will laugh badly, I give you something of this station:

: a space by using www.czm.com space, you should know the neteon tech space GOOGLE advertising’s brother, but also the space velocity force, traffic restrictions are very strict, I run when student forum was a little accessories, can flow over, don’t put a software stand in.

two: the site’s style is obviously the style of 9553.com, I even suspect that this site is the thief of the 9553 procedures, you can take the thunder to download the data to know.

three: source software download the official 9553.com, is clearly a theft, theft may not be very shameful, but take out in a little highfalutin propaganda laugh at the people.

four: ALEXA:

site name: pojiezhan.com/ Webmaster: unknown e-mail: unknown

ranking: 6622995 the next rank: 6621762 date: no record of

average daily IP traffic [weekly average] PV browsing [weekly average]

= 45 = 45

what should be said.

a thief, identification finished.

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